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  • Archie Manning- OT

    Today i found myself bored and Total Access on the NFLN had a commercial featuring Archie Manning so I decided to look up his stats via pro football reference. What i found surprised me. I never really looked into his career just associated him with Eli and Peyton and people always talked about how he was a icon in New Orleans so I imagined he was good...

    He had an absolutely putrid career in the NFL

    35-101-3 career record
    125 tds-173 ints for his career

    This is very OT but just thought I would just share this with others.

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    Re: Archie Manning- OT

    Archie had more INTs than TDs it seems.
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      Re: Archie Manning- OT

      35-101-3 career record
      I know he is the QB, but that really isnt something to judge him by
      The Saints were terrible for years


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        Re: Archie Manning- OT

        Archie endeared himself to New Orleans because the players surrounding him were awful and he took a beating throughout his entire career and was tough and kept on playing hard.

        I know his TD/int numbers look terrible but a decent number of good QBs in that day did not have what would be considered a good ratio in today's game.

        A few examples:

        Joe Namath - 173 tds, 220 ints
        Terry Bradshaw - 212 tds, 210 ints
        Jim Hart - 209 tds, 247 ints
        Ken Stabler - 194 tds, 222 ints


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          Re: Archie Manning- OT

          He was one of the best qb's in the nfl for many years. GReat great player. He played on absolutely terrible teams on both sides of the ball. The guy spent half of his plays running for his life.

          As i always say, the qb gets too much credit when his team wins and too much blame when they lose. The statistics in this case are massively misleading.

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