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SEAHAWKS: League insiders say team is in disarray

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  • SEAHAWKS: League insiders say team is in disarray

    League insiders say team is in disarray
    By Greg Bishop
    Seattle Times staff reporter

    KIRKLAND — As the Seahawks' search for a team president stretches into Day 26 this morning, the free-agency clock most certainly is ticking and what the team calls "due diligence" is translating into "past due" in some NFL circles.

    There are 16 Seahawks scheduled to become free agents on March 2 and five restricted free agents scheduled to entertain other teams' offers, which the Seahawks have the right to match.

    There is not, at present, a team president, a vice president of football operations nor a college scouting director — three executive positions vacated in the past month.

    Each problem compounds the other, leaving a front office filled with more uncertainty than people to handle one of the most vital offseasons in the history of the franchise.

    "They are in the worst situation of any team in the league, with that many free agents and their front-office situation," said Sean Salisbury, a former Seahawk and current ESPN analyst. "It's called chaos. And that's what's going on in Seattle."

    The Times posited the Seahawks' situation to a dozen agents, executives and analysts around the league. What emerged was something akin to Chaos Theory Lite.

    The Seahawks are not facing an impossible mission. Not yet, anyway. What they are facing is less than a month to hire a president, a vice president and a college scouting director, evaluate players for free agency, ink as many of their free agents as they deem necessary and prepare for the draft.

    "I couldn't see too many other places putting themselves in this predicament," said Randy Cross, an analyst for CBS. "I imagine it doesn't exactly expedite the process. For the Seahawks, it's safe to say the better part of the foundation of their franchise is sitting there on hold."

    The first three weeks of the Seahawks' presidential search was perceived around the league as an exercise in foot dragging. Late last week, the team brought former cap expert Mike Reinfeldt on as a consultant, a move one NFC general manager called "the second-best thing they've done in a while" — a subtle nod to the firing of former president Bob Whitsitt on Jan. 14 being the first.

    Ted Thompson, then VP of football operations, left the same day to become general manager of the Green Bay Packers. Scot McCloughan, Seattle's former college scouting director, left last week to become VP of player personnel in San Francisco.

    Agents for Seahawks free agents were dealing mainly with Jay Nienkark, director of player administration, before Reinfeldt arrived. But they didn't know who would make the final call or when. Reinfeldt has stabilized some of that anxiety; each agent polled had already received a phone call from him.

    "You've got to know who's going to be calling the shots out there and running the show," said James Cook, the agent for Ken Lucas and Terreal Bierria. "Mike (Reinfeldt) called the other day, and Mike is as good as there is at what he does in this business. It was a good move on their part to bring him back."

    Reinfeldt is among the names that have surfaced during the extensive search, meaning this consultant stint could serve as an audition. The others are former Seahawks executive Randy Mueller, Tony Softli (Carolina college scouting director), Ted Sundquist (Denver GM), Bill Kuharich (Kansas City VP of pro personnel) and Bryan Wiedmeier (Miami CEO and executive VP).

    "(Reinfeldt) is top notch," said Ron Wolf, former Packers GM who worked with Reinfeldt in Green Bay. "I'm not sure why he hasn't been named as the president they're looking for. Mike was ahead of his time, constantly ahead of everybody with that salary-cap business. It wouldn't take him long to get up to speed now."

    Salisbury gave his vote to Mueller, who worked in the Seahawks' front office when Salisbury played quarterback briefly in Seattle. Cross noted that whoever the Seahawks hire needs to do what Whitsitt didn't: bring together a front office best described last season as divided.

    "Their problem, just from an outside observer, was they had a very bad situation in their front office, which ate away at everything about their team," Cross said. "The new person needs to be the one that focuses the entire building and changes the perception from within. Until the perception in that building changes, it doesn't matter if it changes anywhere else."

    Three reports place the Seahawks at $28 million under the salary cap for next season. There are decisions to be made, though, particularly concerning Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander and Walter Jones.

    "Obviously, it wasn't managed very well," Cross said. "This was one of the things that was driving Holmgren and the football side of the operation batty the last year or so. You have to address things like this on a year-to-year basis. This isn't like, 'Oh, well, in a couple of years we'll look back at this again.' "

    Some believe this is the most important offseason in the history of the Seahawks, a team that made the playoffs the last two seasons but is still searching for its first playoff win since 1984.

    "Their owner, Paul Allen, knows business as well as anyone in America," Salisbury said. "I don't know why it isn't translating. I'm shocked that an organization that is on the brink of being really, really good allowed this kind of chaos. If they can pull this off, it really will be something."

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    Re: SEAHAWKS: League insiders say team is in disarray

    That makes 2 teams in the NFC West in disarray. :redface:


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      Re: SEAHAWKS: League insiders say team is in disarray

      I agree. The Whiners are a mess.


