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Rams’ QB coach Zac Taylor expected to be named new Bengals coach

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  • mde8352gorams
    I think Troy Aikman said it best during the Cowboys-Rams game. If you simply had a cup of coffee with Sean McVay you become a candidate for a HC job in the NFL right now.

    Go Rams!

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  • cowboyhater
    You may be right, but would such a man WANT the job? I don't think Bruce Arians or Bill Cowher would take it, regardless of payout.

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  • Ram Dragoon
    Doubling down on stupid

    Why the Bengals are the Bungles...

    Zac could prove me wrong and be another McVay but I don't think so and even if Z. Taylor is another McVay, that is not what the Bengals need. Its not the play calling or the play designs where they fell was execution of those plays; lack of toughness on defense; shortage of will to play that make the Bengals bottom feeders and a complete joke.

    Bengals demonstrated they can win games and get into the payoffs. They have a QB who can get it done--Talent at WR--some play makers on defense. But it all has to come together to make a team then go and fix holes and weakness. On paper there are not that many weakness on their team. So its a reach that someone like Taylor who has limited coordinator skills at a high level is the Bengals "fix". Jeff Fisher experienced at both levels of head coaching and as a coordinator did not make him a success--rather a disaster. The game left him by and Fisher couldn't grasp the evolved NFL.

    Now the Bengals want to put in a fresh face...who never had to manage a coaching staff; never really engineered either a defense or offense but is expected to do both; has to identify need and adjust weakness in the Bengals and talent evaluate to fill those spots; deal with the media pressure and pressure from a fan base; has limited exposure to other coaches around the league and must come up with a staff...

    What the Bengals need is a HC who can kick butts and motivate the team first then be able to sell the team his vision and strategy. As professionals my bet is the Bengals will respect Taylor and give him a fair chance to prove himself...but if Taylor stumbles or fails too many times (the grace period likely very short) will see the Bengals again looking too soon for another HC and Taylor looking for work in teams like the Browns or Red Skins

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  • Rams’ QB coach Zac Taylor expected to be named new Bengals coach

    Adam Schefter

    Bengals would like to hire Rams’ QB coach Zac Taylor after Los Angeles’ season ends, league sources tell @mortreport and me. It looks like it is Taylor’s job to lose. He is the preferred choice.

    6:40 PM - 10 Jan 2019
    If this turns out to be true, Goff will have his fourth QB coach in four years next season.

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  • Ram Dragoon
    Has it really been...
    by Ram Dragoon
    Has it really been 2 seasons under McVay and some are saying Rams and Super Bowl in the same sentence?

    Going down memory lane is like revisiting ones nightmares with Fisher, Spags, and Linehand. Sure lots of faces on the team have come and gone. But who remains on the Rams roaster from past failed HCs. What a difference it makes with the HC. Normally a re-build is a 3-4 year project and even then it still may not come together. Perhaps some credit is owed to the past.

    Goff is shaping up to being an elite QB
    Gurley is on everyone's fantasy leagues wish list
    Donald is the envy of al the other 32 teams

    Going forward, it will be interesting to who will be on the Rams team and how it will change...but hopefully as a lesson well learned the Rams will think HC first since its the HC that puts all the bits of the machinery together to get it to work
    -10-01-2018, 08:32 PM
  • AvengerRam
    Several Splashes, Few Ripples...
    by AvengerRam
    The metaphor that makes up this thread title expresses what I really like about the Rams' FA approach.

    Any team (subject to the ability to clear cap space), can try to make a big splash in FA by offering a lucrative contract to a well-know, big-name FA. While fans and the media will often praise moves of that type, there are countless examples of FAs who didn't pan out, or who ultimately because high-priced anchors on their new teams.

    With a new coaching staff, there may have been some temptation to make big splashes at the possible risk of long term fiscal stability.

    For the most part, though, the Rams resisted that temptation.

    Andrew Whitworth's signing was definitely a splash. Over the next year or two, he will likely be a stabilizing force on the Rams' OL (not to mention Jared Goff's best friend!). The Rams are paying him well, but in a couple of years, when age may catch up with him, the Rams won't be saddled with a long-term deal. Similarly, John Sullivan... another key short term addition, was signed to a one-year deal that gives the Rams time to groom a long-term solution at the center position.

    Same goes for Conner Barwin. He is a key piece of the 3-4 puzzle, and should thrive under Wade Phillips. But as a 30something, he'd be a risky long-term prospect, so his one-year deal makes sense.

    Another way to try to make a splash, while avoiding big ripples, is to sign players who are young and have upside, but do not yet demand elite money. Robert Woods and Kayvon Webster could prove to be examples of these types of signings.

