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Looker games for week 10

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  • Looker games for week 10

    Went 2 for 3 last week straight up on games I think are worth watching around the Rams play. This Sunday, the Rams are ready for prime time, so let me throw 3 games out there that are worthy of a look before the Rams game:

    1. N.Y. Jets vs. Miami - Of all teams that recently have had Miami's number, its the Jets. Last year on MNF, the Jets came storming back from some unheard of deficit to win (maybe the Dolphins should have onside kicked to start the 4th qtr LOL). However, the Dolphins D is really playing well (did anyone see Mannings mug this week? scary) and I like how Fiedler is directing the offense.

    Miami big on Sunday

    2. Chicago at TB - The Bears go to the Toilet Bowl (I hate the ucs) and get exposed again. I hate to admit this, but the Bucs could turn the second half of the NFL season to a blistering 2 way race for the "Norris" title. Fairy tale ended last week for the Bears.

    Tampa in a squeaker, or in their case, a 7 pt. blowout

    3. San Diego at Oakland - Another feel good scenario running out of steam. Hey, the Chargers have improved dramatically from last year, but they are like the Bears, all window dressing. Oakland seems to accept this game as a rivalry, so I will give the Chargers some benefit, but not much.

    Oakland big

    ENJOY WEEK 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lid: