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  • reviewing calls from the booth

    Okay, enough is enough. I can usually sit by and hold my piece, but I am so tired of this idiotic process the NFL uses to review calls. It isn't that I'm against the reviewing of questionable calls. I am 100 % for it. I want the call to be right. A noncall or wrong call shouldn't cost a team the game. It all came to a head in the Detroit/GB game when they didn't bother reviewing the touchdown late in the game. How crazy was that? If I was in charge of that part of the game, there would be some people looking for work tomorrow. My main problem with the process is that you are asking officials that make a call, or maybe don't make a call, to reverse their own decision. You are asking them to second-guess themselves or perhaps members of their crew. Now we can sit there and say "well, so what if they have to reverse a call to get it right". Hey, news flash, these officials have egos. They don't want to come out and say "sorry everyone, we just blew that last call". So they look at the replay to satisfy us, then come back and say "indisputable evidence to reverse the call on the field". That's a load of crap. There have been plenty of calls that they show that need to be reversed, but until you get a seperate crew of 2 or 3 people in the booth who do nothing but review a call when it's challenged, you will continue to see this craziness happen. Why wouldn't you have people not associated with the officiating crew reveiwing these calls? If you did, you would find a number of calls overturned when it's obvious they are wrong. You would find calls that are legitimate standing as good calls. People would be satisfied for the most part. Except for the Z E B R A S. They will find they are making a call or two incorrectly in important situations. But you know what else you are doing? You are taking some responsibility from them. What does everyone think? jd

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    JD, the WR's foot foot for the Lions hit the pylon before the catch. Only call was out of bounds. I have to agree with the officials on this one. I guess I am taking the Mike Tirico point of view from the commercial on this one. The instant replay option we now have is much better than none.


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      So is it out when the pylon is hit? If that's out, you and the officials were right. If not, both feet came down in bounds. My whole point is that they should have people not affiliated with the officiating crew making calls from the booth.


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        If your foot hits the pylon, technically you are out of bounds. However, now that I think of it, that little piece of the rules has been a gray area for years.

        Hey, Matt Millen has some moves in the booth. Did you see him jumping up and down for the replay? Hilarious.



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          questionable calls

          Don't you get sick and tired of the calls that should be overturned and aren't? It's amazing the system that the NFL has in place for these events. I think they need to look at the procedures they have in place because there's nothing worse than a bad call that is reviewed and upheld. I hate it. jd


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          • RamsFanSam
            Yo, Zebras!
            by RamsFanSam
            Hey, guys, I will tell you this: I'm all for hiring the disabled. In fact, I used to have a guy working for me that had 20/200 vision. He was a really good employee.

            But, seriously, you guys need to have a mandatory visual and psychological test for the boys in the stripes. I've noticed that during the 4 Rams games this season, you have either missed a penalty or called one that had to be invented by Hollywood. What is wrong with your eyes?

            Don't get me wrong here. I can think of at least 4 penalties committed by the Rams that you did not call. But, I can also name at least 4 that were committed against the Rams that weren't called. Eight penalties that some blind as a bat official missed.

            I thought SB XXXVI was over. I thought you guys were committed to calling the games fairly.

            In your defense, I don't think the penalties that were not called changed the results of the games.

            Now, let's discuss the 'frivolous' calls. Do you guys have to submit to mandatory drug testing? If not, you should. What part of your ass do you guys pull these penalties out of? Seriously, you guys need to understand something. We have instant replay.

            Listen again: Instant Replay.

            It's time for you Zebras to learn one thing: Every time you make a stupid call, America sees it. I'm sure you guys are using your credentials you earned after officiating the 2004 elections to keep your NFL jobs. However, this IS the NFL. Close is NOT close enough. If you aren't sure, demand a replay on the monitor BEFORE you make a call! I don't care if it isn't allowed. All I care about is fair play. I can stand my team losing a ame if every penalty was called fairly. I can't stand a win when some power hungry Zebra can't see straight.

            I'm sure the Clan agrees on this. We ALL want to win, but we want a FAIR win, not one tainted by some bad calls.

            I'm sure you all know the rulebook, but can't we make it an official rule that it can't be printed in Braille for the officials?

            OK, MY RANT IS over!
            -10-01-2006, 07:20 PM
          • NJ Ramsfan1
            Replay and other random thoughts
            by NJ Ramsfan1
            I am convinced more than ever that replay is ruining football. It is absolutely torturous to watch what seems like every sideline catch and scoring play reviewed. It disrupts the flow of the game. It allows you to view a game, get excited over a score or a play, then rips the rug out from underneath you while making you wait for the outcome. It's no better in baseball. Though I understand it's not going away, I absolutely hate it.

