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Titans fall brings back memories.

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  • Titans fall brings back memories.

    After watching the Titans fall to 3-5 last night I started remembering the Rams 1990 season.The Titans were early season favorites to go to the Super Bowl.In 1990 our Rams were early season favorites to go to the big game.The Titans have been hit by a rash of pre-season and early season injuries.In 1990 the Rams defense was also hit with many injuries.At the halfway point this year the Titans are 3-5.At the halfway point of the season in 1990 the Rams were 3-5.I can honestly say that I feel for Titan fans.I remember how I felt when the Rams fell apart in 1990 and it didnt feel good.Anybody remember the overtime loss to the Bengals when Jim Everett almost led us to a comeback win.Man,that was heartbreaking.Sure makes me grateful to our Rams team of today.Makes me appreciate them all the more.


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    Hey, I hear you Aries51 ....... The Rams hit the skids in a bit way at the start of the 90's

    The Titan fans are bound to be feeling like joining the :shield: now, but their true fans will stick with them, after all, thats what fanatics do :lid:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Every team hits tough times. Us Rams fans have been spoiled the last two years, but we have used the good times in good fashion. Our reign will last a good amount of time. The cool thing about the Rams is that they are not just good football players, they are good people;) Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Conwell, and a lot of others have done tons of charity work and spread the messege of Jesus Christ in the St. Louis community.

      Though St. Louis is a great town, certain places, espeically where I live (metro east) has some rough spots with rough charecters. I am glad that these guy's have reached out to the whole town.

      We are truely blessed to have the team and the players that we do!


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        and remember that this never came about by accident.

        The Rams front office has a lot of credit going to them for getting the winning formula then sticking to it.

        Good all round effort by all and it is nice to see players puting something into a town rather than acting like fools. :wiseman:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          I'm not sure if you caught it but after the Pats game ESPN wanted to interview Kurt. You could hear him say, "I need to pray" as they tried to coral him. He didn't want to miss the post game team prayer.

          I think most people would have prioritized the TV time over the prayer.

          You can tell that Kurt is a great guy on and off the field.


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          • AvengerRam_old
            Remember the Titans?
            by AvengerRam_old
            One yard.

            That was all that separated the Rams and the Titans in 1999/2000.

            One yard, that gave the Rams their first championship, and left Tennessee wondering "what if?"

            Since then, the teams have travelled similar paths. The Rams have gone (including this year) 52-30 in the regular season since. The Titans have gone 49-33. Both teams have won their respective divisions twice. The Rams have also made the playoffs twice as a Wild Card, the Titans once. The Rams are 3-4 in the playoffs since the 1999/2000 season (and have made it back to the Super Bowl), while the Titans are 2-3.

            Similar...yes. But, objectively, the Rams have fared a bit better than the Titans. Also, while the Rams are coming off an 8-8 season in which they made the divisional round of the playoffs, the Titans collapsed last year and went 5-11.

            You know where I'm going with this.

            Given these facts, you have to ask... why do so many criticize Mike Martz and the Rams organization for supposedly failing to capitalize on the momentum of 1999/2000, while Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization seem to get nothing but praise?

            I'm sure it has a lot to do with the different styles of the teams' head coaches. Martz is the the flashy mad scientist who seemingly thumbs his nose at convention. Fisher is the throwback coach who stresses toughness and smash mouth football.

            Rather than dwell on whether this is fair, I'll make this point instead. Looking at the how the Titans have fared in the five years since "the tackle," you can't help but notice what a good job the Rams organization has done to sustain a quality run.

            We all know they have not made it back to the top of the mountain. But (the Patriots success notwithstanding), we should be reminded of just how tough it is in the NFL to stay in contention year in and year out.

            The Titans have done a fairly good job in that respect.

            The Rams have done an even better job.
            -09-19-2005, 09:43 AM
          • HUbison
            Remember the Titans
            by HUbison
            The Titans provide a good model for "drastic turnarounds" on defense. They spent '04-'06 hovering never more than a spot or two above the bottom of the league in defense. Then in '07 they jumped to #8, and this year they sit at #2.

            Schwartz was the DC all along, so that didn't change. And while some positions have been in flux throughout (DE opposite VandenBosch, and MLB), the core remained the same.....VandenBosch, Haynesworth, Thornton, Bullock, Hope.

            I'm no expert, but it seems the formula is something like this.....

