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  • Foxhole: Jenkins' season over

    Foxhole: Jenkins' season over
    October 13, 2004

    Comments from Carolina Panthers Head Coach John Fox following the team's practice.

    On transactions: We placed Kris Jenkins (shoulder) and Will Hampton (knee) on injured reserve. We moved up defensive tackle Jordan Carstens and running back Joey Harris from the practice squad. We've added defensive tackle Tron LaFavor and running back Derrick Knight to the practice squad.

    On what happened to defensive tackle Kris Jenkins: He was injured against Kansas City. It was the type of injury that we thought he could move forward with. He gave his best shot. I will give him that. I appreciate the efforts he made in there. It's just too hard to play with one arm at that position. As we evaluated it, he needs to have surgery and we will get that fixed and get him ready for next year.

    On when Jenkins will have surgery: I don't know that yet.

    On if Jenkins's shoulder injury became more apparent in his play at Denver: He was only a shell of himself the last two games. He tried to go back in at Kansas City. We rehabbed him the best we could without surgery. It's been done before, and different guys react differently. He just couldn't extend his arm, and it became debilitating for him, so we figured he's best off getting fixed and getting ready for next season.

    On if Jenkins did anything to make the injury worse by playing: He was only a shell of himself those last two games. It was evident to the coaches, me and him. We are better off just getting him fixed.

    On if he has confidence in the defensive tackles who will replace Jenkins: That is what they have to do. I feel good about that. Time will tell.

    On if defensive tackle Kindal Moorehead will replace Jenkins in the starting lineup: He would probably be the first choice, but we won't announce starting lineups until later in the week.

    On running back Joey Harris: We only have four (healthy) backs on the roster, so he is going to be a big part of it. He's a guy that flashed in training camp and has been on our practice squad, so he's familiar with our system. Now he gets to graduate.

    On the status of running back Stephen Davis: Stephen practiced today and will be listed as questionable this week on the injury report. We will evaluate him day-to-day.

    On the status of linebacker Mark Fields: It's just his lower back. He's had treatment for it. As soon as he gets better, we will get him out here (at practice).

    On if running back Rod Smart's knee injury is worse than initially thought: No. It's just a matter of the medical staff and what status they assign. Early (in the week), you don't know how they are going to respond (to treatment). As you move forward (in the week), you get a better feel. That was the reason for the change as far as what he's listed as.

    On the team's morale with all of the injuries: Our guys are tough. They understand that's part of the League. We've got to select 46 to go up to Philadelphia and play. They are not going to cancel the rest of the schedule or cancel this game. It is what it is in the League. You get injuries. I feel good about our chances and I think they do, too.

    On if he feels a need to keep the team pumped up: These guys are big boys. They know that we've got to call on other guys. We went to Kansas City where nobody gave us any kind of chance and we came out of there with a win. Even a week ago against Denver against a good football team, we had plenty of opportunities to win that game. We've just got to work to improve. I don't know if you can look at injuries and say that's the reason, because I don't.

    On the Philadelphia Eagles: Offensively, they have Donovan McNabb. I think he's playing extremely well thus far this year. They are playing as well offensively as anybody in the League. (Brian) Westbrook at running back has got a lot of touches, both run and pass. Of course, the addition of Terrell Owens has given them a big deep threat as well as a possession receiver. Those are their main horses not to slight anybody else. They're playing very, very well offensively. Defensively, they are much the same. They've had additions there with (Jevon) Kearse. There are some changes at the cornerback position, but they're playing as good as anybody in the League right now.

    On if Philadelphia wide receiver Terrell Owens has made Donovan McNabb a better quarterback: It's hard to say. I think he's another weapon. There's no question. Donovan, he's a young player in this League that's just getting better and better. It helps to have an added weapon, but I think Donovan looks to playing a lot sharper and going to where he is supposed to be going with the ball. I have been impressed with what he has done so far.