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Notes on a Rudycard December 1st

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  • Notes on a Rudycard December 1st

    Since Rudy never posted it here, I will do it for him

    Howdy, Howdy, Howdy,

    Here is the next installment of gripes, snipes, peeves, and rants from the Rampagers resident cynic, namely ME!

    First off, this is for those who at one time, or still somehow think that Randy Moss ever deserved mention as the best player in the NFL ( Which of course, he never was, and never did )

    "I play when I want to play... Do I play up to my top performance, my ability every time? Maybe not, I just keep doing what I do, and that is playing football." " When I make my mind up, I am going to go out there and tear somebody's head off. When I go out there and play some football, man, it's not anyone telling me to play, or how I should play. I play when I want to play, case closed "

    ------ Randy Moss to the Minneapolis Star-Ledger ------

    Well, golly gee Randy, it's not like it's your FREEKIN' job or anything to put it in gear every down or attempt to play the position as it should be played, or to support the fellows who share the same locker room, or even at the very least, to give the effort your salary demands, to the hard nosed working stiffs that scrimp and save to support the Vikings and pay your godforsaken bling-bling buying salary.

    Never thought I'd see this day, but I truly feel sorry for all the Viking fans out there, who have been bamboozled and hoodwinked by this pompous, overrated, self serving, loafing, lazy, narcissistic, no heart havin', gutless, donkey's butt. It does do my heart good to see the entire team implode though, as the true character of Moss and Carter and the team itself has surfaced. It no longer looks so much like an NFL sideline on the Viking side of things each Sunday any longer, as it does a Vick-Chandler family picnic. Hell, there's so much pushing, shoving, and childish soap opera antics going on, the WWF is thinking of holding their next PPV event after next weeks opening kickoff.

    Dooooooo Youuuuuuuu Smmmmmmmmmeeeell what the Moss is cooking? Yep, sure do Randy Peee-yew!

    Central division foes have to be giddy that the Vikes gave Mr Moss, an 18 million dollar signing bonus and committed 75 million over 8 years to him, because it virtually ensures the Vikes remain non-competitive and heartless for the duration of his stay. In closing there is no truth the rumor that Dennis Green will have the competition committee form a rule which prohibits any and all defensive players from coming within 10 yards of Carter and Moss while they are on the field of play so that they may, as Dennis puts it... "not have to work so hard"

    Speaking of pugilistica footballa, what's the deal with Jaguar DT Larry Smith? At last count, he's been involved in not 1, not 2, not 3 , but 4 locker room brawls with teammates, first he goes all Norman Bates on return man Reggie Barlow at the half of the 1999 AFC championship loss to Tennessee, then he sucker punches starting center Jeff Smith before a game earlier this year, then he gets in a sumo death match with Tight End Damon Jones in the middle of the locker room while both players are standing in all their (ahem) manly glory... Exactly when is Tom Coughlin and Jaguar management going to realize that Mr Smith doesn't work and play well with others?


    3Com Corp. has informed the ***** that the company will remove its name from the team's home field and not renew a multimillion-dollar annual naming contract, according to team spokesman Sam Singer. The ***** control the naming rights to the city-owned stadium. While it was thought that the team would pursue a corporate replacement for 3Com, Singer said that after lengthy discussion and study, the new name would be "Crack Back Leg Whip Stadium at Cap Circumvention point"

    Just a thought... But has anyone ever heard of a athlete having UN-successful surgery?

    This just in... Terry Glenn has been named to the all-suspension team, and is considered to be the front runner for the 2001 Leon Lett award

    In Tennessee, the injuries continue to mount... Jeff Fisher was spotted around Titan HQ sporting a air cast on his right wrist. Rumors are that he injured the wrist while attempting to pull his hair out while lamenting the season his Titans are having.

    ABC television crews were dispatched this week to Warren Sapp's abode, in order to install the 147 cameras that will cover every inch of his house for it's new 24/7 Warren Sapp channel. ABC Sports president Howard Katz was heard to say after the 1,056th time Warren was shown on the sidelines last Monday night, that "hey!, we can't get enough of Warren, and we're betting the TV public feels the same". Casting is not completely set at this point, but we hear that Gary Coleman is set for the part of Sapp's imaginary friend "Lil' Warren"

    Speaking of TV, Jeff George kicks off his new superhero cartoon series " The adventures of I used to have a career man" next fall

    Excuse me, but just HOW are you enjoying 4th place Mr Haslett?

    In Detroit, there is some public sentiment growing to acknowledge and honor another great Detroit failure by changing the team name to the Edsels

    This just in... Keyshawn Johnson still has as many TD receptions as I do.

    What's more annoying every Thanksgiving? The In Laws? Or John Madden going on for three plus hours about the wonders of "turducken"?

