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    Ok folks, i'm doing it on here instead since i don't know HTML, plus this way it's easier for everyone to respond...(Italics are last week's ranking)

    1. St. Louis Rams (12-2) 1 Squeaked out close one against hapless panthers

    2. Steelers (12-2) 2 Continues to dominate minus the Bus

    3. ***** (11-3) 3 Dominated Eagles, Defense wasn't too bad either

    4. Bears (11-3) 4 Urlacher is lined up in the slot...oh wait...

    5. Packers (10-4) 8 Put a smackdown on Cleveland in the rioting in cheese country

    6. Patriots (10-5) 7 Clinched Playoff Berth as they hounded the 'fins

    7. Buccaneers (8-6) 13 Buc-Ball: Play like hell to save coach

    8. Raiders (10-4) 5 One time SB team now plummetting

    9. Eagles (9-5) 6 Just need a win to clinch the most disappointing division in NFL

    10. Ravens (9-5) 10 Champs win, but aren't dominating

    11. Jets (9-5) 12 Come from behind against Colts

    12. Dolphins (9-5) 9 Scored 3 points in 3 quarters vs. Jets

    13. Titans (7-7) 15 Got LUCKY against Raiders and Sebastian

    14. Giants (7-7) 17 Came from behind and is still in playoff hunt...HA!

    15. Falcons (7-7) 23 Should have lost to Bills but sick Chandler pulled it off

    16. Broncos (7-7) 16 Took the week off...

    17. Seahawks (7-7) 11 Couldn't hold onto it in Jersey

    18. Jaguars (6-8) 20 Whooped on Vikes in the Twin Cities

    19. Cardinals (6-8) 22 Beat arch-rival Cowboys, both fans were happy

    20. Saints (7-7) 14 Were EMBARRASSED in Tampa Bay

    21. Redskins (6-8) 19 Couldn't get it done at home vs. Bears

    22. Browns (6-8) 21 Demolished in wake of Bottle-gate

    23. Chiefs (5-9) 24 Won nailbiter against Chargers

    24. Colts (5-9) 18 They continue to slide, Peyton is looking better, but big offseason coming

    25. Vikings (5-9) 25 Will be rebuilding for a while, so long Cris

    26. Chargers (5-10) 26 Flutie Magic is all worn out, been to Canada recently, eh?

    27. Cowboys (4-10) 28 yawn, still suck

    28. Bengals (4-10) 27 Fighting on sidelines between a coupla losers

    29. Bills (2-12) 29 SOOOO CLOSE! Doing better without Rob though.

    30. Panthers (1-13) 31 Held on with Greatest Show, why would george come back?

    31. Lions (1-13) 30 Somebody forget to tell them they have to play even after they win?

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    Not bad, I'd argue the following, though (just to be arguing)

    9ers overrated
    Packers ahead of Bears
    Raiders ahead of Pats and Bucs
    Titans overrated
    Saints underrated
    Cowboys and Chargers ahead of Vikings
    Lions ahead of Panthers


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      The base for some of the rankings was their record, especially in the upper levels. That's why the whiners are up so high. The also were relatively impressive on defense this week...

      i did put the bears ahead of the packers, but that could go either way, especially since the packers swept 'em.

      The bucs are high because of the shilacking they put on the aints. Pats are up high since they clinched their playoff victory. Raiders are dropping because they continue to struggle and they lost this week to Tennessee.

      Titans really aren't overrated since they are struggling. But if you look at all the 7-7 teams, the Titans have to be better than the rest of 'em.

      Saints aren't really underrated, i just had to drop them after they got *****slapped, they'll rebound and probably jump back up.

      I don't think the vikes should be below the 'boys and the chargers. The chargers are dropping like a rock and the cowboys are just struggling. I'd bet money on the vikes playing either of those teams, even with spurgeon at the helm.

      There's no way I could put the Lions ahead of the panthers. The lions were decimated by the steelers and the panthers held on with the Rams. The lions looked ridiculous, but the panthers only lost by 6...


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      • DJRamFan
        ClanRam Power Rankings: Week 16
        by DJRamFan
        OK, here's this week's installment, comment away...

        1. St. Louis Rams (13-2) 1 Decimating Colts, NFC West Champs

        2. Bears (12-3) 4 Shutout Detroit, still waiting for the division

        3. Packers (11-4) 5 Beat Vikes, still need Bears to lose for division

        4. Steelers (12-3) 2 Lost to Bungles, but still have home-field

        5. ***** (11-4) 3 Lost to Cowgirls, no monkey business from T.O.

