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Final straw for cribbs, demand trade.

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  • Final straw for cribbs, demand trade.

    Josh Cribbs believes it's "unlikely" that he will play another game for the Cleveland Browns. Insulted by the Browns' latest contract offer, Cribbs intends to clean out his locker, and one of his agents said the Pro Bowler will demand a trade.

    "I'm hurt because I don't want to play for nobody else," Cribbs said Wednesday night. "But the way they're talking, they're leaving me no choice."
    Cribbs was the Browns' most valuable player this season. He played wide receiver and quarterback, and he also returned and covered kickoffs and punts. He even set the NFL career record for most kickoff returns for touchdowns.

    But agent Peter Schaffer said Wednesday that the Browns failed to live up to previous promises they made to Cribbs and offered him $1.4 million annually for six years, well below market value. Schaffer said there's "no more middle ground" and he's "extremely shocked" that new team president Mike Holmgren wouldn't understand Cribbs' value to the Browns.

    "We're going to formally put in a request for a trade," J.R. Rickert, Cribbs' other agent, told NFL Network's Jason La Canfora. "He will not set foot in that facility again. If they had offered even something like $2.5 million per season, we could have worked with them, but to me, this offer is indefensible."

    Rickert said Browns vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte, who handles contract negotiations, told him the offer was final and that Holmgren was in agreement with her.

    "Dawn said this was it, this was their offer," Rickert said. "She said it would be 1.4 today, 1.4 in March and 1.4 in August."

    Cribbs said last month that the team had promised to give him a new contract by the end of the season. Even in the days leading up to the Browns' season finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday, Cribbs remained optimistic that something would get done.
    Not anymore.

    "I did all the playing I'm going to play on this contract," Cribbs said. "I ain't doing nothing. I'm not showing my face until it's right."

    Rickert said he asked the team if it needed or wanted more time to consider things, especially with Holmgren just coming on the job, and that he told Aponte if she didn't change the offer or request more time to negotiate by 5 p.m. Wednesday, he would take the unusual tactic of making the offer public.

    "I didn't feel like we had any other choice than to let the Browns fans know exactly what was going on," Rickert said, "and let them know why Josh was preparing to leave."

    Said Schaffer: "I'm extremely shocked. I have tremendous respect for Mike Holmgren. I know he knows how to put a team together. I was optimistic that with him coming aboard that he would understand and that Josh would be rewarded. To see there is no change in their position is insulting."

    Holmgren said Tuesday that he had contact with Cribbs' representatives when he was at home in Arizona. Holmgren intimated that he planned to take care of Cribbs but only after fair negotiations.

    "I believe players should be rewarded for what they do," Holmgren said. "I have no problems with that at all. What happens, though, on occasion is our view of how much that should be and the agent's view of how much that should be differs. We have made an effort.

    "We will continue to make an effort to handle Josh's situation. I want Josh here."

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.
    Cant say im surprised, Cribbs is a very versatile player, and 1.4 a year is pretty low for a WR.

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    Re: Final straw for cribbs, demand trade.

    "I did all the playing I'm going to play on this contract," Cribbs said. "I ain't doing nothing. I'm not showing my face until it's right."

    ^^ I'm completely in Cribbs' court up until that line. The Browns should take care of him and make him a real offer that is appropriate for a player that has produced like he has. However he still needs to act like a man and handle his business with a certain level of professionalism. Threatening to take your toys and go home while having your agent moan about it in public isn't the right way to go about this.


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      Re: Final straw for cribbs, demand trade.

      Originally posted by Slug View Post
      "I did all the playing I'm going to play on this contract," Cribbs said. "I ain't doing nothing. I'm not showing my face until it's right."

      ^^ I'm completely in Cribbs' court up until that line. The Browns should take care of him and make him a real offer that is appropriate for a player that has produced like he has. However he still needs to act like a man and handle his business with a certain level of professionalism. Threatening to take your toys and go home while having your agent moan about it in public isn't the right way to go about this.
      Well he needs to do something. He played nice, played on his contract last year when he deserved more than what he was going to earn. He played very well, scoring something like 25% of all of Cleveland's TDs. He is the best player on that team. And after playing nice and playing on that contract, not moaning about it through the season and playing very well, the team offers him a meager 1.4mill a season?

      Clearly playing nice didnt work, so now he has to get the team to pay attention. Emptying his locker and requesting a trade will do that.


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        Re: Final straw for cribbs, demand trade.

        Spags, please pick the man up.


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          ``This is a team game.''

          Meanwhile, the Browns and agent Kevin Poston are as much as $15 million apart. Complicating matters in the negotiations are recent deals signed by other top picks, with two that included $20 million in guaranteed money.

          Garcia decided it was time to add his two cents.

          Following Wednesday's morning practice, Garcia said he planned to call Winslow and urge him to join his teammates.

          ``Think about what you have to experience in terms of creating a team atmosphere and a team bond,'' said Garcia, in his first season with Cleveland.

          ``It is not creating a really positive situation for him not being here in training camp because we are all out here sweating through it. It's important that he gets out here and joins in the mix with us,'' he said.

          There's no telling when that might happen since it appears Winslow Jr. and the Browns are at an impasse in talks.

          Winslow, the No. 6 pick, has missed 10 practices since July 30 when Poston rejected the Browns' initial offer -- a six-year, $40 million deal.

          Although the Browns' offer to Winslow represents a 135-percent increase over the deal signed by last year's No. 6 pick, defensive tackle Jonathan Sullivan, it isn't enough for Kellen Winslow Sr.

          The Hall of Famer has said publicly that he wants ``fair market value'' for his son. However, it's impossible to determine what that is because Poston isn't saying what he's after.