    In closing, while it is always a scary sight watching Georgia skulk around the Ram sidelines, just imagine how Carroll must have felt on his wedding night

    Till next time:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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  • Varg6
    Randy Moss...
    by Varg6
    I'm surprised no teams are really looking for this guy. You see him on the worst football team, and you don't really see him going nuts, and even if he does do something, its nowhere NEAR the T.O. thing. I know he's been bad in the past, but honestly, in my opinion, he has never been THAT bad. I'm just surprised no teams are looking for this guy. He clearly wants a new team, you can tell just by the way he speaks about his team.
    -10-14-2006, 06:52 AM
  • Nick
    Dr. Z's TV Commentator Awards
    by Nick
    TV Commentator Awards

    Dr. Z,

    I have streamlined my Seventh Annual TV Commentator Awards. No more pregame shows to be rated, no more postgame things, no talk shows, etc. Because -- and how can I say this without sounding like I'm about 90 years old -- the shows are basically top-of-the-head garbage.

    Well, not every bit of them, of course. I'll catch ESPN's Chris Mortensen for information. And the same network's Andrea Kremer is the only one who presented, out of the great expanse of Reggie White memorials, a coherent and three-dimensional picture of the man. But in the meantime ... oh my God, the trash.

    ESPN's NFL Countdown, for instance, is an exercise in noise, where facts flee like frightened forest things and a thought expressed at anything but full volume will be mercilessly ground underfoot. Fox's NFL Sunday used to hold my attention, but now they've tricked it up, first with some horrible cartoon, fan fantasy football creation that got you into the show, and which, thankfully they did away with, and then with that Ten Yards With Terry Bradshaw thing.

    You know, the quick Q&As. What does Jake Delhomme like better, hunting or fishing? What do all of them like better, Play Station II or Xbox? My God, they're asking about toys. Toys! Why not just get my 4-year old grand-daughter on there. Natasha, what's better, jacks or Slinky?

    The best one was when Bradshaw gave Jerry Jones the Q&A routine. "NFL before Fox or NFL since Fox?" Gosh, that's a tough one. Deep thought. "NFL since Fox." Wow? Sound the cannon. Release the pigeons.

    And this is what we must listen to, pretending it has been created by adults, for adult consumption. Insults such as that horribly dull, wooden "You've Been Sacked" that masqueraded as halftime entertainment on the Monday night show -- before it got sacked itself. ESPN's Stuart Scott on the Monday Night Countdown, previewing St. Louis-Green Bay: "A game so silly good it'll make you want to sop it up with a biscuit."

    Enough already. They'll just have to get by without my help. But I will mention one thing about a trend I've noticed in the regular game telecasts, something that was just raising its head last season but now seems to be spawning: Talking through live action. Failing to describe or even notice it. Talking through a referee's announcement of a penalty, even though it might be important to the game. They just turn down the ref's volume, so that, if I hold my ear next to the speaker, I might get a faint murmur, without really catching the words.

    All at the expense of ... what? Story lines. Themes. Informal essays. Anything but honest reporting and a real interest in the panorama that unfolds on the field. The broadcast teams the network consider top of the line are most guilty of this. The guys lower down in the lineup usually...
    -01-12-2005, 08:40 PM
  • swatter555
    A Plea for Understanding
    by swatter555
    There are many on these boards, lets call them "conservatives", who generally frown on risky moves and who tend to believe major personel moves are accomplished through the draft. Then there are others who favor a more risky approach when appropiate.

    I am one of the ones who favors a risky approach when the situation calls for it. I am not set on any certain position and can be swayed by logical argument. I am not swayed by people who claim everyone who disagrees with them is playing fantasy football or Madden. I am not the most knowledgeable person on the board, but I believe my opinions have worth. And let me remind the conservatives, who almost universally favored drafting Suh, that Bradford turned out to be the better choice for the Rams, the almost universal choice of those in my camp. So, we can be right sometimes.

    I make a plea for understanding because for those of us who are not football conservatives, this has been a tough year. The Rams have been wracked by injuries, but have also had a number of low to moderate risk opportunities to attempt to fix the situation, all were passed up. And it don't think it is a stretch to say that the WR position will make or break a playoff run this year. A chance to go to the playoffs doesn't happen every year and assuming that same chance will be there next year or the year after is folly, imo.

    The the Moss situation is over with. Moss might have indicated he didn't want to come to St. Louis, in which case the FO is blameless. There is still going to be a bitter taste in the mouths of many the second half of the season, a second half in which the Rams WR corps is probably going to cost us games. As those tough times come, I hope things don't get so bad on the forum that this place becomes hard to come to. The chance to be competitive stirs alot more emotion than a horrible team, that is way this board becomes so heated lately. I hope we can all see the value in each others positons and not stoop to insulting each others football knowledge.
    -11-03-2010, 03:58 PM
  • MauiRam
    Moss to the Cowboys? .. Justin Smith overrated?
    by MauiRam
    by Jason Whitlock

    Jason Whitlock brings his edgy and thought-provoking style to He is an award-winning columnist for the Kansas City Star.

