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Are the Cardinals benching Sam Bradford already?

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  • Are the Cardinals benching Sam Bradford already?

    Cardinals can save money in roster bonuses by benching Sam Bradford
    9:44 AM ET
    Adam Schefter
    ESPN Senior Writer

    The Arizona Cardinals continue to stand by quarterback Sam Bradford even though they have scored only six points in eight quarters.

    But if the Cardinals needed any added motivation to turn to rookie first-round pick Josh Rosen, they will have some financially.

    The Cardinals are the worst offense in the NFL through two weeks and Sunday will be the first test for a scaled down playbook.

    If the Cardinals bench Bradford after this week or even decide to release him from the roster and go with Mike Glennon as the backup, they would save over $4 million in unpaid per-game roster bonuses, per a review of Bradford's contract.

    That number would decrease with each week that Arizona waited to make that move, but there are some around the league who believe the Cardinals already are thinking about making a quarterback change.

    Rosen took some reps with the first-team offense in practice, and those around him believe he is making progress and it is only a matter of time before he plays this season -- as it was for fellow rookie quarterbacks Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen.

    But there also is a cost to Arizona for each week it waits. For each game Bradford is active this season, including Sunday's home game against the Chicago Bears, he receives a $312,500 bonus. So if Bradford and the offense don't start producing more, the Cardinals could opt to turn to Rosen -- and save millions of dollars doing it.

    Bradford, 30, has passed for a total of just 243 yards and thrown two interceptions in his first two games with the winless Cardinals.

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    Started hot against the Bears but has thrown 2 ints since then and the Cards have made the switch to Rosen.


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      With the way Sam refused to renegotiate with the RAMS so they could improve the team around him, and the way he has reacted to competition with each team he has been to since, I don't feel sorry for him at all. Let the Cards cut him. Although, if they wait until after he gets a beating from our DL, then that would be icing on the cake.



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        Originally posted by gap View Post
        With the way Sam refused to renegotiate with the RAMS so they could improve the team around him, and the way he has reacted to competition with each team he has been to since, I don't feel sorry for him at all. Let the Cards cut him. Although, if they wait until after he gets a beating from our DL, then that would be icing on the cake.

        I can't feel sorry for anyone who has made as much money as Bradford has underperforming for desperate teams. I expect the Cards to cut him. Apparently they'll save around 4 mil if they do because he has a bonus paid out for every game he's on the roster.


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          The Cardinals will actually be more competitive with Rosen. I've always liked Rosen as a QB. He has a strong arm and is extremely accurate. In his limited time last night, he showcased some good throws. The Cards o-line did him no favors.


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            Originally posted by gap View Post
            With the way Sam refused to renegotiate with the RAMS so they could improve the team around him, and the way he has reacted to competition with each team he has been to since, I don't feel sorry for him at all. Let the Cards cut him. Although, if they wait until after he gets a beating from our DL, then that would be icing on the cake.

            Yeah....over 100M in earnings with nothing to really show for it. I think he is fine.......


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              Originally posted by macrammer View Post

              Yeah....over 100M in earnings with nothing to really show for it. I think he is fine.......
              I think one of the talking heads said that he's gotten 138M guaranteed over the life of his career which is about 1.3 M per TD pass. All the credit goes to his agent for securing guaranteed money for a check-down passer. Unbelievable. The first 50M was rookie money, but the rest ??? Un-friggin-believable !! If I was player I'd be lining his agent up immediately.


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                They've apparently made him the third sting QB, which typically is inactive on game days. That saves them $312,500 in the form of a roster bonus each week.


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                  Cardinals release Sam Bradford after eight weeks
                  by cowboyhater

                  Sam Bradford
                  's uninspiring time in the desert is over.

                  The Arizona Cardinals released the veteran quarterback on Saturday after eight weeks.

                  Bradford's time in the light in Arizona was brief, as he started the Cardinals' first three games before he was unceremoniously benched with less than five minutes to play in a close Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears. Rookie first-round pick Josh Rosen took over for Bradford in that contest, which ended in a loss for the Cardinals.

                  Since then, first-year coach Steve Wilks has hitched his wagon to Rosen to mostly unsuccessful results, which have been more a product of team-wide problems than Rosen's typical rookie struggles. The quarterback has showed promise at times while playing behind one of the worst, if not the worst offensive line in the league, completing 55.6 percent of his attempts for 1,072 yards, five touchdowns and six interceptions (passer rating: 69.9).

