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    Power Rankings - week 12

    Here are my thoughts on the teams, thus far... :nerd:

    Power Rankings - week 12

    1.) St. Louis- The result of many years of human gene splicing from the DNA of Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas.

    2.) San Francisco- Crimson Elite returns to dynasty form with Garcia at helm.

    3.) Pittsburgh- Playing better then they have since Bradshaw, Las Vegas odds increase each week on the likelihood of the return of Kordell Stewart after aliens kidnap him.

    4.) Chicago- Good defense+average offense= fan let down during playoffs. The Law of Nature states that the Ravens can only happen every ten years or so. No flukes this year for the "big game."

    5.) Oakland- This team would go to the Super bowl except for the defense allowing my grandmother to run on them. Expect the Bus to shut them down in the Championship.

    6.) Miami- Good defense... Where's Marino just when he would have a team that could win it all with him??!!

    7.) Green Bay- Favre returns to top form and basically carries his team to the playoffs. Green would not be doing as well as he has without the threat of "The Arm."

    8.) Baltimore- Defense is only above average, this year. Can't stop the passing game. Grbac=good passing game until the "red zone." Increased pressure there and compact passing lanes expose him to mediocrity.

    9.) New England- Brady will be great, but lack of real experience will hurt him in the playoffs as games get MEAN. Maybe next year, huh?

    10.) Philadelphia- McNabb needs to run more in the pocket. They need another quality receiver to compliment Thrash. Because of that, they won't go far in the post season.

    11.) NY Jets- Curtis Martin is THE MAN and can anyone honestly say they DON'T like Edwards??... Other then that, this team really does suck. I love Vinny, but they need a new quarterback.

    12.) Tampa Bay- Green Bay getting in the way of the post season. I always knew Brad Johnson was overrated. Thanks, Brad, for proving me right. It's a real shame that Tony will get blamed for the underachieving of his players.

    13.) Cleveland- I really feel that Baltimore can't run the table. Baltimore WILL lose to the Steelers. Tough games up ahead will knock the Ravens out, while a weak schedule pushes the Browns in.

    14.) Seattle- Another year of lost post season hopes for Holmgren. But, look out for them next year.

    15.) New Orleans- Potential Kryptonite for the "Super Rams". The Rams don't have to worry though... With both San Francisco AND St. Louis both doing great, they don't have a prayer.

    16.) Tennessee- At the beginning of the year, I predicted that the Titans' passing game would break out... A little too late, don't you think guys??

    17.) Arizona- I love an underdog with heart... But, does anyone really feel they have a chance in hell of going anywhere?

    18.) Atlanta- The fans better pray like hell that Chandler comes back! Vick looks like he has potential, but the Rams worked him so hard, he looked like he could barely carry himself, let along a team.

    19.) Denver- If only McCaffrey hadn't broke his leg...A lot of "ifs" this year for a lot of teams.

    20.) Washington- This team is the single biggest enigma in the history of the NFL! How someone can go 0-5... then 5-0, beating the crap out of the Eagles at home while they're at it... and THEN lose to the Cowboys, is completely beyond me!

    21.) NY Giants- The only reason this team still has a chance is Strahan and the division they play in.

    22.) Minnesota- Vikings made the single biggest mistake in NFL history... They signed Moss to a long-term contract for a record amount for a WR. Now they can't trade him because no one would want him after those comments and they can't afford to cut him because of the CAP.... Either way, they’re screwed for years to come.

    23.) San Diego- I still stand by my assumption that Flutie is good. He's just puny as well.

    24.) Indianapolis- Great quarterback and a good coach. Just very bad luck. Too many injuries and a young defense are killing this team.

    25.) Cincinnati- Anyone who picks up Kitna after Seattle deserves to lose!

    26.) Dallas- If only the Redskins made any sense and followed the Laws of Reality, we might have the NFL's first winless team in history.

    27.) Jacksonville- This team has the worst luck of anyone I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong. I love the Titans. But, that season still haunts them, in my opinion.

