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Worst officating moment in the past couple of years

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  • Worst officating moment in the past couple of years

    After seeing the officals getting hit with beer bottles in todays browns game for a supposed "technical difficulty" it brought back memorys of years past in wich refs have messed up. So i ask the members: What was the Worst officating moment in the past couple of years

    my vote goes to the messed up coin toss between the steelers and the lions 2 or 3 years ago. Bettis called tails in the air, the coin landed tails and the ref said the call was heads. Note this was in OT on thanksgiving. PRETTY BAD MOMENT considering all of America heard the call.:rolleyes:

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    That officiating moment was a bad one, however, the reaction of the Browns fans cannot be tolerated. The team should be fined for what the fans did on Sunday. That was a total disgrace to every professional fan. To all my dear friends outside the U.S., please do not take the following comment out of context, but NFL fans should not act like a bunch of crazed German soccer fans who just lost a World Cup game. Just like every soccer fan dosen't punch their neighbor in the stands, every fan at the Browns game wasn't throwing bottles. Enough were throwing bottles Sunday though for me to say I never want to watch a game at Cleveland, even if the Rams have a heritage there.

    What is most alarming is that this isn't the first time the city of Cleveland have had trouble with their fans. The Indians 10 cent beer night in the late 70's was a really smart move, NOT. First time ever a baseball game had to be cancelled due to crowd control. When the Browns announced their move to Baltimore after the final game, the crowd dismantled the stands at old Memorial Stadium.

    Maybe the pro sports teams in Cleveland need their liquor license revoked until someone tells the fans in Cleveland to do one major thing: GROW UP!!!!


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      Originally posted by txramsfan
      NFL fans should not act like a bunch of crazed German soccer fans who just lost a World Cup game.
      Whgen Germany lost 5-1 to England in Munich during a World Cup qualifier this September, their fans were too shocked to throw an insult never mind a punch or a bottle.
      If the biggest pronblem you've got in the NFL is a few drunken Browns fans throwing bottles on the pitch count yourself lucky.
      In the 1980s El Salvador and Honduras had an 11-day war after an ill-tempered World Cup match between the two soccer teams.
      Now that's hooliganism on a grand scale.


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        Re: Worst officating moment in the past couple of years

        Originally posted by Warner13
        my vote goes to the messed up coin toss between the steelers and the lions 2 or 3 years ago. Bettis called tails in the air, the coin landed tails and the ref said the call was heads.
        Wasn't that the same official, by the way, who collided with Horn to stop a Saints TD a couple of weeks back?


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          Re: Re: Worst officating moment in the past couple of years

          Originally posted by The Limey

          Wasn't that the same official, by the way, who collided with Horn to stop a Saints TD a couple of weeks back?
          Yes it was. They mentioned that when it happened. :p


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            That offical should be fired!!! or moved to 3rd grade football, but even that might be a challenge for him:confused:


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              The Browns were robbed. Pure and simple. There can be no doubt. I can't blame the fans too much for what happened. That call would piss me off even if it came against the Rams. It was bull****. :mad:


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                One of the main arguments I've heard is when the buzzer actually went off on the pager. Now, c'mon, its the NFL. Don't ya think that they would equip the coaches also with pagers? Just to notify them that a play would be reviewed? I mean, they give the coach a red flag for all but 2 minutes of each half huh?

                Does anyone else find stupidity in this? At least BOTH sidelines would have known of the review, at the SAME time. But that may be too logical.



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                  Not that it would have been any excuse for the criminal behavior of the Cleveland fans, but they absolutely were NOT robbed. The call was correct. People continue to deflect the issue of the inexcusable fan behavior by talking about the refs decision, but it was the right one. That was no catch.


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                    That's not the point. YOU CANNOT CHALLENGE A PLAY AFTER THE BALL IS SNAPPED. PERIOD! Calls have been made good AND bad. The original call may or may not have been bad. It's beside the point. You can't challenge it. And those refs should all be fired.

                    There is no fairness... No respect... No honor.... No JUSTICE ... if the refs don't act in a consistent manor. They did not. They broke one of the most infamous rules of all. When the refs brake the very rules they're supposed to enforce, then everything, EVERYTHING we love about football means nothing! It's all bull****. Football would be no better then your typical politician. It's all one big load of crap.
                    Last edited by Guest; -12-17-2001, 03:12 PM.


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                      Atlas, that's not the case. If a call comes FROM THE BOOTH before the snap, you CAN review after the play. That's what happened Sunday. It was confusing, but they DID follow the rules completely.
                      What is a big load of crap is people thinking that it's OK to throw things onto the field because they don't like the decision of game officials. Whether it was right or wrong, we should be focusing on THAT, not on the officials.
                      But, the officials bravely made the CORRECT decision.


