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Incognito headed to Buffalo

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  • Incognito headed to Buffalo

    G Richie Incognito, who Rams waived Tuesday, was claimed by Buffalo. Dolphins also put in a waiver claim for him, but Buffalo got him.
    Per Adam Schefter, confirmed by Howard Balzer.

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    Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

    Good luck Ritchie, try to hold the temper in check this time.


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      Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

      Cogs and T.O. on the same team, WOW!


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        Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

        Originally posted by makersncoke View Post
        Cogs and T.O. on the same team, WOW!
        LA RAMMER

        It's Jim not Chris


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          Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

          Originally posted by makersncoke View Post
          Cogs and T.O. on the same team, WOW!
          Anybody want to place odds that they will fight to the death before the end of the season?


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            Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

            Bills notebook: Incognito claimed off waivers; Mitchell is no fan
            By Mark Gaughan
            News Sports Reporter
            Updated: December 17, 2009, 2:31 AM /

            The Buffalo Bills added an offensive lineman known as "the dirtiest player in the NFL" Wednesday. The move immediately drew criticism from injured Bills veteran Kawika Mitchell.

            The Bills claimed guard Richie Incognito off waivers from the St. Louis Rams, according to a league source and various media reports. The move comes in the wake of more injuries on the offensive line. The Bills lost starting right guard Eric Wood and backup interior lineman Seth McKinney to season-ending injuries four weeks ago. Wood broke a leg and McKinney injured a knee.

            On Wednesday, Wood's replacement, Kendall Simmons, was unable to practice due to a sore shoulder.

            The Rams waived Incognito after he was called for two personal fouls in Sunday's loss to Tennessee. He subsequently was in a shouting match with Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo. The fouls continued a trend for Incognito, who has had issues with anger management in his career. He had two personal fouls in the season opener as well. Incognito was rated by NFL players as the dirtiest player in the league in a poll conducted by the Sporting News recently.

            Mitchell, who is out for the year due to injury, responded to the Bills' roster move on his Twitter account. Mitchell tweeted that the signing of Incognito was "the biggest disappointment this year."

            "The guy's a bum," Mitchell wrote. "Dirty and always will be. Really wish I was playin' right now. Seriously. I know we're in need of offensive line [help]. But this guy [stinks]."

            Mitchell later sent a message regretting his public comments: "I said what I said 'bout 'Iggy' and it's over. Everything else will be handled in house. We've had our moments before when KC played St. L. I was wrong for startin' somthin.' "

            The Bills and the Miami Dolphins claimed Incognito. The Bills got him because they have a worse record than Miami.

            Incognito started nine games this year and 15 last season. He missed four games this year due to a mid-foot sprain. He's a former third-round draft pick out of Nebraska in 2005.


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              Cog's signs with Bills

              BUFFALO, N.Y. - Controversial offensive lineman Richie Incognito joined the Buffalo Bills on Thursday after being cut by the St. Louis Rams on Monday.

              Incognito was on the practice field with the Bills and could even see playing time on Sunday against the Patriots.

              Incognito was cut by St. Louis after committing two personal foul penalties for head butting in the Rams 47-7 loss to the Titans last week. He also got into a verbal confrontation with Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo.

              Incognito was voted as the dirtiest player in the NFL according to a poll of players done earlier this season by The Sporting News.

              Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell did not like the signing, saying on his Twitter account, "Biggest disappointment this year. The guy is a bum. Dirty and Always will be." Mitchell did apologize for the comment on Twitter and to Bills coach Perry Fewell.

              After practice, Two On Your Side's Ben Hayes asked Incognito about his reputation in the league.

              Hayes: "Your reputation, voted the dirtiest player in the league, how do you view your rep?"

              Incognito: "I guess it's a little spotty right now with the dirtiest player in the league, I think they polled 90 guys and nine guys answered that I'm the dirtiest player in the league so now everybody runs with it that I'm the dirtiest player in the league, so you call me what you want I'm a hard nose football player and I'm going to bring my A game every Sunday.''

              Hayes: "Any reaction to the comments by Kawika mitchell? did you see them, did he say anything to you?"

              Incognito: "I did see them, I haven't spoken to Kawika yet, just like you said I have a reputation around the league for being a less than model citizen and some guys on teams really dislike playing against me and I can see where Kawika is coming from, I've probably done some cheap stuff to him playing in the past but now, we're a team now, we're members of the same team and we're working toward the same goal and that's getting this club as many wins as possible.''
              A defeated look of consternation, dissappointment, or even pain. The name derives from the look one often gets when challenged by a large BM.


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                Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                He will probably head butt someone else by the end of the season.


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                  Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                  I'll bet he and Kawika are going to have some fun in practice next season.


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                    Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                    Seriously, I wish the best for Richie. Stay low big man.


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                      Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                      Now the Bills certainly won't win a game this season.


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                        Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                        I was just reading a buffalo bils forum for their take on this, and i found out that to make room for cogs on the roster, they had to cut klopfenstien.


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                          Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                          I can't remember ever feeling as sorry for a player as I have Klop over the years.

                          I hope one day he wins the lottery.


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                            Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                            I'm listening to his interview on the Bills website. He's really well spoken and he says he will change his focus. Talk about beating the dead horse.


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                              Re: Incognito headed to Buffalo

                              good ridens. He was a distraction all his career here. unless he changes hes going no where. We need positive people on our team, not people who constantly attract negativity.


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