                  Meanwhile, Arizona has done its best to keep Bradford out of the public eye, leaving him inactive for multiple weeks and avoiding paying his per-game active bonuses that had the potential to reach a maximum of total of $5 million if active for all 16 contests.

                  When he was playing, Bradford completed 50 of 80 attempts for 400 yards, two touchdowns, four interceptions and a passer rating of 62.5....
                  -11-03-2018, 05:49 PM
                • Dominating D
                  Bradford gets good review from Arizona coach and players
                  by Dominating D
                  According to ESPN

                  In addition to Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt also gave Sam Bradford a glowing endorsement after playing against the rookie in the opener.

                  "I wish another team had drafted him beside one in our division," Whisenhunt said. Fitzgerald called Bradford "special" after the game, a term also used by one longtime successful scout in a conversation with ESPN's Adam Schefter.
                  -09-17-2010, 10:17 AM
                • Nick
                  Bradford shows he won't back down
                  by Nick
                  Bradford shows he won't back down
                  BY BERNIE MIKLASZ | Posted: Monday, September 13, 2010 12:15 am

                  The Arizona Cardinals were determined to knock the kid back to Oklahoma. They came at him in waves, tossing Sam Bradford around so much that at times the quarterback in the No. 8 jersey looked more like a piece of laundry tumbling in the dryer.

                  And even though the Rams lost the season's first game, the Rams' rookie quarterback passed the first test. He shook off the pain, cleared his head and got up to throw again. The Cardinals tried their ferocious best to put Bradford away by breaking his spirit, and perhaps a couple of body parts. The Cardinals tried to disorient him with their tricks and deception.

                  The Cardinals were on a mission to get to Bradford's body and inside of his head and frustrate him into submission. But at the end of the game, Big Easy was firing away, not shrinking from the moment, still standing tall and prepared to fight until the clock ran out.

                  "Sam is not afraid to lead," Rams defensive tackle Clifton Ryan said. "He's not afraid of anything."

                  There were no signs of physical or mental weakness, no loss of confidence or will power. In his first real NFL game, nothing flustered Bradford. Not the speed of the game, the direct hits or the sneak attacks from blitzers. Not the missed connections with receivers, or his rookie mistakes or the taunting from Arizona's defensive players.

                  "I felt like I was very composed," Bradford said. "I felt like I really didn't get rattled."

                  Bradford didn't win Sunday's game at the Edward Jones Dome. The Cardinals came back for a 17-13 victory that wasn't crossed off until they held Bradford off late, intercepting him twice in the final minutes, the second on the obligatory jump-ball desperation pass into the end zone.

                  But the Cardinals walked off the field knowing that they will see the kid again this season, in a rematch at Arizona. And they will see Bradford many times during his career, and they may not be looking forward to it. Because it is only a matter of time until Bradford starts winning games like this.

                  "Sam Bradford is going to be a special player," said Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona's All-Pro wideout.

                  The rookie's right arm may need to be iced down today, after his 32 completions in 55 attempts for 253 yards. Fifty-five passes in his first NFL game? So much for the idea that Rams coaches would be reluctant to turn Bradford loose.

                  "Probably a little higher (total) than I would have imagined," Bradford said. "But, you know, I play quarterback. I throw the ball. That's what I like to do. I threw it a lot in college, so I'm used to it. If it's something we have to do as a team, I'm comfortable with it."

                  Until that final long-shot heave shot into...
                  -09-13-2010, 06:29 AM
                • Nick
                  Sam Bradford and an NFC West in transition
                  by Nick
                  Sam Bradford and an NFC West in transition
                  By Mike Sando
                  Sunday, September 12, 2010

                  ST. LOUIS -- The two-time defending NFC West champion Arizona Cardinals scrapped their way to a 17-13 victory over a St. Louis Rams team with a rookie quarterback and six victories in its previous 48 games.

                  The popular favorite to win the division this season, San Francisco, already faces tough questions after suffering a 31-6 humiliation in Seattle against the rebuilding, and surprisingly rejuvenated, Seahawks.

                  It's nearly impossible to know how this division race will shake out after one dizzying week, but it's looking like it'll be a race, not a runaway. Oh, and one other thing: Sam Bradford looks like the quarterback to make the Rams competitive.

                  "I wish another team had drafted him," Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said.