    28.) Kansas City- This would be a contending team if they had WRs. Kennison ISN'T the right direction.

    29.) Carolina- Seifert NEEDS to retire, while he still has a chance to make the Hall of Fame.

    30.) Buffalo- What can I say about this team?... They should have let Flutie start against the Titans???

    31.) Detroit- THIS could easily turn into the NFL's first winless team ever and they're not even the worst team!! Go figure.
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  • #2
    hey atlas, thanks for the props, i'm thinking soon about letting clanram members vote on like 1-5 or something then adding my comments. i first need to get the whole html thing situated with dez.

    thanks for your analysis too, you were able to put more down than i could (for space reasons)...


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    • RamWraith
      Power Rankings--What a joke
      by RamWraith

      1 Patriots 14-2-0 Their talent says they should be back in the Super Bowl. Recent history says they might not even make the playoffs.

      2 Eagles 12-4-0 Donovan McNabb? Terrell Owens? Andy Reid? Take your pick, they're all under pressure in Philly this year.

      3 Colts 12-4-0 With Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison free agents at the end of the season this could be the final run for the Big Three in Indy.

      4 Chiefs 13-3-0 Gunther Cunningham alone isn't going to fix the defense. It's still up to the players, who are the same as last year and that could be a problem.

      5 Seahawks 10-6-0 Some might have scoffed at Matt Hasselbeck's 'we want the ball and we're going to score' statement. But to us, it's just a confident QB who has fun playing the game.

      6 Ravens 10-6-0 Jamal Lewis IS the Ravens offense and despite what they say, any missed games would be a big blow.
      7 Vikings 9-7-0 Last year Randy Moss had career highs in catches (117), yards (1,632) and TDs (tied at 17). We're expecting nothing short of that this year.

      8 Panthers 11-5-0 While the Panthers looked poised to follow up last year's success, the turnover on the offensive line has to be a concern.

      9 Titans 12-4-0 Titans fans won't forget what Eddie George meant to the franchise, but Tennessee's running game is going to be just fine with Chris Brown.

      10 Broncos 10-6-0 The Broncos are definitely better on defense. But with unproven RBs and questions at WR, it's the offense that could be a problem.

      11 Packers 10-6-0 If Mike McKenzie remains out of the lineup the secondary could end up keeping the Packers from being a Super Bowl team.

      12 Cowboys 10-6-0 Can the Cowboys be a legitimate contender with a 40-year old QB? We'll find out because Vinny isn't going anywhere for a while.

      13 Saints 8-8-0 This team looks talented enough to be a playoff contender. Of course, hasn't that been the case the last few years?

      14 Jets 6-10-0 With Pennington, Moss, Martin and Co., the offense will be good. But can the defense raise its level of play under new coordinator Donnie Henderson?

      15 Bengals 8-8-0 We think Carson Palmer is going to be a stud. But it will be interesting to see how he -- and Marvin Lewis -- reacts if he gets off to a rough start.

      16 Rams 12-4-0 Steven Jackson looks legit, but a healthy Marshall Faulk is still the best offensive weapon the Rams have.

      17 Jaguars 5-11-0 We love Byron Leftwich's potential, but the talk about a surprise Super Bowl run is a little premature.

      8 Bills 6-10-0 If Drew Bledsoe can get back on track the Bills could be a team to watch out for.

      19 Falcons 5-11-0 With DeAngelo Hall out for 6-10 weeks and Michael Vick still gimpy, it hasn't been...
      -09-07-2004, 01:09 PM
    • Nick
      NickSeiler's Week Two Power Rankings
      by Nick
      1. PATRIOTS: Brady throws two INTs and the Pats had a little bit of trouble against the Cards, but they continue their winning streak with a solid road win.

      2. EAGLES: First off, Owens did NOT make the catch last night. But the Eagles defense shut down Moss's deep game and McNabb proved he's still quite dangerous on the run.

      3. COLTS: Indy had a good showing against Tennessee, including 21-0 in the 4th quarter, being penalized only twice, and not allowing the Titans to convert on any of their three fourth down attempts.