        6. Patriots (10-5) 6 Week off, still looking tough

        7. Buccaneers (9-6) 7 Whooped champs pretty good

        8. Eagles (10-5) 9 FINALLY won division, but had a good fight

        9. Dolphins (10-5) 12 made playoffs with win over Atlanta

        10. Raiders (10-5) 8 Continue to slide with lose to rival Denver

        11. Ravens (9-6) 10 Lose to Bucs, but were Wild Card last year too

        12. Jets (9-6) 11 Lost close won to Buffalo - Bad pass at end

        13. Broncos (8-7) 16 Beat division rival oakland, hovering around mediocrity

        14. Seahawks (8-7) 17 Continue their own mediocrity

        15. Redskins (7-8) 21 Demolished New Orleans in prime time

        16. Browns (7-8) 22 Won barnburner against Titans

        17. Cardinals (7-8) 19 Beat up lowly panthers

        18. Giants (7-8) 14 Lost Close one to eagles, season of disappointment continues

        19. Falcons (7-8) 15 Vick looked well in lose to 'phins

        20. Titans (7-8) 13 Scored a lot, but still lost

        21. Chiefs (6-9) 23 INTs continue in 6th win..

        22. Jaguars (6-9) 18 Another loss, disappointment continues

        23. Saints (7-8) 20 Were creamed by washington

        24. Cowboys (5-10) 27 Shut out Owens in a good game by Galloway

        25. Bengals (5-10) 28 Beat the Steelers, yah, wow, they still suck

        26. Chargers (5-11) 26 SOOO close, but now looking for new coach.

        27. Colts (5-10) 24 Looked good in beginning, but Defense again blew it.

        28. Vikings (5-10) 25 Carter can't wait to get out

        29. Bills (3-12) 29 Enjoying Spoiler role

        30. Panthers (1-14) 30 Blown out and he STILL wants to come back

        31. Lions (1-14) 31 lost chi (so)
        -01-02-2002, 04:15 PM
      • DJRamFan
        ClanRam Power Rankings: Week 17
        by DJRamFan
        Here's the final installment, not much changed from last week, comment away...

        1. St. Louis Rams (14-2) 1 Far and away the best team in the league, but they can only beat themselves from here on out. All domes too...

        2. Bears (13-3) 2 Put a whooping on Jags and looking hungry for playoffs...

        3. Steelers (13-3) 4 Beat up on other Ohio team, #1 seed in AFC.

        4. Packers (12-4) 3 And the Oscar goes to.....NOT Brett Favre!

        5. ***** (12-4) 5 Put a pimp-slapping on the aint's

        6. Patriots (11-5) 6 Put a smack down in front of about 498 pats' fans and both panthers fans

        7. Dolphins (11-5) 9 Happy to get defending champs instead of pesky Jets.

        8. Eagles (11-5) 8 Scrubs looked pretty good, but it didn't really matter

        9. Ravens (10-6) 11 Still not looking like champs, is Elvis still in the building?

        10. Jets (10-6) 12 Jets have to make a return trip to the Black Hole...

        11. Raiders (10-6) 10 Could a team make the playoffs with any LESS momentum?

        12. Seahawks (9-7) 14 Trent keeps winning, but didn't get the help they needed.

        13. Buccaneers (9-7) 7 Scrubs lost to Philly's scrubs, will the 40 degree streak continue? yes, definitely.

        14. Redskins (8-8) 15 0-5 then 8-3, oh what could have been...Snyder is still making a big mess

        15. Broncos (8-8) 13 Also very disappointing year, will shanahan leave?

        16. Browns (7-9) 16 Continuing to improve, look for strong showing next season.

        17. Giants (7-9) 18 Mike gets his record, but Jint's still lost

        18. Cardinals (7-9) 17 Just when you get your hopes up, they drop another one

        19. Falcons (7-9) 19 Stayed close with STL, but eventually got the blowout.....Vick or Chandler???

        20. Titans (7-9) 20 Lose in last seconds to Cincy, a VERY disappointing season.

        21. Chiefs (6-10) 21 Give Seattle the win, still not the Rams-West, again, watch the offseason.

        22. Jaguars (6-10) 22 Beat up in Chi-town, should be a rocky and hopefully fruitful offseason.

        23. Saints (7-9) 23 Talk about rolling over and BEING dead, jeez

        24. Colts (6-10) 27 Emotional Mora wants to return, but will he? Nope

        25. Bengals (6-10) 25 FG wins it at the end, will the futility continue next season? I think so...

        26. Chargers (5-11) 26 Looked about as good as they have all season...they were off by the way

        27. Cowboys (5-11) 24 After big game last week, fall to lowly lions...

        28. Vikings (5-11) 28 Had some nice goal line stands but still couldn't do long and good luck CC.

        29. Bills (3-13) 29 Let the Rebuilding continue...Van Pelt new contract, is RJ out? Let's hope so...

        30. Lions (2-14) 31 Won final game in Silverdome,...
        -01-08-2002, 09:28 AM
      • laram0
        My Power Rankings (Subject to change at any second)
        by laram0
        The following rankings are based on won/loss records.

