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    I am really disapointed in the rams managment, our fans did nothing wrong and ya were rowdy, loud, swear, but hey, we haven't thrown anything on the feild. They are just doing that cause it happened in other towns, and I personally, didn't think that was a big deal.

    Plastic bottles don't hurt anyway, ice cubes and batteries do, I know, I have been hit by both!

    Budwieser, who is located in St. Louis is gonna be pissed about this.

    I just think it's a shame that WE did nothing wrong, they treat the fans who pay the bills and inflated saleries ie; Archaleta ie; Hakim , like kidergardners.

    Republican Ram

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    Hey Rep,

    Well, sir, I really have to disagree with you. I actually think that Rams Management should be given an attaboy for this. Hey, its beer. Do you go to the game to drink beer or watch football? Does it matter if the beer is in a cup rather than a bottle at a football game?

    Guess what I am saying is this, if you want a beer the way you want it, go to a bar. If you want a beer at the football game, take the cup and drink it. If beer is the sole reason why someone attends a football game, please seek help immediately.


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      I thought I heard today that it was not just certain teams, but NFL has requested no more bottles.
      This space for rent...


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        Yea i heard that to, hopfully all this offical harrasment will stop.


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          To tell you the truth, it's rare if ever that I drink AT a game. Usually afterwards, if we win, I will throw down a few and one of the more "upscale" and "professional" clubs that line the river in east St. Louis.

          It's not the beer, it's the principal, don't punish us for something that happened in another town.

          that's all I am saying.

          Republican Ram


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            Ram's Mascot revisited
            by ButterflyStyle
            Hey all,

            I know it's been a while since I brought up this subject, but as someone that is one, a big proponent of mascots, and someone unemployed, this is something that could be a positive in two ways, maybe even more.
            The response to a mascot hasn't been unanimous, but I do think everyone understands that they aren't around to impress adults, but to entertain kids and get them into the football spirit.
            And while I am sure I would be taking my life into my hands in a Rams' mascot costume right now as there are quite a few PO'd fans, I would hope someone will shield the eyes of the children. Please think of the children!

            I am going to continue to try and get a mascot for the team, what I would ask of everyone here is if I could ask for your support in the endeavor. If you have a child that plays peewee football, flag football or anything like it, these are the kids that will get to see the mascot most, and hey, a cheerleader might even show up too, so hey, it could work for everyone.

            So what do you think at this point, shall we storm Rams Park and get us a mascot?
            -01-16-2009, 07:11 PM
          • RAM-BO
            Hey people. I returned for another Rammervention!
            by RAM-BO
            Hey guys, how's it going? A few of you might remember me, but most of you don't. I never really made an impact on this site so I don't see why you would. Anyways, I'm back to take part in the Council of Horns as we embark on this new season. I've been away doin some stuff since last season (Pro Evolution Soccer, Rainbow Six Las Vegas(Elite holla at me), ACL reconstruction (and physical therapy, ewww), watchin movies, followin the premiership, preparing for college (lookin at schools n stuff), etc etc. So yeah anyways I'm hear to throw in my chips in this dip (haha yeah I know you like that one) on anything Ram. Well yeah that's about it man lets go one game at a time lets stay undefeated for one more week. Tye hill is ready to shut down stevie.
            -09-02-2007, 12:50 AM
          • Scuba864
            Hey folks!
            by Scuba864
            Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I'm kind of lost on where to to post some things I want to sell. I have alot of spare rams stuff that I don't have room for and I need to pay a few bills, and this looked like the place to come to make sure the stuff went to a good home. Is there a for sale section here?
            -01-17-2011, 07:55 PM
          • porkchop
            Hey WsWistRam
            by porkchop
            I saw your reply today on the thread I posted Titan Troubles. What was that all about? I know it's a Rams board and if any Rams over here ever posted anything, maybe I wouldn't have to post stuff on the other teams. But you guys sit back, post nothing, and then criticize when someone posts some info. I just thought Ram fans would want to know what was going on with their rivals?
            Maybe you didn't mean anything by the reply, but I thought it was uncalled for.
            -09-11-2001, 06:02 PM
          • number1ramsfan99
            hey fans i need some help
            by number1ramsfan99
            i need some help...i want to know where i can find a adam archuleta jersey....i want one from when he was with the rams to complete my ram room....hes the reason that i started watching the rams... i remember the game where he took a fumble and ran it back for like 99 yards...i thought that that was the coolest thing that i had ever seen since that was the year that i started playing football and i played strong safety at the time so i thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread lol
            -03-05-2009, 07:19 PM