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    Does anyone know if Alex Barron survived Dallas's final roster cut ??

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    Re: Alex Barron ..

    Originally posted by MauiRam View Post
    Does anyone know if Alex Barron survived Dallas's final roster cut ??
    From checking the Cowboys website it looks like Barron did make the roster. He's listed a s the back-up LT/RG.
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      Re: Alex Barron ..

      Originally posted by laram0 View Post
      From checking the Cowboys website it looks like Barron did make the roster. He's listed a s the back-up LT/RG.
      As a Skins fan, I was really rooting for you guys to get the better end of that deal. I honestly thought (from afar) that Bobby Carpenter had a better shot at helping you than Barron did the Boys.

      Then, a magical thing happened: the Cowboy line is so porous that even a matador like Barron made the team.

      He looked TERRIBLE but they kept him anyway!

      So who know? Maybe you helped us out with that one. We'll see on Sunday.

      Best of luck with your game!!!


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        Re: Alex Barron ..

        He's starting on Sunday as far as I know. Carriker was giving recon to the Redskins DL in preparation for the game.

        How ironic is that?


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          Alex Barron loses the game for the Boys'

          Alex Barron basically tackled Osackpo at the end of the Boys Skins game, which resulted in the end of the game. By the way Romo completed a TD pass which would have won it!

          So who still wishes Barron was on the team, even as depth?

          The guy has all the physical tools to be a star, he just doesn't have the drive.

          He is a negative influence on young o linemen, and I am thankful Billy D got rid of him.


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            Re: Alex Barron ..

            I wonder how Dallas feels that he worked out for them now?? I don't know if I missed any, but I saw 3 holding penalties for 30 yards, INCLUDING the one in the last seconds of the game that cost Dallas the game (not that I'm disappointed). But anyhow, us Rams fans know what we got rid of, and now Dallas should be well aware of what they got.

            What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.


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              Re: Alex Barron loses the game for the Boys'

              I just had to open up my laptop after watching that play because I knew we would be all over it! Farewell, Barron!


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                Re: Alex Barron loses the game for the Boys'

                I don't know about you, but this certainly made the week a little better.


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                  Alex Barron

                  Redskins Fans are loving the Rams right now. Only Barron could have a game loosing penalty and be all smiles after that... what a guy


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                    Re: Alex Barron

                    Ah, Ah, AHHHHH!!!! This belongs in the NFL tread!!!


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                      Re: Alex Barron loses the game for the Boys'

                      Surprise, surprise! Barron sure stepped in it this time. I actually felt sorry for the guy. Can you imagine the fallout? Jerry Jones is likely to pull a George Steinbrenner on him.


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                        Re: Alex Barron

                        Wonder if any Rams fans are wanting Alex back right now? Three holding calls, one of which negated a game-tying touchdown at the end of regulation. Ouch.


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                          Re: Alex Barron

                          Wow, could it be... does the Rams organization look like geniuses right now on this move or what?


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                            Re: Alex Barron

                            If only we've benefited from Bobby the Barbiebarian.

                            ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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                              Re: Alex Barron

                              What a way to start the season with a new team. ...The damaging protagonist of the most memorable play of the game.
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                              • Nick
                                Alex Barron: Top pick, fast track
                                by Nick
                                Alex Barron: Top pick, fast track
                                By Jim Thomas
                                Of the Post-Dispatch
                                Saturday, Apr. 30 2005

                                A little more than a year ago, Rams general manager Charley Armey was watching
                                film of several University of Miami defenders in preparation for the draft.

                                On one particular tape, the Hurricanes were playing Florida State. After
                                watching Seminoles offensive tackle Alex Barron destroy Miami linebackers
                                Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams on play after play, Armey turned to Rams'
                                scouting assistant Brad Holmes and said, "Is this your cousin?"


                                Holmes, in his second year with the Rams, was a pass rusher of some repute a
                                few years back for North Carolina A&T. Before his junior season in 2000, a
                                season in which he would register 8 1/2 sacks, Holmes decided to see what
                                cousin Alex had as a pass blocker.

                                Barron already had built a football reputation at Wilkinson High in Orangeburg,
                                S.C. One college recruiting service, Prep Star, had him rated as the third-best
                                offensive lineman in the country.

                                Holmes and his cousin went out in Barron's backyard for some one-on-one pass
                                rush drills.

                                "I couldn't get around him," Holmes said.

                                Not many can, which explains why the Rams made Barron their first-round pick,
                                No. 19 overall, in the NFL draft last week. Coach Mike Martz wasted little time
                                with Barron.

                                "We're handing him the starting job at right tackle," Martz said Friday. "It's

                                Then, in an unusual move, Martz made a request to the media at Rams rookie

                                "The one thing I'd ask all of you with Alex is to have patience," Martz said.
                                "Because he's going to have some tough moments. But he is our right tackle.
                                We're making that commitment to him. We're trying to get him ready as quickly
                                as we can.

                                "I know he's going to be scrutinized closely. I know he'll be nervous. This is
                                a big deal to him. ... Bear in mind, two, three years from now, I think we'll
                                have a real special player."

                                Barron was a two-time consensus All-American at Florida State and was among
                                three finalists for the Outland Trophy last season. But Barron did not expect
                                after getting drafted to be named a starter in April.

                                "I was overwhelmed by it," the soft-spoken Barron said Saturday. "I was kind of
                                shocked a little bit. But they believe I can get the job done, and I'm just
                                going to try to do my best to help the team."

                                Barron has many physical attributes that separate him from the pack. But it
                                begins and ends with his amazing wingspan. From one outstretched arm...
                                -05-01-2005, 12:25 AM
                              • yellow and blue
                                by yellow and blue
                                Get OUT!

                                All this kid is good.. er bad for is false starts.

                                Talk about a bust.
                                -11-03-2007, 03:09 PM
                              • Richbert88
                                by Richbert88
                                He was on the block, we know that. I am wondering how close we came. Seems like the pickup of Trautwein could have been in anticipation of Barron being gone.

                                Regardless, good developmental OT for the future, a future that Barron most likely won't be in.
                                -10-20-2009, 10:33 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Lost is Barron
                                by RamWraith
                                With all the what if's and maybe we should of's. One person that needs some kudos' is A. Barron. The kid pretty much shut down one of the best defensive ends in football and did it one handed. I think we got a hell of a right tackle in makings here. KUDOS' Alex. We love having you here!!
                                -12-18-2005, 08:18 PM
                              • majorram
                                Barron!! well done!!
                                by majorram
                                Just my two cent here but I thought Barron more than held his own against Strahan!!! he has a great future

                                Actually after 62 attempts and only one sack given up the pass blocking was pretty good!!!

                                -10-03-2005, 01:34 AM