      4. VIKINGS: Daunte completed 79% of his passes and the Vikes were in this game until the officials robbed them of it. They'll be much more dangerous when they get Bennett back.

      5. SEATTLE: As impressive as shutting Deuce McAllister down is, the Seahawks haven't exactly played great-looking teams to become 2-0. Their win against TB wasn't that great. Still, it's a feat worth noting.

      6. JETS: Pennington has a rating of 124.3 and Martin is averaging over five yards a carry after two games. The defense made Drew Brees look like Drew Brees, but buckled on fourth down.

      7. TITANS: The Titans beat a weak Dolphins team and lost to the Colts. Not exceptionally impressive thus far, but Chris Brown looks like the real deal out there. Eddie who?

      8. FALCONS: The Atlanta Vicks are 2-0 and Michael proved a lot of doubters wrong this weekend. But the Falcons have struggled on third down and barely squeeked out a win against the ***** in Week 1.

      9. BALTIMORE: I don't know what happened in Week 1, but the Ravens looked pretty good against the Steelers last weekend. Kyle Boller actually showed some good scrambling ability, but what's going on with Jamal Lewis?

      10. PACKERS: Green Bay looked sharp against Carolina but buckled to Chicago at home. Perhaps the Packers just whiffed on one here, because with their talent, I wouldn't rule them out of the NFC North hunt.

      11. LIONS: The Lions are 2-0 after beating the Bears and the Texans. Probably not worth getting this worked up about, but Roy Williams looks like a veteran out there and could be just what Harrington needs.

      12. PANTHERS: No one should be getting that excited about Foster having a big day against the Chiefs' defense, but Carolina bounced back well after losing Smith and Davis.

      13. RAMS: The Rams should have beat Arizona by much more and were in the game against Atlanta until the end. They started 1-1 last season, so no one should be planning their top ten pick on their draft board yet.

      14. JAGUARS: Undefeated, but who have they played? A weak Buffalo team and the Broncos. Their run defense is impressive, but Leftwich hasn't showed me much. Still, you have to recognize the record.

      15. REDSKINS: Clinton Portis is always dangerous, but with Brunell out, Ramsey is going to have to...
      -09-21-2004, 11:55 AM
    • RamDez
      An early look at the Vegas lines for Super Bowl XL
      by RamDez
      An early look at the Vegas lines for Super Bowl XL By Trent Modglin ([email protected])
      March 24, 2005

      So there I was in Las Vegas last weekend, sitting on the edge of my seat during the NCAA tournament, watching an unnecessary foul from Bucknell with two seconds left and a missed dunk by Duke’s Sheldon Williams cost me a parlay of epic proportions, watching blackjack dealers flip over five or six cards to beat my 20 more than once, watching the random madness of Sin City all around me. Ah, good times.

      And yet with all the energy everywhere I looked, the one thing I found myself drawn back to was the listing of the NFL futures lines. I guess it had something to do with where I work and how I’d been keeping up on the craze of free agency, but it’s always interesting to peruse what the number crunchers in Vegas think about the NFL compared to how I believe things will transpire.

      The sheet I’m holding in my hands is from Harrah’s, and it indicates that the odds to win Super Bowl XL are current through March 14. Considering it’s the heart of March Madness and closing in on opening day in baseball, I’ll give the Vegas boys a break on the time delay. A week and a half late is good enough for me when talking pigskin prognostications.

      These lines are, or course, for entertainment purposes only, unless you find yourselves foaming at the mouth at a sportsbook in Nevada.

      New England — 4-to-1
      How can they not be? Because they cut Ty Law? Because Tedy Bruschi has health issues? Because David Patten signed with Washington? This team finds ways and deserves to be in the lead in Vegas.

      Philadelphia — 4-to-1
      I guess you have to put them right there with the Pats, being as they could have beaten them if someone would have taught clock-management class in Philadelphia the week before the Super Bowl.

