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Cowboys to give Tavon two dozen touches per game?

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  • Cowboys to give Tavon two dozen touches per game?

    Originally posted by Josh Norris @JoshNorris

    Listening to the #Cowboys Day 3 press conference. They call Tavon Austin a "web back" and want to get him the ball "a dozen to two dozen" times per game, plus return game on top of that.

    12 to 24 times. Per. Game.

    I had to listen 3 times to make sure I heard that correctly.

    5:57 PM - 10 May 2018
    From Rotoworld...

    Speaking in the Cowboys' post-draft press conference, EVP Stephen Jones said the team wants to get "web back" Tavon Austin "a dozen to two dozen" touches per game.

    That's a real quote, verifiable at the link below. Jones said that's in addition to the return game. Austin lost return duties to Pharoh Cooper last season and averaged 4.5 touches on offense. Even during his Jeff Fisher heyday of 2015, Austin averaged just 6.5 touches. We are going to assume the front office doesn't actually mandate that Austin is one of the most heavily-used players in football this season, but the Cowboys have made it abundantly clear they want to feature Austin in their old Lance Dunbar role.
    So we'll see how that goes.

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    Maybe they're planning to have him return kickoffs and expect to be scored on a lot?


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      Best explanation is that they are including the number of times he fumbles and then touches the ball trying to pick it up.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        I wish Tavon nothing but good luck with the Cowboys, except when playing the Rams, of course. I place the blame for that catastrophe on Jeff Fisher and Les Snead for not evaluating him properly to realize he cannot learn a playbook and then doubling down by awarding him a contract that was totally undeserved.

        The Cowboys may be using Tavon far more than we did as their passing offense looks pretty lame at this point. Losing Whitten and Bryant decimated their receiving corps, leaving Terrance Williams as their best WR. Defenses should be able to stack the box to contain Elliot with Prescott trying to find an open receiver.

        Go Rams!


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          When they say "get the ball" they mean go get the ball and bring it to the refs.