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Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

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  • Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

    Per Chicago Tribune and NationalFootballPost reporter Brad Biggs.

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    Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

    Great hire for the bears in my view. If it doesnt work out, Lovie is in no worse shape than he is right now (ie essentially out the door). There is no one alive that is better with qb's than martz.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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      Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

      Updated: February 1, 2010, 4:30 PM ET
      Bears hire Martz as new OCComment Email Print Share

      The Chicago Bears hired Mike Martz as their offensive coordinator on Monday, the team confirmed.

      Martz interviewed with the Bears on Friday then traveled to Nashville, Tenn., to speak with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Martz, working for the NFL Network, had criticized Cutler's comportment after the quarterback threw four interceptions in a season-opening loss at Green Bay.

      The hiring ends a prolonged search that included an interview with Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers. The Bears also were interested in former Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates, who worked with Cutler in Denver, but Bates went to the Seattle Seahawks with Pete Carroll after serving a season on USC's staff.

      The Bears also interviewed the Cincinnati Bengals' Ken Zampese and the San Diego Chargers' Rob Chudzinski.

      Martz is a former St. Louis Rams head coach and offensive coordinator. The Rams won a Super Bowl with Martz as the offensive coordinator and lost a Super Bowl when he became head coach.

      Martz hired Lovie Smith as the Rams defensive coordinator.

      "Even though I've never worked with Mike Martz, I'm in favor of the Bears hiring anybody that can get us back on the right track, and hopefully back to a Super Bowl," Bears tight end Desmond Clark said. "Mike Martz has a great track record, and I'm excited to see how this offense could grow in 2010."


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        Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

        I agree GC, good hire by Lovie, who's on the hot seat in Chicago. He's really got nothing to lose and everything to gain here. Martz and Smith get along, so this should be a peaceful co-existence, something Mad Mike hasn't had as an OC the last few tries.

        It will be very interesting to see what Martz can do with Cutler, and a very mediocre receiving corps.


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          Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

          Great hire by the Bears. As long as Lovie gives Martz the full control of the offense which in turn would allow him to focus on the defense. The Bears will be a force to reckon with.

          Welcome back to the NFL Mad Mike!!!!
          sigpic :ram::helmet:


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            Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

            The Bears are the old Rams now. Just without all of the talent.


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              Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

              As if Matt Forte's fantasy football stock couldn't have fallen any lower after this season... ;)


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                Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

                Originally posted by Nick View Post
                As if Matt Forte's fantasy football stock couldn't have fallen any lower after this season... ;)
                I think Forte has hardly anything to worry about compared to Greg Olsen!


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                  Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

                  If anyone can turn Jay Cutler around, it's Martz.


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                    Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

                    Bring back Mike Martz!!


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                      Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

                      Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
                      If anyone can turn Jay Cutler around, it's Martz.
                      I dunno about that one. I think Cutler has a different skill set altogether than Martz's previous QB's. Warner, Bulger and Kitna were all pocket passer smart guys with good accuracy and so-so arm strength. Cutler throughout his career thus far has shown he's much more comfortable out of the pocket and making plays rolling out.

                      That and Martz was already on his case during last season so who knows how that will pan out.


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                        Re: Mike Martz hired as Bears offensive coordinator

                        Originally posted by Nick View Post
                        As if Matt Forte's fantasy football stock couldn't have fallen any lower after this season... ;)
                        I never have understood this thought process but I hope your thinking spreads through my fantasy league. After all, Faulk was a loser of a RB when Martz was his head coach, right?


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                        • Nick
                          Is Mike Martz on his way to Bears?
                          by Nick
                          Is Mike Martz on his way to Bears?
                          Source says Martz might be man to replace Turner, rework offense and try to save old pal Lovie's skin
                          November 25, 2009
                          BY BRAD BIGGS [email protected]

                          With the Bears on a three-game skid and piling up losses for the first time in the post-Super Bowl era, the burning question around the NFL is torn from the pages of ESPN The Magazine: Who's got next?

                          A source close to former St.Louis Rams coach Mike Martz, most recently the San Francisco *****' offensive coordinator last season, said the architect of The Greatest Show on Turf might finally be headed to Chicago. Martz -- infamously slated to be the offensive coordinator for Dave McGinnis before Michael McCaskey fouled up McGinnis' hiring in 1999 and Dick Jauron came to town -- is an out-of-work coach serving as an analyst for NFL Network and surveying where he might land next.

                          How about with the Bears, as coach Lovie Smith's coordinator?

                          ''Martz would love to work with Jay Cutler,'' said the source, who cited the close relationship between Smith and Martz in sharing the information.

                          Smith is expected to stay with the Bears in 2010 because of more than $10 million in walking-away money.

                          But offensive coordinator Ron Turner and at least part of his staff could be another story. The Bears (4-6) purged their defensive staff last offseason, and it might be the offense's turn in January as Smith makes a final effort to turn around a franchise headed toward its third straight season of missing the playoffs. Since Turner was hired in 2005 after the firing of Terry Shea, the offensive staff has been untouched. In that same span, Smith has changed seven defensive position coaches and moved the title of defensive coordinator from Ron Rivera to Bob Babich to himself.

                          Smith and Martz have known each other forever. Smith started at Arizona State in 1988, a year after Martz had left the Sun Devils program. Martz made Smith the Rams' defensive coordinator in 2001. When Smith began assembling his first Bears coaching staff in 2004 and was looking for an offensive coordinator, he turned to Martz for ideas. Martz didn't have anyone on his staff to recommend for the job, so he called then-Kansas City coach Dick Vermeil, and that's how the Bears got Shea, the Chiefs' quarterbacks coach. When Shea tried to hold up the Bears for big money, Martz devised a plan where the Bears could use Jim Colletto and Marc Trestman as co-coordinators.

