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Strahan Gives Giants and Coughlin a Plug

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  • Strahan Gives Giants and Coughlin a Plug

    Strahan Gives Giants and Coughlin a Plug
    Published: December 11, 2004

    Michael Strahan spent Thursday as he has too many weekdays this season, dressed in a suit instead of the practice blue and white. Though Strahan, the Giants' All-Pro defensive end, is recovering from season-ending surgery last month for a torn pectoral muscle, he had no trouble keeping his sunny side up regarding his team, which stands at 5-7 after getting off to a 5-2 start.

    Speaking at Mickey Mantle's restaurant in Midtown, where he received the Mickey Mantle Community Service Award for his work with charitable causes, Strahan insisted that the Giants were "still in the playoff hunt" and that the players were not quitting on Coach Tom Coughlin.

    "He's a new coach," Strahan said. "It's always hard when you get a new coach and a new system."

    Strahan supported the quarterback switch from Kurt Warner to the rookie Eli Manning, saying of Manning, "What you don't want to do is come back next year with a stronger team and he doesn't have any experience."

    Strahan hopes to come back strong next season. The hardest part of recuperating, he said, might be having only one arm fit enough to help around the house in Montclair, N.J., where the family now includes twin daughters, who were born Oct. 28.

    "My rehab is going good." he said. "Basically I walk around with my arm in a sling and do nothing. It's very hard to mess that up. I have to lift the babies with the other arm."

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    Re: Strahan Gives Giants and Coughlin a Plug

    Wow, what a turn around for Strahan who almost started a mutiny over Coughlin's meeting time policy in pre-season. As for his stance on the Giants still being in the playoff hunt, let's see what he says after Eli's meeting with Ray Lewis.


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      Re: Strahan Gives Giants and Coughlin a Plug

      Well, he doesn't have to worry about those meetings now, so perhaps he's a bit more cheerful because of it.


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        Giants- Tom Coughlin will be back for 2007
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        Signs an extension for the 2008 season.
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      • AvengerRam_old
        5 Things the Rams can learn from the Champion Giants
        by AvengerRam_old
        1. Be Patient With Your Franchise QB. Here are Eli Manning's passer ratings for his first four seasons: 55.4, 75.9, 77.0, 73.9. Sam Bradford needs time and weapons. Give him both.

        2. Front 4 Pressure Provides a Huge Advantage. If the Rams can one day generate the kind of pressure the Giants do with their front four by adding some DTs to Chris Long and Robert Quinn, that could become the core of the defense.

        3. Don't Underestimate the Value of BPA Picks. When the Giants drafted Jason Pierre-Paul, they already had Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Matthias Kiwanuka on their roster. However, this pick has paid HUGE dividends, not only in terms of JPP's play, but in the way he's helped them maintain their pass rush while Tuck and Osi were injured. Also, with JPP there, a guy like Osi failed in his effort to extort a new contract. You know... maybe I need to consider adding Quinton Coples to my next draft board...

        4. Schemes Should Adjust to Players, Not the Other Way Around. When the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2006, it was thunder (Jacobs) and lightning (Bradshaw) leading the way. This time, it was Eli throwing to Nicks, Manningham and Cruz that got them to the big game. Same head coach, different players, different approach.

        5. Just Make the Playoffs. The Giants (like last year's Packers) demonstrated that the playoffs are really a "second season" where seeding and home field advantage are important, but not necessarily determinative factors.
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      • Bruce=GOAT
        NY Giants rift
        by Bruce=GOAT
        [url];_ylt=AquqscbBnB64xxQ9WOT5OLJDubYF?slug=ap-giants-burressStill a rift between Burress and Manning?

        By TOM CANAVAN, AP Sports Writer
        June 14, 2006

        EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- Eli Manning says he has a good relationship with Plaxico Burress. His No. 1 receiver wasn't talking about it on Wednesday, turning down pleas from the Giants' public relations staff to talk to the media on the opening day of minicamp.

        Burress hasn't said anything since the Giants were beaten 23-0 by the Carolina Panthers in the opening round of the playoffs.

        Held without a catch, Burress waved his hands in frustration several times during the game when he felt he was open and Manning didn't get him the ball. The receiver, who was signed as a free agent last year, didn't report to the stadium the following day for a season-ending team meeting.

        Burress also did not participate in voluntary workouts in the offseason, opting to train in Florida with tight end Jeremy Shockey.

        "You don't have to be best friends with everybody," Manning said after a morning workout Wednesday. "As long as everybody is on the same page and has the same goal of working hard and getting better and winning games, then I think that is fine. We're lockermates. We see each other daily. We have a good relationship."

