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PFT: Hawks cooking up some Rice?

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  • PFT: Hawks cooking up some Rice?


    As receiver Jerry Rice continues to look for a pathway out of the Bay Area after more than 19 seasons with the ***** and the Raiders, we're hearing that talks have been occurring between the Seahawks and the Raiders, possibly regarding a trade for the man who holds every significant career receiving record.

    Though we don't do what specifically was discussed, we do know that there have been communications, and we can think of no reason why the Raiders and the Seahawks would be talking about anything other than a trade for Rice, especially since the trade deadline is only five days away.

    Reportedly, Rice was scheduled to meet with Raiders owner Al Davis on Wednesday night (daylight, after all, kills vampires) regarding the future Hall of Famer's discontent with his role in the Oakland offense. On Sunday, Rice was held without a reception for the second time this season.

    When Rice left the ***** as a free agent, the Seahawks was one of the teams in the mix for his services, since coach Mike Holmgren is well acquainted with Rice given their days together in San Fran, when Holmgren was the offensive coordinator. With a receiving corps in Seattle that's having trouble holding onto the football, perhaps Holmgren thinks a guy like Rice will help Koren Robinson finally mature into the player that he can be.

    But Holmgren also will be required to get Rice on the field, and the ball in his hands. If anyone can find a way to make that happen, it's Holmgren, who arguably knows Rice better than any other coach presently working in the NFL.

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    Re: PFT: Hawks cooking up some Rice?

    mmmmmmmm, interesting

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      Re: PFT: Hawks cooking up some Rice?

      The problem I have with the Raiders trying to deal Rice is that I'm not sure if they have enough cap room to allow for the hit. According to KFFL, Rice signed a six-year deal in the spring of 2003 that paid him a $1.2 million signing bonus. The last cap update I saw had the Raiders at less than $1 million in cap space, so I'm curious if they'd have enough room to get this done.


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        Re: PFT: Hawks cooking up some Rice?

        thing is, if they get it done, their west coast offence will fly a lot better

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        • RAMMAN68
          Rice a Sqwak
          by RAMMAN68
          Chris Mortenson just reported that Rice is close to being traded to the shesqwaks for a conditional draft pick.

          Sounds like the sqwaks are in need of a receiver that can hold on to the ball.

          -10-18-2004, 04:56 PM
        • Nick
          Rice vents, deals with streak's end
          by Nick
          Rice vents, deals with streak's end


          SUNDAY'S GAME against the Buffalo Bills had been over for nearly 30 minutes, and Jerry Rice's white-hot anger had subsided.

          Rice laughed about how he had slammed his helmet to the ground, one-hopping the Raiders' bench late in the fourth quarter of their 13-10 victory.

          He joked about how he had kicked a plastic yard-line marker, accidentally bouncing it off a cop's leg on the sidelines.

          Nearly a half hour had passed since Rice's NFL record streak of 274 games with at least one catch had ended.

          His anger had subsided, but his pride was still clearly hurting.

          Rice hadn't been blanked since Dec. 1, 1985, against the Washington Redskins during his rookie season with the *****.

          Eight days later that year in a Monday night game against the Rams, Rice started a catch streak that lasted over 18 seasons and through four U.S. presidents, from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush.

          Rice went on to became arguably the NFL's greatest receiver, smashing records left and right. Now, at 41, he's an afterthought. That reality, more than the streak's death, is what hurt most.

          "It's something that's hard to deal with because you pride yourself on catching the football," Rice said. "Even without the streak, you pride yourself on catching the football during the game. And it's been a long time. I can't recall. It's been a long time.

          "I never thought it would come to an end like this, but you know, it's OK. It's all right. It happens. Life goes on. I'll just start another one."

          It's been a long time since Rice was all but ignored in a football game. But that's what happened Sunday. Quarterback Rich Gannon threw Rice's way one time. That second-quarter sideline pass sailed well over Rice's head.

          Rice spent most of the game running deep clear-out patterns, opening up space for other receivers.

          "Well, I'm in great shape," Rice said, laughing. "It reminds me of the movie, what's his name, run Forrest run? Forrest Gump? Well, run Forrest run. I was running. I was running hard, too."

          When Rice was in his prime, his coaches and quarterback basically made sure he kept his streak alive. They were aware when Rice's streak was in jeopardy.

          And now?

          Well, new Raiders coach Norv Turner said he didn't realize Rice's streak was on life support until offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye told him with only 2:20 remaining. By then, it was too late. The Raiders got the ball back with 1:17 left and ran out the clock.

          "There's no way in that situation you're going to throw a pass," Turner said.