          It's hard to predict what effect, if any, Garcia's plea will have on Winslow Jr.

          At least one other Browns player said he wouldn't rush the former University of Miami star to sign.

          ``I can't tell him to get in here,'' said safety Earl Little, another ex-Hurricane. ``He has the best leverage he could have. He sees all these young kids getting all this money. He has to take his time.

          ``The more he can get, the better for him. I'm happy for him.''
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          DANA POINT, Calif. -- If the Browns intend to pursue further roster upheaval, then seeds of potential trades will be planted here this week at the annual NFL owners meetings. Because of a confluence of a couple situations, seldom in recent memory has the NFL landscape been so rife with trade conversation and rumor.
          One factor is the uncertainty of the current league labor agreement. With one year remaining before the league system changes drastically, teams are more apt to move players and contracts they ordinarily wouldn't consider.
          Another factor is the shakeup in coaches and front offices. More than 33 percent of the NFL teams -- 11 of 32 -- have new coaches or general managers in place since this time a year ago.
          New men in charge always result in a higher than normal rate of player movement. That's been the case already in Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Denver, and elsewhere.

          The Browns have been the subject of several publicized trade rumors. Some may be sloughed off as Internet chatter. But there is a prevalent perception within the league that the Browns' management team of coach Eric Mangini and General Manager George Kokinis is intent on making more moves beyond the trade of Kellen Winslow to Tampa Bay.
          Sources have said the Browns are willing to part with any player except left tackle Joe Thomas and linebacker D'Qwell Jackson. They also would like to move down from the No. 5 spot in the draft.
          The names of Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Shaun Rogers have surfaced in trade rumors. The Browns haven't addressed the rumors -- they won't even confirm visits from free agents -- but Mangini and Kokinis consistently have said they would consider anything to improve the team.
          Where there's smoke, there's fire.

          Everyone is on the block, but Joe Thomas and Deqwell Jackson. Guys like Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn, Derrick Anderson and Shaun Rodgers are all out there. If you could have any Brown who would it be and what would you give up.
          -03-22-2009, 08:27 PM
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          Browns still trying to convince fans they didn't screw up the RG3 situation
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          The Morning Kickoff …

          Stepping up: After another Browns season blew up with Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace getting tossed around by division foes like rag dolls, what was obvious about their quarterback situation was this: They needed size at the position. They needed a strong and accurate arm. And they needed maturity.

          Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck? Ideal fits, to be sure … but unobtainable. Manning didn’t want to play here and the Colts weren’t stupid enough to trade the No. 1 pick.

          Of the more realistic candidates, free agent Matt Flynn was no bigger than McCoy with a similarly popgun arm. He was never seriously considered.

          Media darling Robert Griffin III also was too small. And too eager to show how fast he could run. The Browns never seemed all-in on Griffin. They pursued him just enough to say they tried.

          Ryan Tannehill had the size and the arm, but his maturity as a quarterback and field leader were so lacking that he turned them off in personal interviews. He didn’t project as a leader.

          So Brandon Weeden emerged as the best option. Great arm. Great size. Great production. And the very thing that scared off every other team – he’s a 28-year-old rookie because of a failed five-year stint in professional baseball – actually became an attraction to the Browns.

          In seven practices – six in the voluntary OTA sessions and one on the first day of mandatory minicamp on Tuesday – Weeden has displayed a strong arm not seen here since Derek Anderson in 2007 and an accurate one with a deft touch reminiscent of Bernie Kosar in the late 1980s.

          But what we’re also learning about him is his instant grasp of the position, its responsibilities on the field and off it.

          “It’s exciting,” receiver Mohamed Massaquoi said in comments distributed by the team. “He’s mature. He’s played pro ball. He’s going to make us better.”

          Early returns are good: We can only go by what we see and hear right now. We see Weeden make all the throws. And we hear him talk intelligently, honestly and excitedly about what lies ahead for him. He doesn’t blanch from the responsibility of being a spokesman for his team and his offense.

          On whether he feels like “the guy”: “Not yet, just because nothing is formal. We’re still two months out until we play our first preseason game. No, not yet.”

          On establishing rapport with his receivers: “It’s getting there. That’s when offenses get better, when their quarterbacks and receivers are on the same page.”

          On his grasp of the Browns’ offensive playbook: “I’ve probably got my hands on 80 percent of it. It’s hard to say. We’re still installing it. I don’t really know, I guess, what there is that I don’t know. I like pretty...
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          The Whiners/Harbaugh Drama Thread
          by Nick
          Sources: Browns nearly traded with ***** for Jim Harbaugh
          Posted by Mike Florio on February 21, 2014, 4:28 PM EST

          The Browns’ unpredictable head-coaching search nearly finished with what would have been the most unpredictable outcome of any head-coaching search since Jon Gruden was traded from the Raiders to the Buccaneers a dozen years ago.

          Per multiple league sources, the Cleveland Browns nearly pulled off a trade with the ***** for the rights to coach Jim Harbaugh.

          A deal that would have sent multiple draft picks to San Francisco was in place between the teams. But Harbaugh ultimately decided not to leave the *****.

          The ***** could not immediately be reached for comment. Efforts to contact the ***** continue.

          The Browns declined to comment specifically on whether an effort was made to acquire Jim Harbaugh. The Browns characterized the search as thorough, and the Browns acknowledged that many options were considered. The Browns emphasized that the team is excited about its new coach Mike Pettine.

          A deal would have been stunning, for several reasons. Harbaugh has taken the ***** to the NFC title game in each of his three years with the team. Also, he would have joined the same division as his brother, Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

          Which means they would have been squaring off at least twice per year, and competing directly for division titles and/or wild-card positioning.
          -02-21-2014, 01:56 PM