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  • Jack Ass of the Day Award goes to . . .

    Another great story about #84 of the Queens . . .

    Moss reportedly mouthed off at corporate sponsors

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- news services

    The Minnesota Vikings fined receiver Randy Moss $15,000 last month after he verbally abused a group of corporate sponsors on a team bus in Philadelphia, several people with knowledge of the situation told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

    The incident occurred Nov. 11 as the team was preparing to leave Veterans Stadium after a 48-17 loss to the Eagles. The Vikings, like most other NFL teams, typically invite top executives of the companies that advertise with them to road games. The executives travel with the team and watch the games from suites or club seats.

    After the Eagles game, a handful of those sponsors boarded the team bus ahead of Moss and other players. They sat down in seats near the front, according to witnesses, and waited to leave for the airport, the Star-Tribune reported.

    Moss was one of the last players to board and, according to witnesses, found the seat he wanted occupied by a sponsor. The witnesses said Moss asked that his seat and those around it be vacated.

    The witnesses said the sponsors initially did not know whether Moss was serious, according to the newspaper. When Moss eventually raised his voice and demanded they move, a few sponsors changed seats. Moss sat down and the bus departed.

    Coach Dennis Green would not take a question about the incident or the fine Wednesday, and no one else from the organization would comment. Moss declined to comment as he departed the Vikings' practice facility, and his agent, Dante DiTrapano, had no comment when reached at his West Virginia office, the Star Tribune said.

    The NFL has fined Moss $20,000 for three infractions this season -- two for taunting and one for wearing an unapproved cap on the sideline during a preseason game.

    Yeah - I want him on my team.

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    Remember when the talk was about Vermeil and if he ever kick himself for not drafting Moss instead of Grant. This kid is a cancer locked into an organization for 7 more years.

    Who is kicking who now.


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      moss is an arrogant punk and any team with him will NEVER GET to the super bowl let alone win one. "he's a cancer" - damn right.


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        I doubt if Randy Moss has any major corporate sponsors begging for him to advertise their product. I think Keyshawn would get a Chunky Soup commercial before this jerk.

        Moss needs a diaper change, hey hcs you busy? LOL


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          I had heard of Moss while he was in college, but the first time I saw him was on the Heisman Awards show. He was sitting there with his dreads and his shades, looking like a disrespectful a$$. I wondered, even with his talents, who would want this trouble maker. Then, Minnesota took him and CC, who I respect(ed) took him under his wing. With Randall throwing to him and CC's class on "class", I started appreciating him. This was a guy I wanted on my team.


          Since this major contract ($$$), that "dreads and shade's" attitude has resurfaced. His attitude, and work ethic are going to be the ruin of him and the Vike's. No, I do not think that every good player gives 110% on every play. But I feel that great players give all they got when it is needed. They also don't advertise when they do only give 90%.

          I also feel that instead of CC teaching Moss, Moss has started to teach CC. And that, I think is the biggest shame...

          This space for rent...


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            "And the winner is (envelope please)..."

            Yes, nice award, well deserved!

            Talk about having to grow up! Vikings are really going through a very stressful season -- since training camp of course.

            But this brat, this millionaire, has only made matters worse. What a disgrace for teamates and for the NFL... To think there are rookies much more mature and professional than Moss, playing harder, maintaing their cool, learning.

            Good grief... :mask:


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              Randy Moss is the star player of the vikings and thus one of the leaders WHAT A PITIFUL lEADER.... Any team whoes star player makes ridiclus, harrasing statements; that team will not win.


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                "This decision was made based on what we thought was in the best interests of the Minnesota Vikings, both in the short and long term," Childress said in a statement late Monday. "We wish Randy the best as he moves forward in his career."

                Vikings players said that Childress informed them during a Monday morning team meeting that Moss was no longer with the team.

                NFL Network's Michael Lombardi first reported Moss' release.

                Childress did not initially tell management of his desire to part with Moss, according to Lombardi, but Childress did tell the team that Moss would be waived. Childress has control over the 53-man roster.

                The Nashville Tennessean quoted coach Jeff Fisher as saying "I've had every player in the building come to my backdoor and say, 'Go get him. Go get him.' "

                The Titans, who have a bye this week and would thus have more time to acclimate Moss to their offense, could have a glaring need at wide receiver because of receiver Kenny Britt's hamstring injury. Tennessee also is in the mix for first in the AFC South with a 5-3 record.

                Safety Michael Griffin and running back Chris Johnson posted on Twitter that the Titans should "get Randy Moss," but Fisher said their feelings wouldn't factor into the decision.

                The Miami Herald also reported, citing sources, that the Dolphins have interest in Moss, who has a home in South Florida. Miami's offense has struggled, and the Dolphins are a playoff contender at 4-3.

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                According to a report reposted on RotoWorld.
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                Stick to catching the ball, Randy Moss
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                Because you might have single-handedly cost the Vikings the game and the Rams a bigger margin in the West.
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