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  • Steelers

    Steelers (record wise) are the best team next to the Rams.

    Are the Steelers as good as their record? I have watched them play serveral times and I am not impressed. Am I wrong on this? Are they a threat to our trophy??

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    Well, the steelers are a good team. Even with Betis out they have managed to win those games. Kordell has became a real QB, and the steel curtian is back. However the rams, in my opinion could beat the steelers. :king:


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      They are most definitely a threat. I have watched Steeler games all my life... They haven't played this good since the Super bowl years. The key this year is their offense is good as well as their defense. I think they're the only team with talent that can beat you guys in a fair game. No bad calls, just man to man play. It would be a hell of a game, either way!
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        One thing about the Steelers this year that is much different than the previous years since Kordell became the QB is that the Steelers are just taking what is given. Kordell rarely throws an INT, the rushing game is one of the best in the league. The O Line could argueably be the best in the NFL. Hines and Burress are big physical receivers.

        The D is impressive also, giving up just about 12 or so a game. They have one major problem, that is the kicking game. The Steelers FGK is not very reliable.


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          I don't see anything that really strikes fear into me as far as offense goes. I am shocked how many of you think it is good.

          Their red zone is AWEFUL! 90% of the time the defense has set up a score. The ONLY positve for them is that Stewart throws little int's.


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            Re: REALLY

            Originally posted by J-Ram
            Their red zone is AWEFUL! 90% of the time the defense has set up a score. The ONLY positve for them is that Stewart throws little int's.
            That is correct. The way the Rams play defense makes this a big trap for the Steelers. We tend to allow teams from time to time to march between the 20's. We stiffen up inside the 20, and force field goals, which the Steelers aren't real comfortable with this year.



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              The Rams have the best offense in the league, no doubt. But, anyone who underestimates the Steelers will suffer the same fate as the Ravens. I am giving Martz credit that he will not let his team make that mistake.

              The Steelers play a Lions team that is better then their record next week, but should walk to a 14-2 finish.


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                well then

                Do the Bears fall in this same catagory. I see both the Bears and Steelers as much the same type of teams.


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                  The Bears don't pass the ball as good nor run it as good as the Steelers. Plus, the Steelers could beat the Packers at home.


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                    thank you J-Ram, i've been the only one saying hold the phone with the squeelers. They look better than they have in the past, but there are key parts of the team that will hinder them in the playoffs:

                    1. Kicking...'nuff said, the bills canned their kicker for MUCH less.
                    2. Secondary...the secondary gets beat a lot, Rams would take 'em to school in the long ball.

                    Kordell's looking better, but i still question his accuracy.

                    THE BEARS! no way, they're too streaky and they look like they're following in the footsteps of the ravens, all D, NO O.


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