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Whiners To Trade Owens?

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  • Whiners To Trade Owens?

    I really hope the winers decide to trade Terrell Owens. I personally do not care for his attitude and show boating, but the bottom line is, he is a good player.

    If Owens is traded and goes to a team in a different conference, this will be good for the Rams.

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    bring on the Niners and Owens .. they don't have the Defense to stop the Rams .. Owens to the Rams .. Martz will shut him up


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      cry-baby whinner

      Owens is just another fine example of what is wrong with sports today. First of all, I love sports, especially pro football. Now on with the blast. I cannot stand people like Owens. He shows his "me,me,me" profile all too often, meanwhile distracting others around us. Somehow the Niners, whom I appreciate and enjoy a tremendous amount now rather than the Montana and Young eras, have managed to continue their winning ways. I group Owens in with the Leafs and the likes of Randy Moss. These individuals all have tremendous talent, even Leaf, but they whine when the spotlight isn't on them....even if their teams win. Rather than enjoy team success in a team sport, they look to maximize themselves. The best thing that could happen to Owens is he turns down a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal because "it just ain't enough". Then, while speeding away in his new porsche, he crashes into a wall and can never play the sport again. And yes, he doesn't get any more money. In the end, he turns into a worthless bum that can't find work. One day, while sitting on a corner, his former SF coach passes by and tosses him a dollar which he attempts to grab out of mid-air, but he drops the buck. Coach just smiles and says "just like old times, hey kid".


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        lol hes not like Moss or Leaf. This guy plays every single down at full throttle. Moss plays whenever he feels like it and LEaf well hes Ryan leaf.
        Owens just wants to win. bottom line. OWENS WANTS TO WIN

        He's the best wide receiver in the league, is they why you are dissing him?
        Cant wait to see Holt or Bruce come across the middle and get their heads taken off by Schulters.


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          Nice objectivity Garcia....spoken like a true Whiners fan.

          What are basing this on? Have you ever seen Bruce come across the middle? Has Shulters? Did you happen to see the last TD scored by Bruce against the Whiners?

          Your going to talk smack please back it up with your knowledge or lack there of and please put it in the smack area.

          Thanks :evilram:


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            Whiners To Trade Owens?

            Only if they're stupid! If the Niners make the playoffs, no way it will happen! I personally think the biggest thing wrong with Owens, is he speaks his mind. Nothing wrong with that. This is America. He has yet to say anything that really angered me. At least he isn't saying that he "plays when he wants to".


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              Originally posted by Garcia#1

              Cant wait to see Holt or Bruce come across the middle and get their heads taken off by Schulters.

              First off, Schulters has 35 tackles in 11 games this year, an average of 3 a game, so it might look better, if the person threatening to be Mr. Physical and laying out manhood challenges be someone who actually plays physical himself.

              The Rams receivers DO catch the ball over the middle, all the time... But I guess it would take some sort of common sense and intelligence to know that fact

              What? Are they supposed to actually make it easier for cherry pickin' limp wristed, blowhards such as Schulters , to "lay the wood" on them?

              If there is no more yardage to be gained, what is the point of seeking out collisions? It has nothing to do with mahood, or testotorone, or being soft... It is a mattter of being smart, and playing smart... but then you probably wouldn't know that.

              And I NEVER, repeat NEVER want to hear anyone on the Niners EVER complain about someone "cutting" them. The Niners have built a great portion of their foundation the last 22 years on the mix of "Crack Back Blocks" "Cuts" and "Leg Whips" In fact, that's been the bread and butter of their offensive line since the WCO was instituted

              Exactly where has your rump been the last 4 years during which, in the last five games vs. the Niners (1999-01) Rams wide receiver Issac Bruce has totaled 40 receptions for 688 yards (17.2 avg.) and seven touchdowns, while totaling 100 or more yards receiving in three straight games and four of those five contests.

              "Wish they would have the guts to pick on him" Sculters says?


              Heck, it looks to me, like IKE has done everything but put Schulters and the rest of the Niner DB's in dresses and send them all out on Castro street to earn him some extra spending money.


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                good one jdpbmo

                You cracked me up jdpbmo! Awesome insight!

                Keep'em coming!


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                  First, Garcia you are 100% right....I shouldn't compare Owens to Leaf or Moss. Owens is very talented and he is compassionate about his game, I mean the game. If he plays bad, I mean the team plays bad, he is sad. He gets along so well with his coach and other team members. He is truely loved by all around him. And he performed so admirably in the last meeting with the Rams. I will say that I was impressed when he took a lot of the blame for them losing against the Rams. I don't think he is the best receiver in the game. He is one of the best, but if I had my pick I wouldn't choose him. Talent is important, but so is attitude. And I don't mean that crybaby attitude he demonstrates when he loses or doesn't get the stats to push his face on ESPN. He lacks character. And Atlas I do think there is a time and place to speak your mind, and he doesn't use very good judgement when it comes to that. If the Rams "hit the dirt" instead of trying to make yards, why are they the number 1 team in the league in YARDS AFTER THE CATCH? I like the fact that when they catch the ball, they immediately look to see if potential extra yardage is there. If it isn't, they dive forward for a sure 5 extra yards instead of running side to side. I like their style and I think they do a great job. Niners can spout all they want, but come Sunday noon they have to put their pads where their yaps are. GO RAMS.


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                    Come on, jdpbmo. That was an unfair post. Owens sat in the locker room for a good long time thinking about the way he played. Moss wouldn't have given it a second thought. He does care a great deal about the game of football.

                    I know a lot of posters here have reason not to like Owens. Just like I have reason not to like Faulk. I will be man enough to say I hate Faulk. But, I am also man enough to give Faulk the credit he deserves. He is the best RB playing the game today. And, Owens is the best WR playing the game. His attitude isn't nearly as bad as many other WRs. It's just over hyped to sell newspapers. The same tactic is used quite often on the Rams team. It's a dirty dishonorable way to treat these players. We, as fans and readers, have no one to blame but ourselves. We encourage them.
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                      Smack Thread? In here?

                      Now I know you guys didn't intentionally start a smack thread in General NFL Talk, but it just happened that way. Please, try to keep the smack in the smack area, makes for more fun anyway.


                      By the way, I would take TO over Moss anyday.


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                        First off, you're right Crock this isn't the smack room. I didn't take remarks directed personally at me in a harsh way, but I did go back and read my last post. I did mention Atlas at one point, but I didn't slam him for anything personally. I won't go on with this particular thread because it's a pretty childish game to play and seeing as how I'm 37 now I'm a little to old to be playing games. Why would I get a post for smack when I'm not sure that I really gave anyone smack? Just a thought. jd
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                          It's OK, in my book. It's hard NOT to get caught up in our loyalty to our teams and as humans, we let our emotions guide us in our decisions and reactions. Many times, it is purely instinctive.

                          It is our ability to overcome our instincts to do and say what is right that allows us to be the dominate species on earth. It is what seperates MAN from the BEAST.


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                            It's good with me. It should be a very entertaining game tomorrow. Good luck. jd