            Tennis and basketball have it right. The calls are used very sparingly and result in an immediate decision. Little to no waiting. No viewing from 5 different angles. No indecision on something we can clearly see from our own living rooms.

            And don't tell me that "getting it right is the most important thing". Sometimes REPLAY doesn't even result in a right decision!! You mean to tell me Garcon's sideline catch (a call which was overturned and ruled a catch) was legit? His momentum was clearly taking him a foot out of bounds in the act of the catch. You can't convince me otherwise.The human element is a part of sports. Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. Officials make mistakes. Live with it. Be more competent. Add an official if need be. You mean to tell me in all the games played in the years before replay that there were THAT MANY plays that weren't called correctly?? I don't buy it.

            Also stuck in my craw was the roughing the passer call vs. Aaron Donald. This is exhibit "A" of what's ruining the game. Guy hits the QB in the act of throwing, executes a perfect form tackle, doesn't lead with the head and still gets flagged 15 yards simply because Hoyer took a hard hit. Can't tell you how infuriated I was watching that. Concern for safety (hypocritical given the NFL's long time denial of concussion effects and allowing Thursday night football) has completely neutered good defensive play.

            It's getting tougher and tougher to enjoy sports. And replay shows that change isn't always for the better....
            -09-22-2017, 06:06 AM
          • jdpbmo
            why do we even bother challegning calls
            by jdpbmo
            If I was Martz I wouldn't waste another timeout challenging a call. They almost never win a challenge and the system the NFL uses is stupid anyway. The referees will use any means necessary to make sure their butts are covered, whether it be not enough evidence to overturn a call, an inadvertant whistle, whatever. Stupid, stupid, stupid system. I haven't seen zebras this protected since that wild kingdom show on the serengeti (over in Africa) where they were on the refuge and lions or pochers weren't allowed. Did everyone see our good buddy, the Commish, in the stands today?
            -12-02-2001, 05:11 PM
          • RamWraith
            What about the Refs? -- Gap?
            by RamWraith
            Was it just me or did the Refs look like they were in preseason form Friday night? There was really marginal calls.

            --Holts catch
            --The QB hit by Lewis
            --A couple of phantom pass interferences that went against the Skins
            --Hands to the face
            -08-30-2004, 10:31 AM
          • Nick
            Round Two: Ripping the replacement refs
            by Nick
            Round Two: Ripping the replacement refs
            3 hours ago • POST-DISPATCH

            QUESTION OF THE DAY:

            Have NFL games been adversely affected by the use of replacement officials? If so, in what ways?

            JIM THOMAS, Post-Dispatch NFL writer:

            1. They're indecisive on calls: Call what you see and live with it.

            2. They lack command of the games: On several occasions in the Rams-Redskins game, it looked like the teams were on the verge of an all-out brawl.

            3. They're asleep at the wheel: Shouldn't someone have noticed the clock operator mistake in Detroit?

            4. They're flat-out blowing calls: It sure looked like Steven Jackson crossed the plane on his 3rd-and-goal from the 1 run in the second quarter Sunday. In a one-score game, that call loomed large all day.

            BRYAN BURWELL, Post-Dispatch columnist:

            The NFL has a big problem here. As one player said on Sunday after the Rams game, it's a lawless land.

            Players know the replacement refs are being timid because they really are unsure what to do.

            So instead of making a mistake, they're choosing to do nothing at all and the game is now out of control. One player told me: "These guys are scared to take control and it's ridiculous out there. Dangerous. The league has to stop this."

            The integrity of the game is at stake. Player safety is at risk when officials can't control this violent game.

            JEFF GORDON, columnist, writing in his Tipsheet blog:

            "Head referee Wayne Elliottand his replacement crew got overwhelmed Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome. They didn’t know the rules. They missed calls left and right.

            "Worst of all, they lost control of the game — setting up a 'Thunderdome' scenario as the Rams and Redskins took liberties with each other during and after the play.

            "At times, the hapless Elliott looked like a substitute shop teacher trying to break up a classroom hammer fight."

            JOE STRAUSS, Post-Dispatch sportswriter:

            NFL games have long been "adversely affected" by refs, replacement and regular. Sunday's fiasco at The Ed amplified the narrative. But to suggest the problem ends when the "real" refs return is to suspend reality. There have been wins gifted — and point spreads skewed — by poor officiating for years, including the Chargers-Broncos-Hochuli debacle several years ago.

            The replacements have no voice. They're an easy punching bag. Criticism should be focused on the same Commissioner who once proposed an 18-game schedule while pretending to care about player safety. The issue won't end with the return of real refs. But the product will be slicker and the TV timeouts more punctual. Problem solved.

            RICK HUMMEL, Post-Dispatch sportswriter:

            It actually seems as if there haven't been any...
            -09-17-2012, 02:58 PM