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        Re: SEAHAWKS: League insiders say team is in disarray

        Originally posted by AvengerRam
        I agree. The Whiners are a mess.
        Make it 3. The Cards ain't all that pretty either.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: SEAHAWKS: League insiders say team is in disarray

          So this being said, If the Rams do what they are supposed to do this off season , next season should be a walk in the park!I think the Seahawks kinda peaked last year and next year they may kinda stink!


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          • RamDez
            Seahawks are happening in Seattle
            by RamDez
            Seahawks are happening in Seattle
            By Lori Shontz

            Of the Post-Dispatch
            Coach Mike Holmgren (right) has had a steady rebuilding plan, which has ended up paying dividends for QB Matt Hasselbeck (8).
            (Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

            It wasn't that long ago that on the entertaining Underground Seattle tours, which take tourists under the city to see the old city, now buried by a series of natural disasters, that guides used the city's professional football team as a punchline.

            Oh, Seattle's had it's share of disasters Earthquakes, fires . . . Seahawks.

            Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who arrived in town for the 2001 season, had no idea such jokes were being told. "That would hurt my feelings," he said. He meant it. The one-liner didn't make him laugh.

            The fact is, Seahawks jokes wouldn't get much of a laugh anymore.

            The Seahawks, who went to the playoffs as a wild card team last season, are returning five Pro Bowl players: Hasselbeck, running back Shaun Alexander, offensive tackle Walter Jones, offensive guard Steve Hutchinson and special teams star Alex Bannister. Their defense, anchored by former Rams lineman Grant Wistrom, is ranked No. 1 in the NFL.

            Although the Rams are the defending NFC West champions, the Seahawks are considered the team to beat, and they are also wearing the label "legitimate Super Bowl contender."

            All this from a team whose road record over the years has been another surefire laugh line, a team that had never quite captured the heart or mind of its city. Rams defensive end Bryce Fisher, who grew up in Seattle, is typical. He and his friends grew up rooting for the Raiders because the Seahawks were so bad.

            But for Sunday's game against the Rams at Quest Field, coach Mike Holmgren is expecting that the sold-out stadium full of screaming fans will be one of his team's advantages.

            "It's kind of like when it first happened in St. Louis," Wistrom said. "How fired up everybody was, how new it was to everybody. And the energy that you can feel. It's very exciting to be a part of something like that again, where everyone's appreciated and fans are fired up about it. All everybody wants to talk about is the 'Hawks right now."

            In this, his sixth season in Seattle after 13 successful seasons at Green Bay, Holmgren has finally put the Seahawks where he always believed they could be.

            "If the organization is willing to stay with you - if they believe in you, first of all . . . and they give you enough time, you should be able to improve," Holmgren said. "And they have done that with us. Now we have pretty good depth, our money situation's in pretty good shape capwise. Hopefully we can keep this thing going and get into the playoffs again."
            -10-10-2004, 02:17 AM
          • Azul e Oro
            How not to rebuild your franchise: Hags version
            by Azul e Oro
            I love this. Maybe Carroll will be the new Parcells/Holmgren/Shanahan but I doubt it. After several disappointing seasons filled with some all-too-familiar issues like injury plagues,FA flops, aging stars plummeting, FO power struggles, it sounds like The Hags are now entering their own Limpehan era.And this guy Schneider gets a bump up the NFL exec foodchain with a get-out-of-jail-free card if it all goes wrong.

            Schneider: Seahawks GM job 'even more attractive' with Carroll

            Associated Press
            RENTON, Wash. -- John Schneider was already a candidate for the Seattle Seahawks' general manager position when the team bolted from the NFL norm last week and hired college czar Pete Carroll to be its powerful head coach.
            Seattle's new coach is driving the GM and the rest of the organizational train, rather than vice versa. It's not exactly how the 17-year veteran of personnel moves and recent right-hand man of Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson was used to operations working.

            Yet Schneider considered the credentials of Seattle's coach, the fact Carroll would have equal or more authority than the general manager on personnel issues -- and he just shrugged. The boyish-faced, 38-year-old native of rural Wisconsin signed a four-year contract to become a first-time GM anyway.
            "When this thing went down with Coach Carroll I had a moment where I thought, 'OK, that was different.' But that's how they had to do it to get a guy of his caliber," Schneider said of the man who restored a dynasty at USC from 2001 until last week.
            "Then I thought, 'This job is even more attractive right now."'
            The Seahawks introduced Schneider Wednesday to complete the reinventing of their broken operation that has gone 9-23 since Seattle's last playoff appearance in January 2008.
            Schneider was picked from among four finalists. Team CEO Tod Leiweke said the immediate connection between Carroll and Schneider in last week's interview was vital in the final decision.
            "Most compelling for me is the amazing energy I saw between the man to my right and man to my left," Leiweke said, sitting between Carroll and Schneider. "They connected, they saw eye to eye and they had a similar philosophy on how they wanted to do this."