    After the NFL combine and just a day before the start of free agency, I figured it was good time for the return of NFL Truths. Plus, I have a follow-up for fans of HBO's "The Wire." You can e-mail me at [email protected].

    What happens to Tom Brady's productivity and attitude if the Patriots don't keep Randy Moss? (Joe McIssac / Getty Images)
    10. Even though the Patriots won three Super Bowls without him and built their reputation on their ability to depart with too-expensive veterans, Randy Moss' potential defection could devastate the New England dynasty.

    I'm calling it now: If Moss walks for more money, the Pats go 10-6 next season and get eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. Let me take it a step further: If Moss leaves, the Brady-Belichick combination never reaches another Super Bowl.

    New England's run has to end at some point. Now is as good a time as any.

    Bad luck a dropped interception and The Circus Reception separated the Pats from a fourth Super Bowl championship. Fate is beginning to speak on the New England dynasty.

    Washington politicians want it to end. They're pushing Spygate II in an attempt to destroy Bill Belichick. Asante Samuel, New England's best defensive athlete, is scheduled to depart via free agency.

    There are too many negative forces working against New England right now. Moss' departure would infuriate quarterback Tom Brady and disturb the delicate chemistry that has helped the Pats do more with less.

    Brady has never demanded the kind of contract his production and star power warrant. He's bought into the Pats' management philosophy and the belief that his financial sacrifice makes it easier for New England to put together a stronger overall team.

    By letting Moss bounce after a record-setting, 23-TD season, the Pats would look cheap rather than savvy.

    Donovan McNabb has 171 career TDs (vs. 79 interceptions), mostly without the benefit of top-shelf receiving talent. (Greg Fiume / Getty Images)

    9. If Moss hits the open market and the Cowboys sign him, Philadelphia Eagles fans have my permission to burn down Lincoln Financial Field.

    No team on the planet needs Randy Moss more than Andy Reid's Eagles. We've seen what Donovan McNabb and the Eagles can accomplish when they have a legit No. 1 receiver.

    The rumors about Jerry Jones wanting to team Moss with Terrell Owens should steam all Philly football fans. The Cowboys already have a strong receiving corps. The Eagles desperately need an upgrade. McNabb deserves the support and would have every right to sue for neglect if the Eagles don't make a strong play for...
    -02-28-2008, 11:51 AM
  • Nick
    Fowler says Moss won't be traded
    by Nick
    Sid Hartman: Fowler says Moss won't be dealt
    Sid Hartman, Star Tribune
    February 21, 2005 SIDH0221

    Reggie Fowler was on a plane to New York from his Arizona home on Sunday morning. The man who is in line to buy the Vikings from Red McCombs was headed for a meeting with his partners in the prospective purchase, and also intended to meet with some NFL officials.

    Fowler spoke about some of his plans for the team, and made it clear that his group would have no plans to trade Randy Moss, who has been the subject of trade talk since late in the season.

    "I think we all have to have a set of standards," Fowler said. "I think Mr. Moss is, if not the finest, one of the finest receivers in the league today. And I think he's a winner. A lot of times when you want to win, you get excited.

    "So I look forward to working with Randy, and I think he'll do all the things we need him to do. I don't know that you take some of the best players in the league and start trading them. We need those people to help us win, and I think Randy's one of those guys."

    Fowler and McCombs had a news conference on Monday to announce the sale. There were questions about some items in Fowler's biography, and he returned to Minneapolis to meet with reporters Friday to explain them. On Sunday, a story in the Star Tribune examined his businesses and reported on a number of lawsuits and controversies surrounding the many companies Fowler owns.

    "Most of it's not true," Fowler said. "I hope to prove that we are credible individuals and hope to get the people of Minneapolis excited about what could happen in the next 30 days or so."

    For the first time, Fowler, who needs to be OK'd by the NFL before he can own the team, said he is confident that his group will be able to put together a plan to get a new stadium built for the Vikings.

    "We'd like to think there are many options," he said. "One of them, of course, is public funding or state funding. Another option is going privately. We have to evaluate those different options. But at the end of the day, we're confident that we can get something done."

    Fowler sang the praises of Vikings Director of Football Operations Rob Brzezinski and gave a strong indication that he will continue to do what he has been doing.

    "Rob Brzezinski is well-respected in the league, and I look forward to working with Rob in the future," he said.

    Fowler said he didn't think anybody can operate under a one-year contract and indicated that Mike Tice and his coaching staff would get more security than they now have.

    "We want to build a winning franchise for a long period of time, and you need people to stay around and understand how you do and don't operate in order to do that," Fowler said. "So...
    -02-21-2005, 10:24 AM