        Manning said he has spoken with Burress a few times in recent weeks, addressing nothing specific. He downplayed Burress' onfield antics in the playoff game.

        "He was upset. We didn't have a good game," said Manning, who was 10-for-18 for 113 yards and four interceptions against the Panthers. "Everybody on this team is competitive and wants to win and do well. A lot of people were frustrated and that's how he expressed it."

        Coach Tom Coughlin said he spoke with Burress about missing the team meeting after the season ended. Coughlin would not comment on what was said.

        During the morning workout on Wednesday, Manning found Burress with a pass on a slant route, and he hooked up with Shockey on a couple of plays.

        Shockey showed up for the minicamp sporting a black eye. He blamed it on a training accident in Florida last week.

        He also said he thought there was plenty of leadership on the team.

        "The older people, like Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan, when those guys talk, those are the guys I listen to, the guys who have been here eight, nine, 10, 11 or 12 years," he said. "Those are the leaders on this team."

        Center Shaun O'Hara felt too much was being made of Burress.

        "We have a lot of things going on," O'Hara said. "No way on the first day of minicamp are we worried about team chemistry."

        He also downplayed the absence of Burress...
        -06-14-2006, 04:51 PM
      • NY RAMFAN
        What is going on with the giants and the umps?
        by NY RAMFAN
        What is going on with the giants and the umps?
        I live in NY and I hate the giants. I hate the organization, I hate the coach, I hate the players (specially the qb) and I hate the fans.
        But the last couple of games whenever there was a close call the umps have ruled in their favor.
        Against the seahawks both TD were not, but today was disgusting, in just one drive they ruled un.rough for a legal hit and then a TD that was down by contact, I saw that without my glasses on.
        T. Barber is a great back but I keep seeing uncalled holdings from their OL.
        Is there something btwn the giants and the nfl?
        Their are an awful team. We had them until we fumbled in their 10. Their schedule is one of the easier and they are in everybodys mouth and now the umps rule in their favor.
        Am I the only one seeing that?
        -12-17-2005, 05:59 PM
      • RamWraith
        New York Giants are rarely at a loss on road
        by RamWraith
        By Jim Thomas
        Thursday, Sep. 11 2008
        Not only are the New York Giants the defending Super Bowl champions, they are
        the reigning road warriors in the NFL. Including neutral site games and playoff
        contests, the Giants bring an 11-game winning streak in away contests to
        Sunday's game against the Rams at the Edward Jones Dome.

        The Giants' last road loss was their 2007 season opener, a 45-35 loss at
        Dallas. Included in the streak are victories over Miami last Oct. 28 in London,
        and their Super Bowl XLII triumph over New England on Feb. 3 in Glendale, Ariz.

        "We've really developed a mentality that was very good for us down through the
        second half of the (2007) season and into the playoffs," Giants coach Tom
        Coughlin said. "It just emerged. When we go on the road, it's obvious that the
        only people that care about you are those that are with you."

        In other words, it's a variation of the old "us-against-the-world" mentality.

        "You have to be supportive of each other," Coughlin said. "We've shown good
        mental toughness and good resiliency. We've fallen behind and we've battled
        back. We've hung in there, and we've won games in the fourth quarter. ..."

        Worse yet as far as the Rams are concerned is the fact that the Giants seem to
        have little trouble playing indoors. Their regular-season record of 22-12 in
        domes is second-best in the NFL among teams who play their home games outdoors.
        Only Washington (25-11) has a better dome record among such teams.

        However, the Giants are only 1-3 in the Edward Jones Dome.


        After a hard-fought 16-7 opening-day victory over NFC East rival Washington,
        Coughlin is guarding against a letdown against the Rams, 38-3 losers to another
        NFC East rival Philadelphia.

        "We have great respect for the Rams and their players," Coughlin said. "And we
        certainly know the Philadelphia Eagles very well and know their capabilities.
        They just had a terrific game the other day, and the Rams didn't play as well
        as they're capable of playing."

        Coughlin said his main concern is having his team show improvement in several
        areas. Concern No. 1 may be finishing off drives. Against Washington, the
        Giants advanced the ball to the Redskins' 6-, 7- and 26-yard lines, but had to
        settle for field goals each time.


        Minus star defensive ends Michael Strahan (retirement) and Osi Umenyiora
        (season-ending knee injury), the Giants have had to retool their front four.
        Justin Tuck is a full-time starter for the first time in his career, replacing
        Strahan. After Umenyiora's preseason injury,...
        -09-11-2008, 05:10 AM