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    In the spirit of my first question (see below) now let's move on to the most important position in the game .. the QB .. whom do you think was the best all around QB in NFL history Terry Bradshaw(Steelers), Joe Namath(Jets), Joe Montana(Niners), Dan Marino(Fins), John Elway(Broncos), Kirk Warner(Rams, always have to have a Ram on the list) .. whom do you think was the best QB ever to grace the field?

    though I openly hate the Niners .. I must admit the best QB in my eyes was Joe Montana without proved himself year after year that he was the best thing since slice bread

    here's alittle piece of history for you all:
    did you know Joe Namath played for the Rams in 1977 ahhh the year I was born!

    not only that .. the Rams were one of the first teams to play an overtime game, 1955 LA Rams and the Giants .. how funny we play the Giants this coming weekend

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    MMMMMMmmmmmmm? Think I know the guy, plays in a blue and gold uniform!
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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      Ok, here we go!...

      G-r-r-r-e-a-t thread!

      Johnny Unitas / Baltimore Colts. Perhaps not the best "all around" QB as you posted, Rammstein, but in my book one of the best, purest of them all.


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        K-I-R-K Warner?!?!?!?!?!?!?:confused: :confused: :confused:
        :clanram: Visit RAMSITALIA The first Rams fanzine in Italy :clanram:


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          Anyway, my vote goes to Johnny U as well... waiting for KURT to develop to history
          :clanram: Visit RAMSITALIA The first Rams fanzine in Italy :clanram:


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            I'm still waiting on "Kurt" to develop some history, though I definitely like what I've seen so far.

            From what I've heard of Johnny Unitas, I'm tempted to go with him as well. Can't really ignore the 4 SBs that Terry Bradshaw took his team to, though many find him personally grating (I believe he's on The Tonight Show tonight). But I always enjoyed Montana the most, so I'll go with him. (Joe Namath played for the Rams? Pardon my ignorance, did not know that.)


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              QB thought

              I would have to lean towards Starr,Unitas,Jorgenson,etc... That bit about Montana,geezz, I have to admit he is one of the best !!! The Rams have had a lot of qb's in the past good thing you were born 77 since C. Rosenblum past we(the Rams) have had a storied past.Good (70's) !!!!!!!!!!!!! You missed us getting beat in playoffs by Dallas Minn etc Older Rams remember we cant play in snow LOL LOL!!!!!!!! The deal w/ Dickerson left Dickerson right,Dickerson up the midddle!!! Ther's alot of cazy things w/ the Rams,thats why this time feels good. The Rams can build on this example set in 1999 to present date!! So, as a Ram fan WARNER will set the new qb standard!

              See ya,

              p.s. Name the Fearsome Foursome player & postion????????
              without resreaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Fearsome Foursome on QB's...

                No problem LAFAN1968 (granted this thread is on best QB, but since this front four was always after each and every QB, I figured your question as legit). Here goes,

                At left DE, 6-6, 280: #85 Lamaaar Lunnndy!
                At left DT, 6-5, 285: #76 Roseee Grieeer!
                Right DT, 6-5, 275: #74 Merrrlin Olsennn!
                And our right DE, 6-5, 275: #75 David --the Deacon-- Jones!

                P.S. no research necessary... ;)

                GO RAMS


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                  No, I still didn't "research..."

                  Researching by memory only, ok?

                  Correction: Lundy was 6-7, not 6-6 (a bit of attention to detail). He was a great pass defender and blocker! Also, forgot to mention Rosey Grier being replaced at his retirement by Bob Brown, 6-5, 290 (same #76).

                  I hope this meets your question since you hadn't mentioned the year. But I take it to be 1968.

                  Again, GO RAMS!!!


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                    Nice job Jorge,I knew all the names but wasnt sure on the exact positions(except for Deacons)and had forgotten about Brown.Anyway,On the best QB ever:My heart says Dan Fouts,but my mind says Montana.Kurt Warner will be when all is said and done.(at one time I thought Jim Everett would be one of the greatest,buttt.....)


                    GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!
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                      Good job

                      That was easy considering the class of people I'm in.... I was hoping one didn't forget Brown,so great to all who answered.The qb question could be who's top three all time,but Ididnt ask it.I won a trip to Hotlanta few yrs ago answering that question at a bar.I thought I'd ask it here; No trip though LOL!

                      See ya,


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                        Joe Montana...No question about it.


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                          Top three J's...

                          [Quoted from LAFAN1968 in this thread] "The qb question could be who's top three all time..." [end quote] Ok. Well, how about...

                          Johnny U /B. Colts

                          John Elway /Broncos
                          Joe Montana /Chiefs --not Frisco, bleaghj! :p

                          GO RAMS!!!

                          Note: On previous question Re. Rams front four, the fearsome -- it was Roger Brown at DT, not Bob (Bob Brown was a tremendous OT that played w/Rams in 69). That's what I get for relying on memory alone for research.


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                            GREATEST QUARTERBACKS

                            I would have to go with Montana. Can someone tell me why Roger Staubach's name doesn't get included in this discussion. I mean, what couldn't and didn't he do?:mask:


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                              I'm one of the biggest Kurt Warner fans alive but I'm not going to say he is the greatest of all time just because he is my favorite or with the Rams. Kurt Warner is outstanding and when his career is all said and done he just might be the best of all time but he is only in his 3rd NFL season as a starter so it's still to early. I think Joe Montana is the greatest of all time, not just because of his Super Bowl Rings but because of the way he played each and every season, even in his ending years with the Chiefs he still could be dangerous.


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