                  Don't let the brutal stat line fool you. Bradford threw three picks and finished with a 53.1 passer rating. The Cardinals picked him off on a Hail Mary to end the game and on a late fourth-down play when Bradford had to take a chance or turn over the ball on downs.

                  The Rams converted 10 of 23 times on third or fourth down. They couldn't finish except when Bradford rolled out and found Laurent Robinson for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal from the Arizona 1-yard line -- a gutsy call revealing just how much faith the Rams have in their new leader. Bradford even beat defensive lineman Darnell Dockett and linebacker Clark Haggans to a loose ball after tight end Billy Bajema fumbled.

                  "That is our new leader, him and Steven [Jackson] and O.J. [Atogwe]," Rams defensive tackle Clifton Ryan said. "I view him as a leader even though he is a rookie because of the confidence that he prepares with, the confidence he came in with, the confidence that he played with today. As he progresses, you're going to see him lead us to victory in games like this."

                  It could happen next week in Oakland. It nearly happened Sunday, but the Cardinals did just enough.

                  Quarterback Derek Anderson overcame inaccuracy and manpower issues at receiver to find Steve Breaston seven times for 132 yards. He showed the leadership Whisenhunt wanted -- and the guile Matt Leinart failed to muster -- by shaking off repeated hits. Anderson took nine hits but only one sack, and afterward Rams defensive end Chris Long said Anderson surprised him with his feel for when to get rid of the ball.

                  There were stretches during the game when I wondered if we might see another quarterback change in Arizona within a couple weeks. That was probably a hasty judgment. Afterward, Whisenhunt said he was very comfortable with where the offense is heading under Anderson.

                  Anderson at times exploited a Rams secondary that went much of the second half without its third and fourth cornerbacks. (Kevin Dockery and...
                  -09-12-2010, 09:54 PM
                • Rambos
                  Rams' Bradford performing under pressure
                  by Rambos
                  By Nick Wagoner |

                  ST. LOUIS -- For the better part of the past decade, whenever the Rams needed leadership in a close and late situation, they turned to running back Steven Jackson.

                  Trailing by 11 in the fourth quarter Sunday against Arizona, Jackson was nowhere to be found. After an offseason of building an offense with quarterback Sam Bradford as the centerpiece and as he enters another season as an offensive captain, all eyes were on Bradford.

                  Bradford doesn’t have the fiery, in-your-face personality that many often (and mistakenly) associate with leadership. He’s always been a calm, lead-by-example type who wants to lead with actions rather than words.

                  So when Bradford entered the huddle with his team trailing 24-13 and less than two minutes to go in the third quarter, his teammates saw exactly what they always see from Bradford. He stayed the same on the next possession and every one thereafter.

                  Sam Bradford rallied the St. Louis Rams to a victory in Week 1.
                  “Sam is cool as a cucumber all the time, man,” left guard Chris Williams said. “That’s just Sam for you. He’s not a panic guy. It’s great.”

                  Starting with that drive late in the third, Bradford went on to complete six passes in a row for 76 yards and a touchdown to draw the Rams within five. On the ensuing two-point conversion, Bradford found another way to add points to the Rams’ tally, taking a snap out of the shotgun, showing pass and bursting into the end zone to trim it to three.

                  “Yeah, how’d you guys like that?” Bradford said, laughing. “That was pretty good, huh? I think they had no idea that I was going to run the ball on that play and I think that’s why it worked so well. But hey, we’ll take what they give us.”

                  Bradford’s late-game heroics weren’t limited to sneak-attack runs either. Starting from that late drive in the third quarter, Bradford went 11-of-13 for 128 yards and a touchdown for a rating of 133.3 to close out the game and the Cardinals.

                  For Bradford to take the next step and become the quarterback he was drafted to be and that the Rams believe he can be, he’ll need to continue to find ways to bring his team back when it falls behind.

                  In his first two seasons, Bradford struggled in late-game situations. In games where his team was either up or down by seven points or fewer, Bradford posted a rating of 67.6 as a rookie and 75.0 in 2011.

                  Although it went a bit under the radar, Bradford began to show a penchant for coming through when the Rams needed it most in 2012. With the Rams in more close games last year, Bradford got better and better with victories on the line as the season went along.

                  When all was said and done, Bradford posted a rating of 92.7 in the fourth quarter of games still hanging in the balance and led the Rams to game-winning drives in fourth-quarter...
                  -09-09-2013, 02:30 PM