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Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

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  • Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

    Updated: December 16, 2009, 9:31 PM ET
    Ochocinco wants to fight Merriman

    Associated Press

    SAN DIEGO -- Chad Ochocinco wants to fight Shawne Merriman.

    Merriman says that if anything happens Sunday between the two stars, it will be just like his nickname: Lights Out.

    Ochocinco, the unpredictable Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, went off on the San Diego Chargers' outside linebacker during a conference call with San Diego reporters on Wednesday. The Chargers (10-3) host the Bengals (9-4) on Sunday in San Diego in a meeting of division leaders, with the winner securing a playoff spot.

    The two stars ran some smack against each other during a Twitter exchange earlier this year. They apparently have a history going back to 2006 when Ochocinco, then known as Chad Johnson, mockingly did Merriman's spasmodic "Lights Out" sack dance after scoring against San Diego in a game at Cincinnati. Merriman wasn't even in the stadium; he was serving a four-game suspension for testing positive for steroids.

    Ochocinco went off when asked if their Twitter exchange was in fun.

    "I will beat Shawne's head in, right now," he said. "It's not even fun. This is not in fun. This is personal. Bring it on. It is what it is. I think he might be one of the only people I don't really get along with. I want to fight. I'm not sure how to get the fight on without him suing me."

    How did this happen?

    "I don't know. You just have somebody that, like, you have the itch, you just want to fight? That's what it's come to. I just want to fight," he said.

    And when did this start?

    "I think back when we played last time," he continued. "I can't remember. I don't know. You know what, I think I copied his dance after I scored, and I think it pissed him off."

    Ochocinco is 6-foot-1, 192 pounds. Merriman is 6-4, 265.

    Asked if Merriman would be a tough guy to fight, Ochocinco said: "Tough? Why? That's not how I look at things. I'll whoop his ass, right now, like Will Ferrell. Yeah, like in Step Brothers.'"

    Merriman sent Ochocino a twitpic of the two players' faces superimposed over those of actors Ferrell and John C. Reilly in an advertisement for the movie "Step Brothers" with the message "see u sunday."

    "I'm not going to really explain the seriousness of it or where it's at or how serious it is because we're a few days away from Sunday," Merriman said.

    What kind of fight would it be?

    "It would be a joke, man," Merriman said. "It's like a little kid, you hold out your hand and you hold their head and they swing, you know, and they can't do anything. It's one of those things."

    Merriman mentioned the 2006 game when Ochocinco did the "Lights Out" dance.

    "Coming from him, disrespect," Merriman said.

    The Chargers rallied that day with 42 points in the second half to beat the Bengals 49-41. Ochocinco set a club record with 260 yards and a pair of long touchdowns.

    Merriman jokingly wondered if he could play cornerback against Ochocino. The two are sure to meet up sometime on the field.

    "I'll get him at some point," Merriman said. "It's going to be a good game all around. I don't want to make this Ocho's deal at all because it's not. He's just running his mouth, I guess. But because of our position and this opportunity we put ourselves back into, I think it's going to be a heck of a battle."

    Whatever happens, Merriman said it won't be serious enough to attract commissioner Roger Goodell's attention.

    "Roger has nothing to worry about in this case. I'll keep it legal -- as possible," Merriman said.

    Earlier this month, Ochocinco was fined $30,000 for briefly donning a mock poncho and a sombrero next to the bench following his touchdown catch during a 23-13 win over the Detroit Lions. That's $10,000 more than the fine he got for pretending to bribe an official during a game earlier this season.

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    Re: Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

    i put 10 bucks on merriman

    It's Jim not Chris


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      Re: Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

      Bring it to the octagon. Even though Merriman is probably 2 or 3 weightclasses heavier than Chad Ochocinco. I know I would buy a UFC PPV with Ochocinco vs Merriman and Justin Tuck vs Flozell Adams on the card.


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        Re: Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

        Originally posted by LA Rammer View Post
        i put 10 bucks on merriman
        I'll take that bet


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          Re: Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

          Damn enough with this cheap talk..... Let's get it on


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            Re: Ochocinco Wants To Fight Merriman

            Associated Press

            SAN DIEGO -- Chad Ochocinco wants to fight Shawne Merriman.
            Associated Press

            SAN DIEGO -- UPDATE: An obviously suicidal Chad Ochocinco has been put on official suicide watch by Bengals Front Office
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            • RamOfDenmark
              Merriman and the appeal??
              by RamOfDenmark
              That Merriman played seems unfair to me. I mean it's fine that he's innocent until proven guilty, but haven't he already been proven guilty? As far as I understand the case he has admitted having a illegal substance in his body, the test show an illegal substance, what is there to appeal? Not taking it on purpose doesn't really change anything in this case, if it's in your body, it's *your* responsibility period. All NFL teams make it 100% clear to their players that if they take suplements they are responsible for what's in those suplements, unless the suplement is on the list of NFL approved suplements (which is *not* the case with Merriman). Maybe he did it on purpose, maybe something unintended was in those suplements and it's an accident, I don't presume to know his intensions, but the facts as far as I can see are:

              1) Merriman took suplements that are not approved by the NFL .

