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Rams v WHO in the Superbowl

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  • Rams v WHO in the Superbowl

    A fun little poll for you. Who do you think the Rams will meet in the Superbowl ? :mask:
    Oakland Raiders
    Denver Broncos
    San Diego Chargers
    Miami Dolphins
    NY Jets
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Baltimore Ravens
    Seattle Seahawks
    New England Patriots
    Tennessee Titans

    The poll is expired.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    could be a repeat game....

    I really like the Dolphins chances this year. No one in the AFC East can really play with them, and they do have a great D. They didn't show it here, but they do. Good running game, a QB that dosen't make a lot of mistakes, and a decent receiver corp do make them a legit contender.


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      i say oakland, they're looking pretty tough and would give the Rams the most competition as well...


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        Depending on how it unfolds, but I do believe that Pittsburgh will come out of the AFC. They do the fundamentals well like play defense, they have sound special teams, Stewart seems to be playing and simply "not losing" the games he did last year. I especially like the way they run the ball and control the clock. The biggest advantage I see for them is the fact that if they can control their own destiny and win baby win then the rest of the AFC will have to play in Pittsburgh in December and January which will not be fun.


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          i go to school in western pa and am FORCED to watch all the friggin' steelers games and deal with the "trash talking" of steelers fans...

          bottom line...kordell sucks and everybody but Bill Cowher knows it, the Kent Graham Experience crashed and burned so they were stuck with him again. Here's why...

          Kordell's passes are ALWAYS BADLY thrown: too high, too low, inside instead of outside and vice versa, etc. He leaves his receivers out to dry which is why guys like Plaxico have to make the "Lynn Swann type" catches as some of them say. If and when the steelers play someone that can stop the run with a modest secondary, the steelers will be screwed which is why i think they will make it to the playoffs, but will be dominated by miami or oakland. Miami's got a modest offense but a defense that would stop bettis. Oakland has a better offense and with an awesome secondary, kordell would get picked off A LOT.


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            good points

            You make some good arguments and could very well be right, especially if you see them a lot and have to listen to their fans....particularly if you're not one. I'm not a Steelers fan. I just think right now they have it going their way and if they can somehow get home field throughout, they could pose a challenge to warm-climate teams such as Miami and Oakland coming in there to play. I guess we'll see. First they have to win home field.:p


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              i definitely agree, although i think oakland will end up with home field, but if they get picked off and pittsburgh can keep their stuff together, pittsburgh still could host a couple of games, but i doubt it, just my opinion...


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                I think Oakland, too. They have got a good coach and good talent in all phase of the game. Gannon is a good qb that will not make alot of mistakes. Pittsburg could do it if they had such a qb. They have a great defense and the offense with the BUS could be good, too.
                Thanks for the poll it was fun thinking about it!
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                  superbowl rams?
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                  im not a very optimistic person but imo the rams will become a superbowl contender if they trade for jenkins and draft patrick willis. this will make our defense more than decent and will make us a super bowl favorite. what do u guys think?:l
                  -04-22-2007, 01:30 PM
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                  p.s i havent decided myself but will get back to you when i have!
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                  Wouldn't it be awesome if it was Marshall's last year (this year comin up) and we can give him ONE more SB win. I mean, ok I know he got one ring already, but come on, how awesome would that be!? His last game a win in the SB like The Bus, that would be so incredible, I'd love to see that!!!! But...we just better get our **** together to even get to the playoffs.......:clanram:
                  -03-04-2006, 07:13 AM
                • RaminMemphis,10
                  by RaminMemphis,10
                  Realistically, I know we can get back to the playoffs but
                  do you guys think we can go all the way hence. 1999-2000 season
                  -06-08-2006, 08:43 AM