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Brown: Bucs Fans Unsophisticated

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  • Brown: Bucs Fans Unsophisticated

    Brown: Bucs Fans Unsophisticated
    By IRA KAUFMAN [email protected]
    Published: Dec 3, 2004

    TAMPA - Reiterating remarks he made on a national radio program, Bucs wide receiver Tim Brown labeled Tampa Bay fans as unsophisticated Thursday and said they have done a poor job supporting the team this season.

    ``Passion is not booing your Super Bowl quarterback, no matter how bad he's playing,'' Brown said, referring to former Bucs starter Brad Johnson. ``I have no roots here, but when they boo Brad, it shows you're coming to the game to be entertained, not to be supportive.''

    Brown, selected to nine Pro Bowls during a 16-year career with the Raiders, joined the Bucs on Aug. 10 and started the first three games before rookie Michael Clayton displaced him in the lineup.

    He has 20 receptions, none in the past four games, entering Sunday's matchup against Atlanta.

    As a punt returner, Brown is averaging 8.0 yards - almost a yard less than the league average - on six returns.

    Some of his 12 fair catches have generated boos at Raymond James Stadium.

    ``I'm not back there to return every punt,'' Brown said Thursday. ``I'm back there to make good decisions, and football fans should know the difference.''

    In an interview Wednesday night on Fox Sports Radio's ``J.T. `The Brick' Show,'' Brown compared Bucs fans unfavorably to members of Raider Nation.

    ``It's not really a football town,'' Brown said of this Bay area. ``This is Tampa, the sun and fun and whatever, but it's not really a football town.''

    Linebacker Keith Burns, who signed with the Bucs in March after nine years in Denver and one season in Chicago, had kind words for Tampa Bay supporters.

    ``I'd say Buc fans are knowledgeable about their football,'' Burns said. ``As a player, I'm just frustrated we haven't given them more to cheer about.''