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  • So Long Salah

    Robert Saleh has accepted the HC job with the Jets. Plus, its expected he'll take Mike LaFleur with him as OC. I know I won't miss Salah, although the players like Bosa and Armstead will still be with the *****.
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    Good for him. I won't mind seeing him outside of the division.


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      I have an extreme dislike of the fella.

      Saying that I wonder what opposing fans think about McVay running down the sideline and high fiving everyone LOL

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      • OmahaJason
        Do we need an OC?
        by OmahaJason
        It is bizarre watching McVay sit on the sidelines while our D is on the field. I see two conflicts. The first is that the HC is not in the game while our defense is on the field. If the D were playing well, I guess it might not matter, but they are not playing well, so it does. It sends the wrong message to players imo, and while he might catch things while watching film, he will naturally miss it in real time. The second conflict is between OC and HC. No matter how prepared he is, McVay will never be able to objectively judge those borderline calls about going for it on 4th down etc. It is human nature to question one's motives, but there is no time for that in a game. I think we should be window-shopping for an OC, so that in the off season we have several candidates to consider. No need to rush out and hire a bad fit, but this needs to be addressed eventually.
        -09-22-2017, 07:27 AM
      • Nick
        Rams OC LaFleur will interview for Titans HC job
        by Nick
        According to the LA Times's Gary Klein on Twitter......
        -01-15-2018, 05:22 PM
      • HUbison
        McVay's now the mentor
        by HUbison
        Rams fans: "Not sure who our new Coordinators will be, but it goes without saying, they'll have more experience at the position than our wunderkind Head Coach."

        McVay: "Hold my chardonnay."

        Somehow, I say SOMEHOW, our 33-year-old HC with 3 years of experience is now the elder statesmen for the Rams top level coaches. Our new OC (34) has 1 year experience, and the new DC (37) has 0 years of experience. Maybe there's some special secret handshake that only young football geniuses know, and that's how McVay chose them. I don't know. But what I don't see is any sort of successful track record that would garner confidence in the choices. Now, don't get me wrong McVay has provided more Rams wins than any other 3-year span in the past nearly half century, outside of the GSOT. And with that obviously comes some earned goodwill. But even so, I still have to wonder about these selections.

        I have a question. And let me preface it by saying, I've got no evidence of this, nothing substantial, just thinking out loud. So here's my question......What if the word is out on McVay that "You can't tell this kid nothing.". What if McVay was less than agreeable to the sage advice of his elders? What if Phillps and Fassel were more than happy to part ways with the kid? What if the Fassels and the Phillips of the NFL coaching world don't want to work with McVay?

        Well, if so, then McVay's choices would be limited to young inexperienced coaches to fill the void. And here we are.

        I hope that's not the case. I hope that McVay just recognizes young genius when he sees it. But it makes me wonder.
        -01-13-2020, 06:37 AM
      • THOLTFAN81
        Brian Schottenheimer as Rams OC - My opinion
        by THOLTFAN81

        It appears Jeff Fisher is all but a lock to be our next HC so I thought I would make an opinion based post on who I think our next OC should be.

        There have been many reports around the NFL that the Jets are preparing a list of candidates to replace Schottenheimer as the OC of the Jets. They are apparently hoping he gets one of the open HC jobs, so as not to fire him. I also heard they are willing to do what the Rams did, and let him make a lateral movement. I think this guy gets one of the worst rap-sheets of any coordinator in the NFL. Living in NJ, this guy is bashed worse than anyone on the Jets, and I don't understand why. The man coached the offense to back-to-back AFC championships for crying out loud. That, in spite of the fact that they have a QB that is not good at all (the EPITOME of overrated). If Schottenheimer had a real QB, this guy would have been a HC by now. He is a WCO guy. I strongly argue against Jet fans in my area when they bash him and I tell them they're making the wrong guy the scapegoat. I also love how the guy is a leader in the coordinator position. He benched Santonio mid game week 17 when he was quitting. Then Rex cowered in a corner so as not to upset the a-hole that is Santonio and said "I didn't bench him, ask Brian." Blatantly throwing his OC under the bus. I think "Schotty" will be on a different sideline as either a HC (Dont count him out in JAX), or as an OC for a different team. I hope that Fish atleast brings him in for an interview.

        Some notes on Schottenheimer -
        Got his first break in the NFL, believe it or not, with the St Louis Rams as an offensive assistant.
        Coached the QBs in Washington for a year,
        Before becoming the Chargers QB coach from 02-05.
        Became Jets OC in 2006-present.

        Whether his name emerges as a candidate for the OC job or not remains to be seen, but just a name to keep fresh in all your minds....
        -01-08-2012, 11:59 PM
      • Varg6
        Inside the rise of Sean McVay - An absolutely amazing read
        by Varg6
        It's a long but incredible read about our HC. I think we hit the jackpot!

        Here's the link:
        -01-03-2018, 08:12 PM