            1. Put trusted veteran leaders in the LB corp (Thornton, Bullock)
            2. Recognize your strongest position and exploit it (Haynesworth)
            3. Let the emotional leader, lead emotionally (VandenBosch)
            4. Fill the secondary with players that aren't afraid to light up a receiver AND run support (Harper, Finnigan, Griffen, Hope)
            5. In the draft, don't roll the dice early (Griffin) or turn a blind eye late (Finnigan)
            6. Get rid of the numbnuts (PacMan)

            I don't know what the exact answer is, but it seems analyzing the Titans, who did exactly what we want to do, would be a good start.
            -12-10-2008, 12:59 PM
          • dgr828
            Remember The Titans / Stl vs Tenn / Preseason Game 1
            by dgr828
            ARE ~ YOU ~ READY ~ FOR ~ SOME ~ FOOTBALL?!!!

            Football is finally here, again. This week the Saint Louis Rams prepare for their first preseason matchup, as they'll travel to Nashville to take on the Titans. ( Rams @ Titans, Sat. Aug 9, 8:00 ET)


            This is the Tennessee Titans 49th season in the National Football League.
            Beginning as the Houston Oilers in 1960 in the old AFL. The Oilers won 2 AFL championships before the NFL-AFL merger.

            The Oilers relocated to Tennessee in 1997, first playing in Memphis for one season before moving to Nashville.

            For two seasons the team was known as the Tennessee Oilers before changing its name to Titans in 1999.

            The 1999 season would see the Tennessee Titans and the Saint Louis Rams matchup in Superbowl XXXIV (Rams 23 - Titans 16).

            Jeff Fisher is still the Titans Head coach. Jeff started as HC for the Houston Oilers in 1994. The Rams were still in Los Angeles, moving to Saint Louis in 1995.

            The Tennessee Titans play their home games at LP Field, formerly known as 'The Coliseum' (2002-06), also formerly known as Adelphia Coliseum (1999-2002).
            Adelphia went bankrupt in 2002 and lost the naming rights.
            The current naming rights deal with Nashville-based Louisiana-Pacific was inked June 6, 2006.
            Louisiana-Pacific, which markets itself as "LP Building Products" is paying $30 million over ten years for naming rights.
            Nashville's nickname "Music City" and Louisiana-Pacific's acronyn "LP" led to the stadium's nickname of "The Album", capacity is slightly under 69,000.

            2007 Titans
            Tennessee finished the season 10-6, winning their final three games.
            The Titans lost the AFC Wildcard game 17-6, against the San Diego Chargers.l

            Current Roster
            QB - (10) Vince Young, (5) Kerry Collins

            RB - (25) LenDale White, (28) Chris Johnson ( 24th pick in 2008 draft)

            FB - (45) Ahmard Hall

            WR - (19) Justin McCareins, (12) Justin Gage

            TE - (83) Alge Crumpler

            LT - (71) Michael Roos

            C - (68) Kevin Mawae

            LDE - (90) Jevon Kearse

            K - (2) Rob Bironas

            P - (15) Craig Hentrich

            Bud Adams is the owner of the Titans the only owner in its franchaises history. Adams was one of the founding fathers of the old AFL, that mergered with the NFL.

            Remember the Titans vs the Rams next Saturday Night!
            -08-03-2008, 10:52 AM
          • Rams13
            Tennessee Titans
            by Rams13
            You know I can't tell you how many Titans fans that I've heard talking trash about the Rams because they have beaten us the last 2 years in pre-season now. If a pre-season victory is what they call revenge on us for Super Bowl XXXIV then I have to say they are pretty pathetic. What's worse is half of the Titans fans saying we were lucky to win Super Bowl XXXIV, but they forgett that they were lucky to have even been there, does the playoff game against Buffalo from that year ring a bell Titans fans? You were lucky enough to have made it all the way so just enjoy your cheezy AFC Title from that season and admit you lost fair and square. And if your going to cheer over beating our reserve players in pre-season the last 2 years then get a life! Try beating us when the game actually counts and there are stakes involved. So stop trying to say Eddie George is better then Marshal Faulk, or that "Air" Mcnair is what Warner dreams of being, because we are a better team on and off the field. Warner will have plenty of rings by the time he retires while Mcnair will be sitting there with his precious AFC Title probably fighting for the starting QB job in Seattle in a few years with Trent Dilfer lol Go away Titans fans and let the real games and the scoreboard do the talking!

            GO RAMS!
            -08-20-2001, 03:35 PM
          • itsguud
            Keyshawn meets with titans.
            by itsguud

            Sounds like this is where he may go. Not a bad pick-up if they get him, kinda the same player as Bennet I think.
            -05-19-2007, 08:39 AM