                          Now, Martz might bring his own playbook to Halas Hall.

                          Martz, who last week on said, ''I do want to coach again,'' angered Smith in September when he called out Cutler on the debut of ''The Coaches Show'' on NFL Network, criticizing Cutler's news-conference etiquette and looking out for Smith by saying Cutler ''doesn't understand that he represents a great head coach.'' Surely, that could...
                          -11-25-2009, 11:16 AM
                        • Jack_Youngblood
                          Lovie Hire Martz, Bears Become The Next Dynasty?
                          by Jack_Youngblood
                          Is This Possible?
                          -01-02-2006, 01:30 AM
                        • UtterBlitz
                          I miss Martz
                          by UtterBlitz
                          I am watching the Bears Cowboys game and it was so nice to see a super long pass to knox and than a nice TD catch by hester. Beautiful play calling. Love it Martz. Miss those days.
                          -09-19-2010, 11:14 AM
                        • Nick
                          Martz joins Mora Sr. in criticisms of Bears QB Cutler
                          by Nick
                          Another Lovie coaching friend fires on Cutler, Mora adds on too
                          By Brad Biggs on September 15, 2009 12:52 PM
                          Chicago Sun Times

                          At this point, it's fair to wonder if Lovie Smith shares the same viewpoints as his mentors.

                          Tony Dungy stepped out this spring and was critical of Jay Cutler's leadership ability, and now Mike Martz, another close friend to Smith who lobbied hard for him to get a head coaching job, has piled on.

                          Martz and Jim Mora Sr. made pointed remarks about Cutler's postgame press conference Sunday night at Lambeau Field after he threw a career-high four interceptions in a 21-15 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Bears were 0-for-3 in the red zone and spoiled an all-around defensive effort. Cutler strung together a series of cliches and said miscommunications were partly to blame for the turnovers.

                          "When I saw that postgame press conference last night, I thought he looked completely immature,'' Mora said on the premier of The Head Coaches on NFL Network Monday night. "He acted like he didn't even care."

                          What's much more disturbing from the Bears' standpoint, however, is the criticism that came from Martz, who suggests the team is not handling him properly.

                          "He just doesn't get it,'' Martz said. "He doesn't understand that he represents a great head coach and the rest of those players on that team ... somebody needs to talk to him."

                          Smith remains close to Dungy and Martz both. It's difficult to imagine they would be critical of the marquee addition to the organization--the replacement for Sid Luckman six decades later--without knowing Smith would be understanding and accepting of their evaluations. Dungy called Cutler's makeup into question before.

                          "We'll see about his maturity level,'' Dungy said in a teleconference announcing his addition to NBC's coverage in early June. "That's what I would question. And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver ... that would concern me as a head coach. He can make all of the throws, but quarterbacking is much more than just making throws."

                          Cutler can come across as being brusque in press conferences to uninterested and it's fair to say he was short Sunday night. What Dungy and Martz saw gave them reason to be concerned beyond the mistakes on the field.

                          ``Having always handled my postgame press conferences in a professional way, I'm an authority on these types of things,'' Mora joked, referring to his "playoffs" rant that has become a popular beer commercial. "I just didn't think he was very professional, very accountable. I could give him a tip or two.''

                          It's going to be interesting to see what Smith's take on the situation is Wednesday. His new quarterback continues to take fire, and this is more friendly fire.
                          -09-15-2009, 11:33 AM
                        • MauiRam
                          Mike Martz to call games for NFL on FOX this season ..
                          by MauiRam
                          By Marc Sessler
                          Aug. 7, 2012

                          Mike Martz won't be in Jay Cutler's ear this autumn, but he'll be in yours.

                          After parting ways with the Chicago Bears, Martz will serve as a game analyst for the NFL on FOX, the network announced Tuesday. Teaming with play-by-play man Ron Pitts, Martz will butter his bread calling NFC-heavy fare. It's a good fit. Martz built his career in this conference as head coach of the St. Louis Rams and as an offensive aide for the Bears, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins and San Francisco *****.

                          Martz -- who did work for NFL Network in 2009 -- is regarded as one of the game's more intelligent (and sometimes beguiling) play-callers, but that doesn't guarantee he'll entertain us. He made news during his NFL Network stint in 2009 when he labeled Jay Cutler as "unprofessional." Hopefully FOX will find a way to attach him to Bears games early and often, but that might not happen.

                          The Martz-Pitts pairing is FOX's No. 7 crew, per, meaning Martz is more likely to log time covering a flock of bottom-feeders, including his old team, the Rams.

                          Another change for FOX: NFL Network's Heath Evans will replace Chad Pennington as the color man teaming with Sam Rosen.

                          Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver still are entrenched in the top spot for FOX. That's no surprise. Buck can be grating on the ear, but Aikman is one of the more underrated analysts out there. Maybe that has something do with the fact that he's been in our living room -- first as a quarterback, now as a talking head -- for more than 20 years. He isn't afraid to speak his mind.

                          The rest of the pairings are familiar: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa; Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick and Laura Okmin; Dick Stockton, John Lynch and Jennifer Hale; and Chris Myers, Tim Ryan and Jaime Maggio.

                          Well color in September 23rd .. It should be interesting to hear Mad Mike commenting on Rams vs Bears on that particular Sunday. I wonder who he likes best? Probably the Bears, since he was fired by the Rams - I think he resigned from the Bears - correct me if I'm wrong. Should be fun at any rate ..
                          -08-08-2012, 11:09 PM