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Coughlin Sticking with Manning As Starter

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  • RamWraith
    Manning startng
    by RamWraith news services

    Rookie quarterback Eli Manning will make his first professional start when the Giants play the defending NFC champion Panthers in a preseason game Thursday.

    Giants coach Tom Coughlin made the announcement Tuesday.

    Manning is competing with veteran Kurt Warner for the starting job. Warner started last week's 34-24 victory over Kansas City.

    "It's Eli's turn. Eli will go. He will start," Coughlin said. "The decision coming in is that they will compete for the job, and so therefore we're going to give them the opportunity for both of them to have a start. And this is Eli's opportunity.
    -08-17-2004, 11:08 AM
  • Nick
    On 2nd thought, Eli may start
    by Nick
    On 2nd thought, Eli may start

    Tom Coughlin got his first chance to see quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Eli Manning in game conditions when the Giants played the Kansas City Chiefs in the teams' preseason opener on Friday night. Then early yesterday morning, Coughlin got a second look - on tape - and it's clear he likes what he sees from the rookie.

    A few days after declaring the race for the starting job dead even, Coughlin still maintains that neither quarterback has taken the inside track at this point. But this much seems clear: Manning has a legitimate chance to start the season as the No.1 quarterback.

    "There is a ways to go in this thing," Coughlin said in a conference call with reporters yesterday.

    In the Giants' 34-24 win against the Chiefs, Warner played with the first-team offense and completed three of his seven passes for 49 yards. Manning entered to a standing ovation midway through the second quarter and completed seven of 13 attempts for 91 yards.

    Neither quarterback threw a touchdown pass or an interception.

    Though Coughlin seemed annoyed when a reporter asked him during a postgame press conference whether he would start Manning in Thursday's game at Carolina - the coach snapped: "I'll make that decision later in the week, thank you very much" - he appears to be considering flip-flopping the quarterbacks' roles this week.

    Coughlin said he will review the game tape again before making a decision, but he added that he was pleased with the way Manning moved the team, particularly in a two-minute drill at the end of the first half that culminated in Bill Gramatica's 42-yard field goal at the gun.

    What stood out most about Manning's performance was how composed he remained during the drill, Coughlin said. Not that he was surprised by that.

    "He's done that throughout training camp," the coach said.

    Coughlin also said he would like to see Warner get rid of the ball a little sooner.

    "I think Kurt, sometimes to a fault, will want to take advantage of every opportunity he has to allow the receiver to break free," Coughlin said.
    -08-17-2004, 07:52 AM
  • Nick
    SI: Coughlin picked the wrong time to replace Warner with Manning at QB
    by Nick
    Coughlin picked the wrong time to replace Warner with Manning at QB
    Posted: Tuesday November 16, 2004 11:17AM;
    Updated: Tuesday November 16, 2004 1:29PM

    New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin announced the news in his typically stern manner. Eli Manning is the future of his team, Coughlin said during his Monday afternoon press conference, and the future is starting now. He talked about Manning's preparation and attitude and made it seem as if the rookie quarterback was ready to lead a team that is in a mind-boggling free-fall. But Coughlin didn't sound confident. He sounded desperate. And if he thinks Eli Manning is going to change the Giants' fortunes, he's about to be seriously disappointed.

    It's one thing for the New York media to clamor for Manning to replace struggling starter Kurt Warner. But for Coughlin to move to Manning now -- with the Giants sitting at 5-4 in a conference in which nine victories might secure a playoff spot -- smacks of sheer lunacy.

    What exactly does Manning bring to the Giants offense that Warner didn't? He's just as immobile as Warner, which means he'll be sitting in the pocket and probably taking as many sacks as Warner did over the last four weeks. That's the reality of playing behind an offensive line that has started to perform as poorly as many people expected it would when the season began. Manning certainly won't take better care of the football than Warner did last Sunday, when he didn't not give the ball away in a 17-14 loss to Arizona. Warner atoned for a four-turnover performance a week earlier by not giving the ball away once in a loss to Arizona. And the last time I checked, Manning wasn't playing both ways, so he couldn't help a defense that has blown double-digit leads against offensively challenged teams in consecutive weeks.

