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Negative "letter to the editor" in todays paper

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  • Negative "letter to the editor" in todays paper

    Today's "St. Louis Post-Dispatch" ran a letter about how negative "Rams fans" were and how a guy who went to the Tampa Bay game heard to much noise and too much profanity.

    I want to call this dudes bluff, swearing offends some people, I understand that. However, I sometimes swear at games with out even noticing it. It's subcontious.

    The guy also recomended that people not bring kids to the games cause of all the "swearing" that goes on by adult fans. I was raised in a family that swore a lot.

    I mean, swearing is not a part of the game, but everybody knows that it occurs on the feild and in the stands. At the last game I went to, I said something and a little kid looked at me and I immediatly apoligized to him and to his mom. His mom looked at me and said, "for the amount of money you paid for your ticket, you can say whatever the hell you want."

    Then the little kid looked up at me and said, "my daddy say's that all the time." The mom reached over and smacked daddy in the back of his head. So then I apoligized to him too.

    I wouldn't shelter your kid for fear of hearing vulger talk. If they don't hear it at games, they will hear it other places.

    Go Rams
    Republican Ram