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If you are true football fan read this!

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  • If you are true football fan read this!

    We, the posters on this thread, all
    love the game of football. We are
    devoted to our teams and support them
    with fervent passion and humble class.

    We show respect to other teams, their
    players, and fans. We engage in intelligent
    discussion and educated speculation.

    We celebrate our victories when we win and
    we congratulate our opponents when we lose.

    We love football, and that says it all.

    That was posted at the Saints message board. It gives one moment tp pause and reflect. These words are true to the very core. These games are fun but they are just games. I hope we can be friends in the sense that we share the love of the game of football. I would hope that if anyone needed help that someone would help them because they are humans. And help them regardless of creed, sex, color, national origin(terriosts excluded), and football team preference. This is the time of year when people generally become nicer and more loving. It is a shame that it doesn't happen year round. The world would be a better place if it was like Christmas all the time. Peace be with all of you this season and may you find peace.

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    hey Jack,

    Merry Christmas Man!!!


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      Thanks jack,Have safe and Happy Holiday.That was a good post.I went ahead and moved it to the General NFL Talk forum so those who are not into the Smack forum could read it also.

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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        Happy Hoildays

        Yes good post. Happy holidays to all


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          top post

          Excellent post jack. I am totally ram and football mad, but it doesn't top good freinds and kindness and thats also the wonder of football. We get to meet new people and make new feinds.

          Happy Christmas mate, all the best.

          Oh. And the saints suck!

          The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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            Great word Jack!!! Really touches a football fans heart, I wish fans all around the world could and would follow words like that. Thanks and Merry Chirstmas!


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              I LOVE THIS SITE!!




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                all welled up

                Titto, quick, a tissue....quit laughing Jermaine.

                Actually, a very, very fine post from not necessarily a Saints fan, but just a fan of the game. I wish some of the Saint players could have felt some of that love and cheer on the 3 or 4 times they took unnecessary pops on Warner after he threw interceptions earlier in the year.

                God bless you Jack, god bless us all.....if only football could go on all the time.


                TX here's another one........
                "I'm a good looking man....yes, yes you are. And I'm a good looking man. We're all three good looking men."
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                  Re: all welled up

                  Originally posted by jdpbmo

                  TX here's another one........
                  "I'm a good looking man....yes, yes you are. And I'm a good looking man. We're all three good looking men."
                  "Buy that man a trough of Spritzer."


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                    Honorable friend...

                    Well done Jack! Thanks for sharing that thought all the way from New Orleans -- quite significant and very true. The way it should be.
                    Happy New Year, many blessings. :helmet:


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                      That was a very good post and I'm sorry that I missed it when it was originaly posted. It's very true though that regardless of all the smack talk, or even hatred towards a team that it's only a game and "most" of us can go to sleep at night putting it behind us, "most" of us that is

                      Win, Lose, or Draw I'm a Rams fan and many people feel the same for their favorite team. That's the beauty of America though, we can choose our favorite team and not like other teams. This is the best country in the world :helmet:


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                        :wiseman: How true..I also wish I'd have caught this thread sooner. It would be good if we could be nice to each other all year. Our lives do go on and don't end after a football game. Have a great year.


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                          Although this may not be the best time to be a Rams fan right now it is still a wonderful time of year to enjoy family and friends. I have never personally met any of you but I feel that I know each of you somewhat from reading your comments on the forum, we may not always agree with each other but I respect each of your opinions. I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish each of you a safe, healthy and happy holliday season. May 2010 be a prosporous year for each of us in our personal lives and in our Rams lives.

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                          I would like to say it has been a pleasure to chat Rams football for 7 years on this message board with all of you guys. This message board expects logical, reasonable discussions about our team unlike lets say the ESPN boards where people are just cussing people out. It is refreshing that we can all get along and talk RAMS football. Here's to another great few years chatting with you guys. :helmet::king:

                          MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!
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                          It's a little early, but so what ...

                          I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family, friends, dogs, cats, loved ones of all sorts ...

                          Remember to be thankful for everything we have, as everyone has something. You know, we have crappy football here in St. Louis right now, but it is football nonetheless ...

                          Eat heartily and lets hope we can squeak out a victory this weekend. It looks like we might have some of our big boys back, so there's always a little hope ...

                          Anyway, everybody have a great day! And on that note, let's all go get a little fatter!
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                          Its that time of year again, when we slow down and take stock of what's important.


                          To all my friends here at ClanRam...

                          To Dez, who provides this place for us...
                          To my fellow Mods, who work to keep it running...
                          To the Bash regulars, who I look forward to seeing each year...
                          To the diehards, who cheer and hope, no matter what...
                          To the old fans, who remember the L.A. days fondly...
                          To the new fans, who keep the fan base fresh....
                          To the lurkers, who follow along in relative silence...
                          To the nutbags, who think they can wish the Rams back to California..
                          To the naysayers, who take pleasure in the Rams' misfortune...
                          To the blithering idiots, who include the word "SUX" in their posts...
                          To the obtuse jerks, who think "nuff said" is a winning argument...
                          To the knee-jerk Chicken Littles, who want to bench Bradford...
                          And to all the great Rams fans who come here for Rams talk...

                          I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!
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                          I'd like to just send a message to all the people on this board. I myself, have today decided to just step back from the Rams.

                          "But wait, are you saying you're ditching the team? BANDWAGONER! You are not a real fan!"

                          Oh of course not. I'm still going to watch every game, and root for them. But I've realized us over-analyzing every little negative thing about this franchise will do us no good, physically and mentally. It's probably causing us more stress in our lives than we need. With jobs, school, friends, family, we have much more stress than we need, why add more?

                          What I'm suggesting is to just, at least for the rest of this season, treat football like what it truly is. Entertainment, and a casual hobby. I'm a die-hard avid football fan, and always will be, but there is no point in causing more grief to ourselves by desperately dragging our mental states to this football team's level.

                          This football team sucks. Everyone knows it. But hey, if they suck, they suck. We can't do anything about it. Just enjoy that we have football to watch, and that we have the luxury of buying the GamePass or having a computer to watch illegal links on. Many people don't.

                          There's more to life than just this Rams team, let's just step back, and breathe. Maybe take your family on a nice backpacking hike, take a date to a new movie, whatever it may be. Let's stop making this team bring the fans (us) down.

                          I don't know if everyone will truly understand the message I'm trying to send, but for those who do, know that life is good and just enjoy it. Don't let a simple thing like football bring us into foul moods, because that affects the people we interact with afterwards, and the atmosphere and your whole day just goes to the $h!t.

                          And if anyone calls me a casual, fake Rams fan, I will castrate you.
                          -11-27-2011, 08:01 PM