    I think its clear that McVay and his staff wish to field a strong opening day lineup in 2017, while still retaining the ability to evaluate players and to hold off on most long-term decisions until they see who fits the new system and who does not.

    Will all this work? Who knows, but I have to say that its nice to be able to look at an approach and discern the logic behind it. I often did not feel that way when it came to personnel moves under Jeff Fisher. McVay seems to be a man with a plan.
    -04-13-2017, 08:24 AM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Matt LaFleur, Rams have mutual interest, sources say
    by r8rh8rmike
    Matt LaFleur, Rams have mutual interest, sources say

    8:20 AM PT​​​​​
    Adam SchefterESPN Senior Writer

    Not only is Atlanta poised to lose offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to the San Francisco *****, but the Falcons also could be losing his logical replacement, quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur, according to league sources.

    The Los Angeles Rams will request permission to speak with LaFleur after Super Bowl LI, as new head coach Sean McVay tries to reunite with the coach he once worked with on the Washington Redskins, according to sources.

    LaFleur is interested in going from Atlanta to Los Angeles to reunite with McVay, who views LaFleur as a man capable of helping him implement his offense and teaching former No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff how to shine in the NFL game.

    Atlanta could try to keep LaFleur, but it has expressed interest in a more experienced playcaller, someone such as former ***** head coach Chip Kelly.
    -02-05-2017, 09:36 AM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Sean McVay will call plays, fit scheme to players
    by r8rh8rmike
    Sean McVay will call plays, fit scheme to players

    Posted by Josh Alper on January 13, 2017, 4:10 PM EST

    The Rams were obviously impressed with Sean McVay’s offensive acumen or they wouldn’t have made him the youngest head coach in the NFL.

    He’ll get a chance to show off that acumen as the team’s offensive play caller. McVay confirmed that he’d be the one responsible for calling the plays at a Friday press conference and said that the plays he’ll be calling will be based on a scheme built around the strengths of players like quarterback Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley and wide receiver Tavon Austin.

    “What I think dictates and determines what a great coach is when you talk about forming an offensive identity, it’s about first let’s figure out what our players do best,” McVay said. “What does Jared do best? How can we maximize Todd and Tavon and our linemen up front?”

    McVay has not hired an offensive coordinator yet and one candidate, Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster, has been blocked from interviewing for the position. Whoever does get the job will certainly have a hand in putting together the plan for the offense on a weekly basis, but they won’t be the one telling Goff what to run....
    -01-13-2017, 07:35 PM
  • RockinRam
    The Past Decade
    by RockinRam
    The current sentiment on this board is one of elation. Almost blind elation. It seems as if the majority are content with following our new head coach Sean McVay to the ends of the world. Naive joy and optimism. "McVay can do no wrong...he's our savior! Don't ever say anything negative about him, it'll shatter my bubble!"

    While I don't support overly negative thinking or exaggerated skepticism...we've been here before. 2006. 2008. 2009. 2012. And now 2017.

    Blind elation for Linehan. He can do no wrong!

    Relief because Linehan was fired and Jim Haslett, the players coach, was deemed interim HC!

    Joy because Spagnuolo, Giants' defensive mastermind, was taking over and the ship will finally right itself!

    And most recently...ecstatic because Jeff Fisher, veteran guru of the NFL, was joining the Rams as our leader and savior.

    We have been in this situation before. Over and over. Have we not learned anything from the past decade? Head coaches are not prone to mistakes. Some are better than others. Some suck. Some make terrible personnel moves. Some are just terrible people.

    But for some reason, we hold these guys in such high regard. They're superhuman. McVay, the youngest HC in the history of the NFL? No problem! He knows what is best! I mean, he has to right? We hired him for a reason!!

    I believe it is warranted and necessary to be cautiously critical of the decisions this football team makes this off-season. History has proven that we should be. Don't tell me I should blindly support each and every personnel move McVay makes. Should we have with Fisher? Linehan? Spagnuolo? Martz? Just because someone has had more experience in the NFL than us fans does not mean he is not prone to mistakes. As fans, especially as fans of a perennial losing team, we should be critical. Hell, we ought to be questioning moves and decisions more.

    Does this mean I disapprove of McVay? No. I was pleased with his signing. I think he's got some great traits and potential to him. I think he was the best guy for the job. But does that mean I think he is perfect? No. Do I think his lack of experience can play a (negative) factor in some of his decision-making? Yes. Am I going to continue publicly disagree with some of the moves he makes that I don't agree with? Yes.

    The past decade should give us the correct perspective. I get that it's an exciting and new off-season, but we have not won the lottery. We did not get free Genie wishes. There's going to be mediocre, and possibly even really bad decisions that will be made in the future. The past decade should have taught us not to blindly follow....
    -01-18-2017, 03:55 PM