      Indianapolis — 5-to-1
      Peyton Manning has a big hump to get over. He knows what it is. We know what it is.

      Pittsburgh — 7-to-1
      The Steelers lost ORT Oliver Ross, LB Kendrell Bell and WR Plaxico Burress in free agency, but will they miss them?

      San Diego — 10-to-1
      Probably a little high here, considering they have an overachieving offensive line, a lack of pass rush and a void in the No. 1 WR department, but it shows that Vegas thinks last year’s run was a sign of things to come and not an aberration.

      New York Jets — 10-to-1
      Not sold just yet. Impressed last season? Yes. Sold? No. I’ll take Laveranues Coles over Santana Moss any day though, and not just because I went to Florida State.

      Atlanta — 12-to-1
      Seemingly a decent bet here with the way the Falcons appear to be moving forward under Jim Mora. I could easily see them representing the NFC.

      Denver — 12-to-1
      Solid everywhere but the D-line, where everyone has avoided them thus...
      -03-25-2005, 01:26 PM
    • jjigga3000
      by jjigga3000
      By Bill Simmons
      Page 2
      Visit ESPN to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball and more.

      After five weeks of the 2006 NFL season, we've only learned 10 things:

      1. If you're a QB, and you blow out a knee or smack your body up in a motorcycle accident, definitely take your time coming back. No rush. Seriously.

      2. The Bears have a chance to be historically good.

      3. The Raiders have a chance to be historically bad.

      4. Drew Bledsoe has added a degree of difficulty for blowing big games. In the old days, he'd just throw a back-breaking interception at the worst possible time. But since everyone knows that's coming now, he added a fascinating wrinkle: An improbable play to throw us off and make us forget he's about to blow the game (like last week's fourth-and-18 bomb to Glenn), followed by the back-breaking interception that becomes doubly back-breaking because of the preceding events.

      WEEK 5 REDUX
      Last week's picks found me on the wrong side of three killer gambling moments:

      1. With the Pats giving 10 and headed for a push, Maroney gets a game-clinching first down inside Miami's 20, only nobody tackles him, so he keeps going and it looks like he's going to score ... NO! He gets pushed out at the 4-yard line. That's followed by three Brady kneels.

      2. The Browns are getting 8.5 points and trailing by 11. Fourth down, 15 seconds left. Instead of taking one more crack at the end zone, Romeo Crennel sends out the FG team for the cover. This actually happened.

      3. The killer of killers: Getting 6.5 points, the Lions are trailing by two at midfield and it's fourth-and-10 with less than 90 seconds to play. Kitna scrambles, two guys pull him down ... and as he's falling, he flips it right to a Vikings lineman, who scrambles untouched for a clinching TD and the cover. I hate gambling.

      5. You're not winning a Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Steve McNair. They're both washed up. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's true.

      6. San Diego has the most talent in the AFC. Unfortunately, the Chargers also have an uptight coach who runs his team about as loosely as Ted Knight handled his daughters in "Too Close For Comfort."

      (Note: Sadly, that show was canceled 21 years ago, making the reference Bermanian for everyone younger than 30. Normally I avoid doing this, but I have two defenses: First, it's the perfect comparison. You really had to see the show. And second, Ted Knight was a comedic genius. So I'm standing by the reference. Now if I only had a clip of me and Glenn Frey standing outside the Hotel California. Back to the column.)

      7. If you're getting points with the Lions on the road and covering in the final minute, and the Lions have the ball, and they're driving, and the only way you could ever lose is if Jon Kitna fumbles a touchdown, throws an interception...
      -10-13-2006, 11:26 AM
    • Nick
      ClanRam 2011 NFL Power Rankings: Preseason
      by Nick
      It’s that time again. The NFL season is just around the corner; no really, it starts tomorrow night. So what better way to kick things off than the Clan’s own power rankings of all 32 teams in the league? This is going to probably change quite a bit after Week One as teams win some close games and lose some that they had no business dropping. But until the games are played, why not take a look at an early ranking of the league’s best and worst?

      -09-08-2011, 03:05 AM