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5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn't Deserve An NFL Team

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  • 5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn't Deserve An NFL Team

    5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn’t Deserve an NFL Team

    By Michael C. Jones | Yahoo! Contributor Network
    Sat, May 5, 2012

    As a southern California native, this article is as painful to write as it will be for the three or so Los Angeles readers who will stumble upon it (more to come on the attention spans of southern California sports fans in a little while).

    But it has to be said - Los Angeles doesn't deserve an NFL team, and there are a host of good reasons why. Though it is the second-largest media market in the United States and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been on record as saying that he and the league want a franchise to return to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles has several reasons not to be a host city for the most popular professional sports league in the United States.

    Note that as someone who grew up near Los Angeles, I would love for an NFL team to return to the city. I'm simply very jaded and cynical after having pro football ripped from under me during my formative years.

    Here it goes:

    Los Angeles is full of fair-weather fans. One of the most frustrating things about being a sports fanatic in southern California is the large number of fans who don't truly care about the home team. 'A'-listers don't make very good sports fans, and neither do people who have very little sports knowledge. Los Angeles is filled with both -- often times the two are mutually inclusive. Celebrities come to sporting events to be seen, not to cheer. Many fans care more about giveaways like the free tacos at Staples Center, than they do the outcome. The NFL would be no exception to this phenomenon in L.A.

    There's too much other fun stuff to do. Hollywood, great weather, amazing mountains, and the Pacific Ocean all mean that Los Angelinos and southern Californians have a lot of non-sports related distractions surrounding them. Because of this, there is just no reason for fans to go all-in on a team that it feels like it has no loyalty to. There's too much to do to live and die with the fate of a professional football team.

    Who wants another team with its own fans? The Minnesota Vikings have been rumored to make their way to L.A. if a stadium deal gets done. This franchise is nothing to get excited about for fans in California. How could the NFL expect new fans to get excited for a mediocre team with an established fan base in another region?

    L.A. is a transplant city .The thing about Los Angeles is that not many of its residents are from Los Angeles. It's a city for tourists and dreamers who hope to make it big. There's nothing wrong with transplants, in fact, it's part of what makes the city so much fun. The people that are natives, however, likely have other loyalties when it comes to the NFL (more on that in a minute). The NFL is a league where fans of regional teams are often spread throughout the country. Los Angeles would be a difficult market for fans to support a new local team given its history with the NFL and the makeup of the population.

    L.A. is still a Raiders town, and it lost the Rams, too. For those who are actually from Los Angeles, many of their loyalties lie with a team that broke their hearts when it moved to the Bay Area. The Oakland Raiders once occupied the L.A. Coliseum and were embraced by an entire generation of football fans. When they left, the fans stayed loyal and didn't jump ship. Don't expect those same folks to show any real commitment to a new team. Yes, the Raiders franchise originated in Oakland, but L.A. had embraced it as its own.

    The team most know as the St. Louis Rams left southern California too. The former Los Angeles Rams have retained a few loyalists in the area and can claim the real rights to the city as its longest tenured team. But the Raiders or Rams moving back to L.A. at this point would be to its fans like a hot ex-girlfriend who broke your heart, gained fifty pounds, then tried to call you to "talk" after she was deservedly hurt by the guy she left you for in the first place (that's you, Oakland).

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    Re: 5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn't Deserve An NFL Team

    The former Los Angeles Rams have retained a few loyalists in the area and can claim the real rights to the city as its longest tenured team.
    And the elite of those loyalists can be heard from right here at ClanRam.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: 5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn't Deserve An NFL Team

      Very well written article. The league would love it from a marketing (Especially TV) perspective, but i dont see why anyone thinks it will be more viable this time around, unless of course the team is a big winner every year, which is highly unlikely in today's nfl. The new pro team in LA would have a long way to go before it was as popular as the usc trojans.

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