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  • Atlas???


    What happend to your team this weekend :upset:

    I am from Minnesota and your team has made the week a little harder for this happy fan. I really thought you guys had a win this weekend. The Vikings heads were spining until this weekend. Sorry my friend :upset:

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    i was pulling for them too.....somebody needed to lay out mo$$


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      **** happens, man.

      Bouman kicked our ass!

      I doubt he'll be with the Vikings long, playing like that.


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        Man, had no idea the Titans secondary had fallen on such bad times. I doubt if you are getting much pass rush from our friend K.C. either.


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          Blaine Bishop, our mastermind at defense, has been out most of the season. Our corners and other safeties are beat up all to hell...

          This team's defense literally looks like swiss cheese. Our offense has improved tenfold, all things considering. But, it's not accustomed to carrying the team. This just wasn't our year.


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            Hey Atlas,

            Here is the Questionable list for this weeks Titans game @ Green Bay. I feel for you man.

            QUESTIONABLE SS Blaine Bishop (Foot)
            DE Kevin Carter (Calf)
            RB Eddie George (Ankle)
            CB DeRon Jenkins (Knee)
            TE Erron Kinney (Calf)
            C Kevin Long (Knee)
            WR Derrick Mason (Hip)
            QB Steve McNair (Elbow)
            CB Donald Mitchell (Knee)
            SS Aric Morris (Ankle)
            G Zach Piller (Wrist)
            S Daryl Porter (Knee)
            CB Samari Rolle (Foot)
            DT Robaire Smith (Thumb


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              Congrats on the win this weekend big guy. I was pulling for the Titans all the way. (Wont hear me say that to much).

              It always nice to see and AFC team beat ab NFC team this time of year :evilram:


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                Really cool win there Atlas, would love for you guys to expose the Raiders next week.


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                  THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL...

                  SKIP HICKS!! Holy ****! Where the **** did that performance come from??!!! Even I was expecting to get our asses kicked.


                  • #10

                    I didn[t like the BOO'S Eddie got from the home town crowd. He has given the Titians 120% of himself. thought htat was little unclassie

                    3 cheers for Hicks :king:


                    • #11
                      Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the game. I didn't know they booed him. :upset: What'd he do?? Fumble again??!


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                        All he did was come on the field for a play after Hicks had made a couple nice runs. The fans went nuts with boo's. The annoucers even made a couple comments on it.


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                          Most TN fans boo, ask the Vols


                          TN fans boo college kids even. As a grad of The University of Memphis, whenever the Tigers played the Vols tough, the fans would boo. College players, they would boo.

                          Never understood them. So, I guess they just like to boo. lol



                          • #14
                            I can understand the Vols fans booing. It's college football after all.

                            Never in all my life have I seen a bigger group of drunken sports fans then college football crowds. They drink and drink and drink till...:confused:


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                            • RamWraith
                              Good reason to be a Viking's fan
                              by RamWraith
                              If my calculations are correct, we have every bit of an interest in the outcome of the Packer/Viking game.

                              NOW, I am not trying to look any further than this week and know we need to win first, but...

                              A Vikings win puts us back in a Dome. We would play Atlanta in a 70 degree climate. Packers win and we go to Philly. Also, if by chance both us and Vikings sneak our way through this, it would bring us back home for the Championship.

                              Does this sound right??
                              -01-07-2005, 05:59 AM
                            • RAMMAN68
                              by RAMMAN68
                              A friend sent me this joke, and I about fell out of my chair. This may be an old joke, but I thought it was too funny not to pass on.

                              Subject: Vikings

                              Q: What do you call 47 millionaires sitting around a
                              TV watching the Super
                              A: The Minnesota Vikings.

                              Q: What do the Minnesota Vikings and Billy Graham have
                              in common?
                              A: They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell
                              "Jesus Christ."

                              Q: How do you keep a Minnesota Viking out of your
                              A: Put up goal posts.

                              Q: Where do you go in the Twin Cities in case of a
                              A: To the dome - they never get a touchdown there.

                              Q: What do you call a Minnesota Viking with a Super
                              Bowl ring?
                              A: A thief!!

                              Q: Why was the Minnesota coach upset when the Vikings
                              play book was stolen?
                              A: Because he hadn't finished coloring it.

                              Q: What's the difference between the Minnesota Vikings
                              and a dollar bill?
                              A: You can still get 4 quarters out of a dollar bill.

                              Q: How many Minnesota Vikings does it take to win a
                              Super Bowl?
                              A: Nobody knows and we will never find out.

                              Q: What do the Minnesota Vikings and possums have in
                              A: Both play dead at home (and get killed on the

                              -02-19-2007, 01:44 PM
                            • Ltrey
                              I Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow!
                              by Ltrey
                              Hello Rams fans! Vikings fan here....I'm from, another F2FA site! I just wanted to come over and introduce myself and give you all my thoughts on the game. I'm excited about it since it will be my second Vikings game in the dome and I'm flying in from Pennsylvania to see it.

                              The Vikings have been somewhat of a disappointment for us this year. I expected them to be right around .500, but their 4-2 start really got us Vikes fans fired up! Then our offense went south, then they hit rock bottom, and now we're starting a rookie from Division I-AA at 6-9. The blame doesn't fall on Brad Johnson, and it doesn't fall on Brad Childress. Instead, it falls ALL THE WAY around the offense. Poor offensive line play, poor decision making by Brad, poor play calling by Childress, drops left and right for our receivers....the only guy who has played well all year is Chester Taylor, who I'm very pleased with.

                              It's a sad time in Vikings land. Some are questioning whether or not Tarvaris is a good enough QB (or will be a good enough QB) for the future and others are questioning Coach Childress left and right. I for one support both of them, and I think given another year or so they can have our Vikings right up at the top of the league where they belong.

                              For now though, I'm looking forward to seeing the rookie play against the Rams on Sunday. I doubt Stephen Jackson will be able to run the ball against us (after all, pretty much no one has been able to), but after Bulger put up 400+ yards this Sunday I don't like our chances of holding down your passing game.

                              I say that the Rams win this game, but obviously I hope otherwise.

                              Merry Christmas to all of you!
                              -12-25-2006, 09:10 PM
                            • PurplePharaoh
                              Vikings are better against the run..So I hope
                              by PurplePharaoh
                              The Rams try and run on the Vikings....I predict Vikings 31 Rams 24.:football:
                              -12-07-2005, 05:22 AM
                            • RamsFan16
                              Vikings | Smoot not likely to return to team next season
                              by RamsFan16
                              For any of you wierdy people out there who think we need help at Cornerback here is your chance.

                              If this man went for a cheaper price I'd say take a look but personally I think were sitting pretty good at Cornerback....
                              -02-10-2007, 03:45 PM