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Whiners insult Rams WR's in today's Post Dispatch

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  • Whiners insult Rams WR's in today's Post Dispatch

    Since I am lucky enough to live in the great city of St. Louis, I will keep all the out of town Rams fans informed of what is being iprinted in the Post-Dispatch. Personally, as a republican, I hate the Post-Dispatch for their constant bashing of people like John Ashcroft and their consistent liberal reporting and editing. However, Jim Thomas does an exceptional job covering the Rams and their sports section is top notch.

    Anyway, whiners free safety Lance Schulters, a forth year player out of Hofstra, spotted off to the media, not once, but twice. He specifically attacked the Rams Wide Recieving corps, which many think is the best in football. He said that they are cheap, soft, ****y, cry babies to the refs, that there blocking is soft and in reality aren't very good.

    He denfended his comments on Thursday and jawwed away about his dis-like for the rams even more. Saying that the whole team is arrogant and to much of a finesse team to play beat them.

    Hummmmm, haven't we heard this all before? Last year from the Giants, then again this year from the Dolphins, Jet's, and even the playoff bound bears fans in town are talking that crap.

    Mr. Schulters will find out soon enough. We don't need to be physical against them, our WR's will be to busy running right by them.

    Go Rams
    Republican Ram

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