            Schneider replaces Tim Ruskell. The Seahawks forced Ruskell to resign as GM and president last month as Seattle was finishing 5-11 and losing its last four games by a combined 123-37.
            Schneider began his NFL career as a college intern who "basically stalked Ron Wolf" in 1992 before Wolf gave him a job. He has been the Packers' director of football operations since May 2008. He was the top personnel assistant to Green Bay's GM for six years before that. He spent 2000 as Seattle's director of player personnel in the Seahawks regime of Thompson and former Packers coach Mike Holmgren. He was...
            -01-21-2010, 11:54 AM
          • Curly Horns
            The entire Seattle Seahawks team will protest the national anthem at opening game
            by Curly Horns
            The entire Seattle Seahawks team will protest the national anthem at opening game

            Zach Cartwright | September 8, 2016

            The Seattle Seahawks will become the first NFL team to join Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest during the national anthem this Sunday.

            In their home opener against the Miami Dolphins, the Seattle Seahawks have planned a “big surprise” during the national anthem, according to starting linebacker Bobby Wagner. Wagner emphasized that the entire roster will take part in the protest, though he didn’t specify if the team would sit or kneel.

            “Anything we want to do, it’s not going to be individual. It’s going to be a team thing. That’s what the world needs to see. The world needs to see people coming together versus being individuals,” Wagner told the Seattle Times.
            The team has the support of head coach Pete Carroll, who recently stood up for cornerback Jeremy Lane when he sat during the national anthem in solidarity with San Francisco ***** quarterback Colin Kaepernick last Thursday before Seattle’s final preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

            “[Lane]’s pretty clear on what he did and what he was trying to express and I think it is very simple and so we’ll leave that up to him,” Carroll told the Times.

            In addition to Lane and Wagner, starting wide receiver Doug Baldwin has publicly expressed support for Kaepernick on social media. After Kaepernick started receiving blowback for refusing to stand up for the national anthem, Baldwin defended the protest and cast Kaepernick’s critics as ignorant of what free speech entails....
            -09-09-2016, 01:46 PM
          • Nick
            Holmgren staying put
            by Nick
            Holmgren staying put
            Seahawks sources end speculation about coach leaving for ***** job

            KIRKLAND -- When Mike Holmgren holds his season-ending news conference today, the Seahawks coach will discuss the things that went wrong in 2004 and his plans for how to get it right in 2005.

            Things remain status quo despite media speculation in Seattle and San Francisco that Holmgren could be fired or decide to leave Seattle after six seasons.

            A season that began with high expectations might have veered off course, but sources yesterday said club president Bob Whitsitt and Holmgren have decided to stay the course.

            That was apparent at the team's headquarters yesterday, one day after the players cleared out their lockers and two days removed from their loss to the St. Louis Rams in the first round of the playoffs.

            Holmgren met with Whitsitt yesterday, as well as his coaching staff. The only sure change there is not surprising, as special teams coach Mark Michaels will not be retained after his units ranked among the worst in the league in several key categories.

            Whitsitt was not available, and Holmgren declined to discuss the situation as he left the building last night.

            "I'll talk to you tomorrow," he said.

            So that's good news for the coach?

            "Hope so," he said with a smile.

            The conjecture over Holmgren's status with the Seahawks grew last week when the San Francisco ***** fired Dennis Erickson, the coach who was terminated by the Seahawks in 1999 to open the way for Holmgren to be hired.

            Holmgren is from San Francisco and was an assistant coach with the ***** from 1986-91, when the franchise won two Super Bowls. He has two years remaining on his contract with the Seahawks, and the ***** have not requested permission to speak with Holmgren about their vacancy.

            Holmgren has said he would like to finish his career with the Seahawks, and that he and his wife, Kathy, have settled into an enjoyable lifestyle here.

            He also believes the Seahawks are close to becoming a playoff-winning team, despite the stumbles that prevented this season from being all that it could have been.

            "We took one more step this year over last year, believe it or not, when we won the division," Holmgren said after Saturday's game at Qwest Field, the last time he spoke publicly. "That was a goal. One of these years we're going to win a playoff game and take the next step.

            "(Saturday) was a tough one, but it will happen if we can keep the team together."

            With his situation settled, Holmgren, Whitsitt and general manager Bob Ferguson can channel their efforts into re-signing at least some, if not most, of the 16 players scheduled to become...
            -01-11-2005, 06:48 AM
          • Nick
            Seahawks won't re-sign Hasselbeck, instead turn to Tarvaris Jackson & Matt Leinart
            by Nick
            So that means the 'Hawks will either proceed with Charlie Whitehurst, make a move to acquire Tarvaris Jackson, get themselves into the thick of the Kevin Kolb bidding war, or go an unforeseen direction.

            But regardless, it looks like the Matt "We want the ball and we're gonna score!" Hasselbeck era is over in Seattle.

            -07-26-2011, 02:26 PM