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                        Regardless, they need to figure out a better form/procedure of communication to try and avoid these situations. Who's to say that the officials haven't stretched the truth a bit to cover themselves. Who knows?? No one. These things cannot be allowed to happen. It blemishes an already shaky reputation of football officiating.


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                          Better system

                          I have givin this some though as to how too improve the review system. it might be too outright but it would work. With under 2 min remaining and there is a review, the review booth sends a message to the refs.. just as they do now, however they also make a call over to the Public adress anoucer, and have them say it thougout the stadium, that way EVERYONE heres it.

                          crazy? mabey:wiseman:


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                            Not bad...

                            Why not have an audio alarm and a visual alarm. You know, something like the red light above a hockey goal. Upstairs booth pushes a button, buzzer goes off, light starts spinning, and a horn sounds. Would be easy to keep a camera on the light and be able to sync the view of that with a view of the play to see which happened first.
                            This space for rent...


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                              It might work however if you had a buzzer go off, light start to spin, and a horn go off it could alarm some elderly and young fans. Back in the cold war, if an alarm went off it ment that the russians were attacking, or it was a drill, and i bet not alot of fans would react kindly to that kind of comotion.


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                                Browns fans RULE!!!!
                                by Republican Ram
                                They are diffently the best fans in football. Without a doubt. I would love to be a Browns fan, I just love being a Rams fan too much!!

                                Here is the thing, I have been brutalized by stadium security all over the country at games. Never at the Dome, thank God. I have been in a couple of brawls, I have been booted from a couple stadiums; The stadium at University of Kansas, Hauck Feild at South East Missouri St, The stadium at University of Illinois St. etc....

                                Security at football games is zealous and thanks to these fans, it's gonna get worse.

                                I will say this though, security at Rams games is good. The ushers are friendly, they don't harass people and they themselves are good football fans.

                                Go Rams
                                God Bless the Browns Fans,
                                Republican Ram:ram: :helmet: :o
                                -12-17-2001, 04:52 PM
                              • RamsFan16
                                Sorry... We have the worst fans!
                                by RamsFan16
                                Ok this is on my opinion and it has nothing to do with you guys. But we have the worst fans at the Dome. I don't think they know how good they have it. I mean there at a Rams game and there Rams fans. I mean some times when the opponet does something good there fans at the stadium are louder than ours. Whenever we do something good it isn't loud at all. I mean I've been watching NFL Shortcuts for the Rams and other teams this week such as the Cardinals. And I find it very offending and embarassing that the Cardinal fans are louder than ours by about 500 times. I want it to be loud... Now please enlighten me. What is wrong with our fans at the dome? Grannit if were losing owell look at all the teams that have losing traditions. There louder than ever.
                                -12-14-2005, 02:50 PM
                              • chucknbob
                                Disappointing fans?
                                by chucknbob
                                I noticed during last weeks game that there was a lot of booing of the Rams, especially of Sam Bradford and the passing game. I also saw a quote on twitter that said Jeff Fisher was disappointed in the fans Thursday night.

                                It got me thinking, should we, as fans, boo and show our frustration during the games, or should we cheer no matter what.
                                If they're bad I boo, I spent the ticket money and I'll do what I want.
                                I cheer and root for them good or bad. 12th man in the house.
                                I just don't go to the game when they're bad. Bad teams don't deserve my money.
                                -09-30-2013, 12:12 PM
                              • hawaiianpunch
                                The Best NFL fans
                                by hawaiianpunch
                                I watched this video today about the best football fans. And it made me a little upset. the part that made me the most upset was Torry Holt saying that the best fans in the NFL are from Pittsburgh.

                                I believe that we as rams fans have to support them. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU FANS IN SAINT LOUIS. Now I know what a lot of you are saying. " We are 1-15 do you really expect us to go to every game?"

                                I may be wrong about this. But the raiders suck. There fans go to all their games. They may not be sold out always but they always go in full force. I drove from Las Vegas to an Oakland game playing St. Louis, when the rams stunk. And the raider fans were in full force. After the rams had beaten them, I had to complement them on coming out for there team. And they really appreciated it.

                                2 years ago when the rams played Pittsburgh and Chicago. I was watching the game and noticed that the rams fans there had dwindled. I heard more cheers on television for the other teams, then for the rams.

                                Frankly I am shocked at our fans. Maybe Im over reacting cause i don't go to games in St.louis, and Im not there to see it for myself. And hey for all I know i could be over reacting so Im just saying my peace.

                                St.Louis rams fans. Please "STEP UP" this year. I really never want to hear a future hall of famer of my team, say that another teams fans is that much better. Get a job, go to a game, be a true fan. If i lived in St.Louis I WOULD BE THERE EVERY GAME. "STEP YOUR GAME UP RAMS FANS."

                                Love you guys though.

                                -09-07-2010, 09:43 PM
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