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    A wire report
    Published: Oct 14, 2004

    October 14, 2004
    (On players returning to practice)
    ''Simeon Rice returned to practice. Derrick Brooks is here again today.''

    (On if Chris Simms could suit up on Monday)
    ''Yeah, there is a chance, as an emergency quarterback, if he improves. But it's hard to play if you can't throw. We have Jason Garrett on the roster as a contingency plan, obviously, and we'll see where Chris is here in a couple days. But he is improving.''

    (On Dexter Jackson being released by the Cardinals)
    ''I'm sure he'll pick it up again. Kurt Warner was a two-time MVP of the league, a Super Bowl Champion. That's just the way this league is. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl and was gone the next year. Dexter Jackson - good guy, good player. Good things happen to guys like that.''

    (On if the Bucs are interested in bringing Jackson back)
    ''I don't want to speculate right now. I'm sure everybody in the league will look into his situation. Obviously, we would have an interest in a former player who's played hard and played well for us.''

    (On having good things to say about Jackson in the past)
    ''Like I said, I don't want to build speculation or anything like that. But I have a strong amount of respect for him and we'll see what happens with his situation. We like our safeties. We like Jermaine Phillips. People in the NFL are taking great notice of Jermaine Phillips and Dwight Smith, two young guys who are doing well for us against the forward pass and playing good defense. Will Allen's here and John Howell's also doing, so we have good depth and good players there.''

    (On if he notices a difference in the way guys are carrying themselves this week)
    ''I was just really impressed with the way we practiced today - very spirited, not a lot of wasted motion. The execution was good. The execution's getting better, and that encourages me.''

    (On Brian Griese being better with a game under his belt)
    ''Well, you hope so. It's kind of nice when you can get a week's worth of reps before you go out and play in a game. Everybody needs to practice, especially at that position.''

    (On improving with a week of practice)
    ''Some guys just have a unique ability to be quick studies and just learn from the other guy taking reps. For a guy to come in there and complete 16 out of 19 - and the three balls that were incomplete I think we're dropped - you can't do much better than that.''

    (On how he got Ken Dilger so open on the touchdown in New Orleans)
    ''Dilger did it himself. He's been training, he's a cross-trainer, a deep threat, man. My hat's off to Dilger.''

    (On if he had called that play before this year)
    ''I don't know. I don't think so. It helps when Michael Clayton's running down the season and he had caught the ball earlier. I think they were a little bit too eager to cover that route off a similar pattern that we ran earlier, but I don't know.''

    (On if he is fond of trick plays)
    ''We threw a flea-flicker to Ken Dilger last year against Dallas, helped us win the game. For every flea-flicker I've seen that worked I've seen 10 that didn't. They'll be a time and a place for trickery. I just want to get premier execution out of our football team, and we are getting better.''

    (On his thoughts on the division)
    ''I haven't seen enough of Atlanta to comment, nor Carolina. They have not been a part of my cross-training studies for the teams that we're playing. I think New Orleans is a very talented team, and I obviously have great respect for Michael Vick and the Falcons, the job they've done there.''

    (On if he has a guess at how many wins it will take to win the division)
    ''Again, we're just going to keep putting firewood on the fire, throwing logs on the fire and trying to build momentum and heat things up the best we can.''

    (On if it's a favorable schedule not having to play Atlanta or Carolina until later in the season)
    ''A lot of people think we've had a tough schedule - four out of six on the road; you've got the Joe Gibbs reunion; you've got at Oakland, and that's a tough place to play; we've been missing a lot of key players offensively early. Having four out of the first six on the road hasn't been an easy task. Denver and Seattle, it's well documented, are top teams in the AFC. I think they'll be there at the end of the story. But it's still early.''

    (On if it's a favorable schedule in terms of division games)
    ''I don't know about that. I don't get into that. The schedule's made and you react accordingly.''

    (On if he is thinking he'll get some players back after the bye week)
    ''I think we have a big wide receiver close to coming back; I can't remember his name. [Joey] Galloway is making strides - hopefully, hopefully. When they do come back, it will take awhile to get used to seeing them and reacclimate. I'll have to rearrange some files offensively to utilize their abilities.''

    (On if returning players will be able to contribute right away)
    ''It's all speculation now. You've got to see them. When we see them for a couple of days we can better answer that question. I'll say this: If Jurevicius is healthy, Joe Jurevicius will play and he will be a contributor. And if Galloway is healthy and ready to roll, he will be on the field playing. But we've got to see where they are and I don't want to say any more until we see them.''

    (On Michael Pittman)
    ''Mike Pittman is one of the top 11 or 12 all-purpose yardage leaders in the NFC in the last two years. He's as a good a pass-receiving back as I've ever been around. He had 75 catches last year, 60 or so the year before. His blitz pick-ups are outstanding. And he's a good runner. He's a physical guy who gives us life. He's fast. He's versatile. He's a complete player and we've missed him. We miss the duo of Pittman and [Charlie] Garner, Pittman and [Thomas] Jones, Pittman and [Aaron] Stecker. We're looking for Jamel White to step up and deliver in a little bit more of a role here before it's all said and done.''