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  • Bradon Chillar

    Does anybody else love how he had the Illegal Contact penalty on 4th down against the Steelers on the drive that led to the walk-off touchdown and extra point? I'm not exactly glad to see him fail, but I wasn't a big fan of him on the Rams. :helmet:

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    Re: Bradon Chillar

    Chillar has just been given a new contract by the Packers but im glad the rams didnt overpay for him

    remember that Chillar was the guy that Boller and Fells abused for Fells' two TDs against the Packers


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      Re: Bradon Chillar

      BC was a model Pro with us and although he wasnt great..he was about what you expect for a 4th round pick..he played with plenty of effort for us..which cant always be said about players that have come at a higher price and so called higher skill level. be it a higher draft pick.. Hill,Kennedy,Wroten,Hargrove etc..) or in FA..(Bennett,Claibourne etc...).
      so far that he has my respect and i wish him all the say he`s a better player than any of our current crop of OLbs..btw

      i will not "love" it when that kind of player has a bad game in other colors unless its against the Rams.


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        Re: Bradon Chillar

        Chillar didn't do anything during his time as a Ram or as a pro in general that would cause me to enjoy watching him fail.


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          Re: Bradon Chillar

          As a huge UCLA fan, I loved watching him there, and I loved him as a Ram. He wasn't going to make the Pro Bowl anytime soon with the Rams, but he was a steady, solid performer who always gave his all. It's too bad the Rams couldn't work something out with him because I think he would have been an asset this year playing next to Laurinaitis.

          That said, I hate the Packers and I can honestly say I didn't mind seeing their defense fold at the end against the Steelers.


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            Re: Bradon Chillar

            I liked him when he was here and take no real enjoyment in seeing him "fail"....


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              Re: Bradon Chillar

              If it is the play I think you are refering to, it was incidental contact, and shouldn't have been flagged. It was also much less contact than the push-off (offensive pass interference) that allowed the 4th and 7 (IIRC) completion.

              As others have said, I generally do not wish bad things to happen to plays that no longer wear the Horns. Even Cogs. Now, if the sign with the whiners or the cheatriots, then all bad wishing will commence.



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              • HUbison
                Chillar will be chilly
                by HUbison
                He's a Packer.
                -03-19-2008, 11:29 AM
              • RamsInfiniti
                So, Chillar wasn't a big loss huh?
                by RamsInfiniti
                I have read many on this board downplay the loss of Brandon Chillar, and some indicating he is not even starting in Green Bay. My girlfriend and her family are big time Packer's fans, so I watched the game last night, and let me tell you, Chillar will be the starter now ...

                He was all over the field, playing with more energy than any of our linebackers. He racked up 9 tackles last night, including several that prevented huge gains. He pushed through blockers and forced a fumble. Add this to FOUR special teams tackles in the first two games, and what do you have?


                Chillar is more athletic and crafty than Culberson, who has done nothing to impress me. I just don't get it. It wouldn't have cost too much to sign this guy, and we let him go. A young, growing player working into his prime, and we let him go, for an unproven commodity like Culberson ...

                Tell me now? How does this Linebacker corp look?

                Witherspoon, Pisa, Chillar, Culberson, Draft ...

                Yea, I thought so .....
                -09-22-2008, 10:23 AM
              • Nick
                Packers expressing interest in Chillar
                by Nick
                Packers express interest in LB Chillar
                By Tom Silverstein
                Friday, Feb 29 2008, 03:03 PM

                As expected, the Packers are looking at potential free agent linebackers who can come in and compete with Brady Poppinga for the strong side position.

                One of those free agents is St. Louis' Brandon Chillar, one of the better prospects available. According to a source close to Chillar, the Packers inquired about him and are interested in bringing him in for a visit next week.

                However, they have competition. Chillar is scheduled to visit an unidentified team on Monday and it's possible he could be scooped up early.

                The 6-3, 242-pound Chillar was a fourth-round draft choice of the Rams' out of UCLA in 2004. He has been used both inside and outside and played as the nickel backer early in his career. He has been more of a two-down player of late whose strength is playing the run.

                Chillar has good enough athletic ability to fit the Packers' although he's far from a speed burner. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.71 seconds at the 2004 combine, which is decent for his size.

                The Rams don't appear very interested in re-signing Chillar, in part because they have a lot of money sunk into their other two linebackers Will Witherspoon and Pisa Tinoisamoa. Still, there's a good chance the price for Chillar won't be cheap.

                Last year, Chillar started 14 of the 15 games in which he played and had 85 tackles, two sacks, four passes defended and three forced fumbles.
                -02-29-2008, 03:43 PM
              • RamWraith
                Chillar not good enough to be a starter in GB
                by RamWraith
                Brady Poppinga-LB-Packers Aug. 19 - 9:05 pm et

                Packers SLB Brady Poppinga has reportedly elevated his level of play "to the point where there's little chance he will lose his starting spot."
                Brandon Chillar was signed as a free agent to challenge Poppinga for the job, but it looks like the incumbent has held him off. Poppinga has often struggled in coverage, so he may still lose situational snaps to Chillar. In the meantime, Chillar has been seeing time at the WILL with A.J. Hawk out.
                -08-20-2008, 04:33 AM
              • Rambos
                RUMOR The Packers expect to extend a contract offer to Brandon Chillar
                by Rambos
                RUMOR ON ROTOWORLD...
                -03-10-2008, 09:34 PM