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Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

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  • Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

    ...and no one covers it.

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    Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

    a 26-year-old health care worker, was infected with the sexually transmitted disease in April 2003 after an unprotected encounter with Vick at the athlete's Duluth, Georgia home.

    It is hard for me to work up too much sympathy for someone who is old enough (and given her occupation, educated enough) to understand the risks with such an encounter.


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      Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

      So that's why the Rams were afraid to tackle him!


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        Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

        To Funny AV....To Funny!


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          Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

          The liberal biased press will not dis a black QB.Hell I thought they'd arrest himfor breaking the speed limit on foot.He can out run a lawsuit anyday.:tongue:


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            Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

            Actually, I did hear a mention of this on ESPN Radio this afternoon (I think) on my XM radio. Not enough that I knew the story, but just enough to tie the two together...
            This space for rent...


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              Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

              It is on Fox Sports web page today. Good find; especially so early. Kuddos on breaking the story so soon. Now we can call him Michael Valtrex.... I can just hear the chants from the dome faithful...Valtrex, Valtrex, Valtrex....that should take him out of his game....
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                Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                I'd love to see someone at a Falcons game with a custom Vick jersey that reads "RON MEXICO" on the back.


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                  Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                  Hi, I'm Ron Mexico, spokesperson for Valtrex, the official NFL treatment for herpes. Some people think that I look like Michael Vick, but seroiusly that's just a coincidence... :tongue:
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                    Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                    Got these from

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                      Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                      I heard the Plaintiff is releasing an album with this song...

                      I feel a hot burn
                      On the comode for
                      I fell for the come ons
                      and he bought me a fur

                      I feel the itching
                      In my P.J.s
                      Can't understand why he just can't pay

                      I slept with Ron Mexico
                      I slept with Ron-whoa-oh-Mexico
                      I slept wtih Ron Mexico
                      I slept won Ron-whoa-oh-Mexico


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                        Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                        Don't quit your day job Avenger. :tongue:


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                          Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                          You mean this isn't my day job?


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                            Re: Michael Vick hit with lawsuit

                            It seems to be your day and night job actually.


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                              There has been an enormous amount of coverage of the alleged dog fighting operation sponsored by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. Vick and three other men were indicted on federal felony charges claiming that Vick had sponsored illegal dog fighting, gambled on dog fights and permitted acts of cruelty against animals on his property. The talk shows are filled with talking heads from the “humane community” condemning dog fighting and calling for Vick to be punished if he is, indeed, guilty. Nike and Reebok have suspended products endorsed by Vick.

                              Please let me be very clear: I think that dog fighting is a terrible thing.

                              But I must say that the Vick case is rather dramatically demonstrating what I call our “moral schizophrenia” about animals. That is, if one thing is clear, it is that we do not think clearly about our moral obligations to animals.

                              In this country alone, we kill over ten billion land animals annually for food. The animals we eat—even those supposedly raised “humanely”—suffer as much as the dogs that are used in dog fighting. There is no “need” for us to eat meat, dairy, or eggs. Indeed, these foods are increasingly linked to various human diseases and animal agriculture is an environmental disaster for the planet. We impose pain, suffering, and death on these billions of sentient nonhumans because we enjoy eating their flesh and the products that we make from them.

                              There is something positively bizarre about condemning Michael Vick for using dogs in a hideous form of entertainment when 99% of us also use animals that are every bit as sentient as dogs in another hideous form of entertainment that is no more justifiable than fighting dogs: eating animals and animal products.

                              There is something positively bizarre that many “animal lovers” sit around eating meat that has the Certified Humane Raised and Handled label endorsed by The Humane Society of the United States while HSUS tells us what a bad guy Michael Vick is.

                              HSUS and PETA are demanding that Vick be suspended from the NFL. As far as I know, neither organization demanded that Michael Jordan be suspended from the NBA because he promoted Ball Park Franks.

                              There is something bizarre about Reebok and Nike, which use leather in their shoes, suspending products endorsed by Vick. They’re not going to allow a guy who allegedly tortures dogs to endorse products that contain tortured cows.

                              In Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?, I introduced Simon the Sadist, who derived pleasure from blowtorching dogs. We would all regard such conduct as monstrous because we all agree that it is wrong to inflict “unnecessary” suffering on animals and pleasure, amusement,...
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                              Michael Vick was on MTV's Cribs!!
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                              As if Micheal Vick didn't already have enough worries...
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                              -08-14-2007, 07:20 PM
                            • ramsanddodgers
                              Vick Pleads Stupidity. World Agrees.
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                              Vick Pleads Stupidity. World Agrees.
                              Written by Hugh G. Rection
                              Tuesday, 29 May 2007
                              ATLANTA (AP) -- Michael Vick blamed his woefully low IQ for taking advantage of him after a police raid found evidence of dog fighting at property he owns in Virginia.

                              An animal rights group scoffed at that explanation, saying they long suspected the Atlanta Falcons quarterback was involved in the fight-to-the-death activity. Vick responded to the group's accusations asking "Are they kidding? That kind of thing takes organization, planning, and the ability to make change"

                              Embroiled in another embarrassing -- and perhaps criminal -- situation, Vick traveled to New York on Friday to take part in a Memorial Day parade, but got lost inside the airport and missed the entire event.
                              Appearing at a news conference to ask directions on how to tie his shoes and get home he described himself as an unwitting victim of relatives living on his property in Smithfield, VA who realize how bereft of basic intelligence he is.

                              "I'm never at the house as I can't find it on a map. I left the house with my family members and my cousin who said they were running a business providing day care to attack dogs. It's unfortunate I am not smarter," Vick said. "Even if I'm there, I don't know what's going on. Mixing metaphors he added "When it all boils down to brass tacks, two in the hand is a penny saved"

                              John Goodwin, who handles dog-fighting issues for The Humane Society of America and clearly has never spoken with Vick, was skeptical that Vick was unaware of such a large operation -- especially when police were led to the property as part of a drug investigation after arresting the quarterback's 26-year-old cousin. In addition he doubts Vick's sincerity in his claim that he has no idea how his football cleats became caked with dog ****.

                              Falcon's spokesman Reggie Roberts said the team would not have a comment until it got more details and a copy of Vick's high school transcripts. Vick's attorney, Larry Woodward, did not return a telephone message seeking comment. However, his law partner attorney Ron Mexico did add he was sure Vick would be "exhenerated of all such falaciating acumazations"

                              The NFL said it is looking into the matter. Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear he intends to crack down on players involved in off-the-field misconduct and who are unable to come up with better excuses than Vick.

                              A recent string of embarrassing incidents have involved Vick including a lawsuit that accused him of knowingly infecting a woman with a sexually transmitted disease, and flashing an obscene hand gesture to heckling Atlanta fans as he walked off the field following a loss In January. Security officers at Miami International Airport seized a water bottle from Vick that they said smelled...
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