              2) Those suplements contained illegal substances.

              3) He was tested and found positive for substance abuse.

              4) He has not denied having illegal substances in his system or contested the test results.

              The punishment for this infraction is a well-established 4-game suspension for 1st time offenders.

              And so I ask again, what is there to appeal here? The way I see it there is no way in hell he's not going to serve that 4-game suspension, no chance at all. The Chargers and Merriman simply succeeded in postponing the inevitable with some bureaucratic moves, to our detriment.

              (In case we have some lawyers among us or others familiar with the case feel free to correct any mistakes I may have made here)
              -10-30-2006, 12:18 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Tomlinson: Philip Rivers Has Lost Faith In Chargers
              by r8rh8rmike
              Tomlinson: Philip Rivers has lost faith in Chargers

              By Gregg Rosenthal
              Around The NFL Editor
              Published: April 20, 2015 at 08:02 p.m.

              Philip Rivers is at the center of the most fascinating storyline of the offseason. But the Chargers quarterback isn't leaving San Diego yet, and its business as usual around the Chargers for now.

              Rivers was at the start of the offseason training program Monday, NFL Media's Alex Flanagan reported. New Chargers receiver Steve Johnson, for one, said he was looking forward to catching Rivers' passes on Tuesday. But will Johnson still be catching his passes in Week 1?

              One of Rivers' most notable former teammates, NFL Media's LaDainian Tomlinson, doesn't think so.

              "You never want to trade your franchise quarterback. You know that's never the case. However, in this situation, they might have no choice but to do so," Tomlinson said Monday on NFL Network's NFL Total Access. "Because I don't know if Philip (Rivers) wants to be there anymore. I think he has lost confidence in the organization. He's seen a lot of changes going on and the L.A. thing is valid. Him not wanting to go to L.A. is very valid."

              Tomlinson points towards a larger divide between the quarterback and the organization than just a potential move up Interstate 5.

              "The parts around him keep on moving. The receiver corps keeps on changing. Eddie Royal is now gone," Tomlinson noted. "We talked about this before with Vincent Jackson leaving years ago. There are so many parts that are leaving. When Philip is looking around in that locker room and he doesn't see anyone that he's familiar with other than Antonio Gates.

              "Now to that point, Antonio Gates next year is a free agent, Eric Weddle is gonna be up. Next year the Chargers have a lot of decisions to make with a lot of key guys. So Philip could be looking at the situation and thinking 'we're not close to winning a championship anytime soon.' "

              That can't be easy for Chargers fans to read. Kevin Acee of the U-T San Diego also wrote last week that it's time to trade Rivers, indicating that Rivers could retire before he played in Los Angeles. Tomlinson's words echo the notion that Rivers wants out.

              Rivers declined to speak to the media on Monday, but the message coming from San Diego is unmistakable.
              -04-20-2015, 07:17 PM
            • RamsFan4ever
              Merriman responds to Taylor's criticism
              by RamsFan4ever
              Merriman responds to Taylor's criticism

              Shawne Merriman added some thoughts of his own when responding to criticism from fellow NFL Defensive Player of the Year candidate Jason Taylor, telling the North County Times, "I sent (Taylor) a 'Lights Out' hat and a 'Lights Out' T-shirt and a bag of popcorn so he can watch us in the playoffs."

              On Wednesday, the Dolphins defensive end said that the Chargers linebacker should not be considered for the NFL's defensive award, saying, "you really shouldn't be able to fail a test like that and play in this league, to begin with. To make the Pro Bowl and all the other awards, I think you're walking a fine line of sending the wrong message.

              "A performance-enhancing drug is, obviously, what it is," Taylor said. "You enhance your performance by doing that. You fail that test, I think it's not right, it's against the rules and ultimately I think it's sending the wrong message to the youth in America and the people who look at this game not only as entertainment but also to learn lessons from it."

              Merriman quickly defended himself after Taylor's comments went public.

              "He has a right to his opinion,'' Merriman added. "I've watched Jason Taylor for many years and he's a great pass rusher and a great player. So he's entitled to his opinion. As for my suspension, I went about all the right things I was supposed to do in sitting out the four games.''

              Merriman leads the NFL with 16 sacks in 11 games for the AFC West champion Chargers (13-2). He has four forced fumbles and has one interception. With a win over the Cardinals on Sunday, the Chargers will clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

              On Adam Schein's Afternoon Blitz on Sirius NFL Radio, Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey also added his two cents on the Merriman issue.

              "I hate to throw him further under the bus than he already is," Bailey said. "But fact is he used a performance enhancing drug, whether he knew it or not. I don't like anybody getting anything special when they get caught cheating. It kind of ruins the integrity of the game. Yes he did his time, but it is still the same season. It's kind of hard. I love the guy to death; the way he plays, his attitude. But he took a performance-enhancing drug. It's hard to get away from that."

              Bailey, too, is a possibility for the top defensive player award. Bailey has a league-leading ten interceptions and 20 pass breakups.

              Taylor, however, appears to be the concensus choice, recording 13 1/2 sacks, 10 forced fumbles and two interceptions both returned for touchdowns.

