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TOM BRADY playing with 3 cracked ribs

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  • TOM BRADY playing with 3 cracked ribs

    It came out today in the local (Providence Journal) newspaper that Brady has been playing with 3 cracked ribs an injury he suffered in a preseason game against the Redskins. I guess Charlie Casserly reported this on Sunday also..I didn't catch him reporting it but his name was also in the article.

    I'm not familiar with the rules of the NFL as to when and at what detail a team is supposed to list their injured players but this is the first I've read about this injury to Brady.

    Belicheat at it again????
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    Re: TOM BRADY playing with 3 cracked ribs

    I had him in both fantasy leagues I was in this year, and I heard nothing about any rib related injury...

    this doesn't really surprise me. what surprises me is the fact he played through it all year. that's tough, I don't care who he plays for.