          "I would like to (have seen) Jerry continue his streak. It disappoints me that he didn't."

          Gannon said he...
          -09-20-2004, 09:55 AM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Rice can't hack real offense, runs home crying to Mommy Holmgren
          by Guest
          October 23, 2004 (NHS) -- Jerry Rice was traded to Seattle for, well, nothing (his true market value) after a typical episode of Jerry being Jerry (being an egomaniacal a-hole). But the most overrated individual in sports history got his way in the end -- which is all that matters, right? -- notwithstanding the stench of how it went down.

          End of West Coast offense, end of Jerry
          It started with Rice's meltdown in Oakland. After Al Davis toyed with the cheesy West Coast offense in Oakland for the last couple years -- perhaps just to show how easy it is to dink your way to the Super Bowl -- this year he brought in Norv Turner and real offense back to the Silver & Black.

          And Jerry couldn't hack it.

          It's no coincidence that it took just two games in a legitimate offensive scheme to spell the end of one of the most perverted pieces of meaningless NFL trivia -- Rice's little "consecutive games with a catch" streak.

          There are complete idiots that use this among "proof" that Rice is, laughably, "the greatest player ever", but perhaps now they'll connect the dots that the entire "streak" was based on nothing more than throwing him an avalanche of cheesy 2-yard dink attempts in the Wuss Coast offense, and not anything of value.

          But alas, this concept continues to boggle the braintrust in the media. The San Jose Mercury wrote, "Raiders Coach Norv Turner had no explanation Monday for Rice's diminishing role, other than to say: 'It's a different offense, a different style of offense, and we have a lot of people playing.'"

          Hey, geniuses -- how exactly is this "no explanation"??

          The fact that it's a different offense is the exact explanation.

          Truth is, Rice's skills only translate to the gimmick Wuss Coast offense. When he ended up in the Raiders' traditional offense by mistake, his skills became garbage. Other smaller, faster receivers that can actually get open down the field are more valuable to Norv Turner's scheme.

          The explanation that eludes the faculties of our lovable media is simply put: end of WCO, end of Jerry. It's just that simple. It's the same reason Steve Young was worthless in Tampa Bay. It's a shame it took 20 years until Rice ended up by chance in a real offense to finally see the truth we've known all along come to fruition. Too bad we never got to see Joe Montana leave the shelter of the cozy dink pass offense.

          Same old class
          As the clock ran down and it was clear his little streak was going to end, Rice started throwing his helmet and kicking things and muttering to himself on the sideline -- while his team was winning.

          When the apocalypse actually happened and the game ended without the Divine Catch being bestowed upon the Almighty, the media spin started kicking the helmet of truth. Even though all reputable...
          -10-25-2004, 09:32 PM
        • HUbison
          Seahawks: Rice release request granted
          by HUbison
          Seahawks: Rice release request granted

          by Fanball Staff -
          Friday, February 25, 2005

          The Seahawks released wide receiver Jerry Rice on Friday. Jim Steiner, the agent for the NFL's all-time leading receiver, said his client asked to be released. "We asked for his release, and obviously they want to accommodate him," Steiner told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Steiner added that Rice is still interested in returning for a 21st season if he can find the right situation. After joining the Seahawks in a mid-season trade with the Raiders, Rice had 25 receptions for 362 yards and three touchdowns.
          -02-25-2005, 12:00 PM
        • Rambos
          Seahawks WR Sidney Rice out for season with torn ACL
          by Rambos
          season with torn ACL
          By John Breech |

          Sidney Rice reportedly has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season. (USATSI) Sidney Rice's career in Seattle might be over. (USATSI)

          It's a good thing the Seahawks are getting Percy Harvin back soon because the team will have one less receiver going forward. Sidney Rice has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season, the team announced on Tuesday.

          Rice was injured in the second quarter of Seattle's 14-9 win over St. Louis on Monday night. On a first-and-goal play from the St. Louis 9-yard line, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tried to hit Rice in the end zone. Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins made a play on the ball and afterward, Rice was slow to get up.

          Eventually Rice was taken to the locker room and at the time of the injury, Seattle said he was doubtful to return.

          Through the first eight weeks of the season, Rice has been the Seahawks third leading receiver with 231 yards, trailing Doug Baldwin (372) and Golden Tate (439).

          Before Rice's injury, Harvin's return was viewed as a big deal in Seattle, now that Rice is done for the season, it's an even bigger deal. Harvin is expected to return this week when the Seahawks host the Buccaneers, according to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora.
          -10-31-2013, 07:48 AM