    There are countless issues for the Giants to address but apparently Manning is the man who will have to overcome them. It's a difficult position to place him in. He's only played in two games, both when the outcomes were clearly decided, so he'll have little feel for the action. He also didn't look so hot in his season-opening debut in relief of Warner, when Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jerome McDougle hit him so hard that Manning briefly resembled a life-sized Bobblehead doll. Coughlin wisely stuck with Warner as his starter after that game, if for no other reason than that it made more sense for a 33-year-old quarterback to take that kind of abuse than the first pick in the draft. Now Manning is surely going to face worse treatment.

    His first opponent up will be Atlanta, a team that had seven sacks in a win over Tampa Bay last Sunday. He then gets an Eagles defense that will be blitzing him all afternoon. Then comes Washington, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, three teams that all rank among the NFL's top five defensive units. If people thought Warner was having problems moving the offense,...
    -11-16-2004, 01:31 PM
  • RamFan_Til_I_Die
    Eli Manning has a gun accident
    by RamFan_Til_I_Die
    Eli Manning Accidentally Shoots Himself with a Water Gun at Chuck E. Cheese

    The New York Giants have been able to overcome a myriad of distractions this season, thanks in no small part to the steady hand of quarterback Eli Manning. But it is now Manning himself who has provided the latest distraction after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh last night at a Manhattan nightspot.

    “Right now we are just concerned for Eli’s well being,” said head coach Tom Coughlin. “It was really embarrassing for him. The gunshot left a wet spot down the front of his pants, and all the other kids made fun of him, thinking he peed his pants. So he’s upset. He thought he had finally gotten past the years of taunts from bullies.”

    Manning shot himself in the leg at approximately 5:25 p.m. when his Super Soaker water gun slipped down his OshKosh B’Gosh overalls as he climbed out of the ball pit, spraying his left thigh.

    The quarterback’s mother, Olivia Manning, was at the Chuck E. Cheese with her son and fled the scene with him and disposed of the gun.

    “We had to get out of there,” said Mrs. Manning. “We had to change his pants and it was time to go anyway – Eli gets overwhelmed after an hour or so at Chuck E. Cheese because of all the flashing lights and noise and all the other kids. And that gun had been leaking for a while. He has plenty of others.”

    Security at the Chuck E. Cheese – namely the establishment’s security guard/janitor, Dale Huntley – said he was unaware of the incident.

    “I didn’t see or hear the gunshot,” said Huntley. “But I was keeping my eye on him when I wasn’t emptying trash cans. He had the carriage of pee-pant, and you have to make sure those kids don’t pee in the ball pit or it becomes very unsanitary.”

    Manning is currently in his mother’s bed recuperating from the traumatic incident, but the Giants expect him to be able to play on Sunday.

    “He’ll be okay,” said Coughlin. “Usually when something bad happens to him, all he needs is a cup of hot cocoa and his Elmo DVD. He’s a trooper.”
    -12-08-2008, 11:56 AM
  • ramsanddodgers
    Emotional Jeremy Shockey gives Eli Manning one last wedgie
    by ramsanddodgers
    Former New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey stopped by the team’s facility one last time on Monday to say his goodbyes to his ex-teammates before departing for New Orleans. He also made sure to pull Eli Manning’s underwear deep into the quarterback’s anus one last time.
    “Oh, Eli, you stupid, little dork,” Shockey said, ripping Manning’s underwear strap up over his head. “I know I gave you a hard time. But I’m going to miss trying to jump for your overthrown passes and giving you wedgies and shoving your head in floater-filled toilets. You suck and I hate you. But it was all in good fun, you stupid queer.”
    Manning says he has mixed feelings about Shockey’s departure.
    “You hate to lose good players,” he said. “But I think I’ll play better without him yelling at me all the time. Not to mention that I’ll have less bleeding anal wounds to play through. The other fellas give me wedgies, of course, but not as much as Jeremy did.” - The Sports Humor and Satire Site on the Internet
    -07-23-2008, 06:46 PM