              While Merriman has been a dominant force on arguably the NFL's best team, the Chargers went 4-0 during the linebacker's suspension.

              "If I wasn't having the kind of season I'm having, this wouldn't...
              -01-02-2007, 03:54 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Rams Aren't Fooled By Chargers' 2-3 Record
              by r8rh8rmike
              Rams aren't fooled by Chargers' 2-3 record

              BY JIM THOMAS
              Thursday, October 14, 2010

              The San Diego Chargers are first in NFL total offense, second in total defense, yet tied for last in the AFC West. How can this be?

              "You look at the numbers on offense and defense and you figure they're a 5-0 football team," Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said. "And I'm sure they're disappointed in that. But we're treating them as a 5-0 football team because they're really good."

              The Chargers actually are 2-3, and in large part because their special teams have been a disaster area:

              Kansas City's Dexter McCluster returned a punt 94 yards for a touchdown against them in the season opener, a 21-14 San Diego loss.

              Two weeks later, Seattle's Leon Washington returned two kickoffs for TDs in a 27-20 defeat.

              Last week, two blocked punts resulted directly in nine Oakland points in a 35-27 loss to the Raiders.

              All three of those contests took place on the road. San Diego has been a different beast at home, winning those two games by a combined score of 79-23. So the Rams can only hope San Diego's special teams and road woes continue for one more week, what with the Chargers visiting the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday in a noon kickoff.

              "I'm quite sure they're going to come in here with a mindset to win, especially the way we performed last week," defensive tackle Clifton Ryan said. "They're going to come in here a pretty confident bunch."

              The Rams were humbled in Detroit 44-6, with the 38-point defeat tying for the seventh-worst loss in 73 seasons of Rams football. They're hoping to get back in their comfort level in the dome, where they've won the past two contests.

              "After a tough road loss it's good that we get to come back home where we seem to be a little more comfortable," cornerback Ron Bartell said. "So it'll be good to get back in the dome in front of the fans. Hopefully, they'll get loud enough to give (Philip) Rivers some trouble when he's out on the field."

              Be it fans, team mascots, or opposing defenses, not many have given Rivers and the San Diego offense much trouble this season. A disciple of the "Air Coryell" offense pioneered by the late Don Coryell and popularized by the Washington Redskins of Joe Gibbs, the Dallas Cowboys of Aikman, Irvin, and Smith, and the Mike Martz Rams, veteran Chargers coach Norv Turner remains one of the game's best play callers.

              "They're scary to watch on film," Spagnuolo said. "I'm sure they'll be scary to watch live. Norv does a great job. He's been doing it for a lot of years in this league. I remember when I was in Philly and him and (defensive coordinator) Jim Johnson would go head to head. They were some great battles to watch. I've...
              -10-15-2010, 04:39 PM
            • Nick
              CHARGERS - Unsigned players Gates and Merriman sit out camp
              by Nick
              Gates, Merriman remain unsigned
              Thursday, July 28, 2005
              Updated: July 29, 8:14 AM ET
              Associated Press

              SAN DIEGO -- All-Pro tight end Antonio Gates was a no-show when San Diego Chargers veterans reported for training camp Thursday, joining holdout rookie Shawne Merriman as the team's only unsigned players.

              Gates, who went from being an undrafted rookie to All-Pro in just two seasons, has yet to sign a $380,000 contract the Chargers tendered him as an exclusive rights free agent during the offseason. Gates can't report until he signs either the tender or a long-term deal, which the team says it has been working on since last season.

              Asked for a comment Thursday evening, coach Marty Schottenheimer said: "You know, it's all part of this business."

              The Chargers, who reached the playoffs last year for the first time in nine seasons, have their first full-squad practice on Friday morning.

              Chargers general manager A.J. Smith didn't immediately return calls seeking comment.

              But during an interview on Monday, he said talks with Gates' agent have been "ongoing since midseason" and that "communication's fantastic."

              "Obviously we're trying to work out a contract with him," Smith said. "My philosophy -- pay our own people. I still believe that. There's a lot of other people I've got targeted right now we'll be talking with. It's something that's very important to me, I think, in building a football team. In saying that, both parties have to come together. We're working on it."

              Gates couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

              During a May minicamp, Gates said his agent has asked for "market value," which could mean something similar to the just more than $4 million a year Tony Gonzalez averages in his deal with Kansas City.

              Gates had 13 touchdown catches last year to set the NFL single-season record for tight ends, breaking a mark shared by Mike Ditka, Wesley Walls, Todd Christensen and Jerry Smith. He was a big reason the Chargers went 12-4 and won the AFC West, as he led the team with 81 catches for 964 yards. He also came up big on third downs, with 358 yards and six touchdowns. He joined teammates Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson as Pro Bowlers.

              Gates didn't play football in college. He was a star power forward at Kent State, helping take the Golden Flashes within one win of the Final Four in 2002.

              Merriman missed the first four training camp practices, which were for rookies and selected veterans. He also skipped all offseason workouts, worried that he might get hurt before he signed a contract. An outside linebacker from Maryland, he was the 12th pick overall in April's draft.
              -07-29-2005, 10:48 AM