        1. Titans 6-0 (lack of a balanced offense concerns me)
        2. Giants 5-1 (could see them at #1 soon)
        3. Steelers 5-1 (solid team all around)
        4. Bills 5-1 (who would have thought)
        5. Buccaneers 5-2 (John Gruden has them playing sound football)
        6. Redskins 5-2 (I could see them slipping in the near future)
        7. Panthers 5-2 (I could see them climbing the rankings)
        8. Cardinals 4-2 (as long as Kurt Warner is at the helm)
        9. Patriots 4-2 (overrated in my opinion)
        10. Falcons 4-2 (this won't last much longer)
        11. Cowboys 4-3 (expecting a rebound from the Boys)
        12. Packers 4-3 (Brett who?)
        13. Bears 4-3 (finally found a QB?)
        14. Broncos 4-3 (slipping fast)
        15. Eagles 3-3 (should start climbing "IF" Westbrook is back)
        16. Colts 3-3 (What is going on with this team?)
        17. Jets 3-3 (probably where they will be stuck all season)
        18. Jaguars 3-3 (lack of quality wr's hurts them)
        19. Ravens 3-3 (lack of offense trumps great defense)
        20. Chargers 3-4 (slow start just like last season)
        21. Saints 3-4 (defense is still questionable)
        22. Vikings 3-4 (how long can Frerotte hang in there?)
        23. RAMS 2-4 (climbing fast)
        24. Browns 2-4 (disappointing season so far)
        25. Texans 2-4 (starting to play better)
        26. Dolphins 2-4 (gimmicks aren't surprising anyone anymore)
        27. Raiders 2-4 (poor offense is holding them back)
        28. Whiners 2-5 (actually thought they would be better than this)
        29. Seahawks 1-5 (injuries are killing this team)
        30. Chiefs 1-5 (might be the worst team in the NFL)
        31. Lions 0-6 (need to play the Chiefs so that we can crown the worst)
        32. Bengals 0-7 (have lost some close games against tough opponents)
        -10-22-2008, 07:45 AM
      • Nick
        Nick's 2012 NFL Power Rankings - Week 4
        by Nick
        The curse is lifted!

        Atlanta, my top team heading into Week Four, was the first to defy my Power Ranking logic and retain the top spot, although it took two fourth-quarter field goals to regain that lead in order to come out victorious. In fact, my Top Three remained unchanged as both Houston and Baltimore won their contests, and the Giants loss allowed the resurgent ***** to sneak up a spot.

        The Bears are back in the Top Ten after an impressive win against a Dallas team who falls to 12th, perhaps still too high given Tony Romo’s poor showing. The Vikings are continuing their upswing, having defeated the Lions by a touchdown and looking for most of the game as if they were in control. Detroit, once on the verge of breaking into the Top Ten of my rankings at the beginning of the season, are close to falling out of the Top 20.

        And speaking of the Top 20, the Rams’ win against the Seahawks has vaulted them into the bottom spot of that sub-group, and a win against a Top Five Cardinals team could cause them to rise even further.


        Rank -- Team – Last Week’s Ranking

        1. Atlanta Falcons (1)
        -Close game against a tough division rival, but they got the job done.

        2. Houston Texans (2)
        -In hindsight, Danieal Manning’s pick six was probably the beginning of the end of this game for Tennessee.

        3. Baltimore Ravens (3)
        -Cleveland may have given Baltimore a bit more than they bargained for, but they didn’t falter.

        4. San Francisco ***** (5)
        -245 yards on the ground by the *****. They were looking to punch somebody in the face.

        5. Arizona Cardinals (8)
        -Miami was geared for the upset, but give the Cardinals credit for fighting for this win.

        6. Green Bay Packers (7)
        -Green Bay gets back to .500 with a one point victory over the Saints.

        7. New England Patriots (9)
        -52 points? Did New England switch to the Big XII conference this weekend?

        8. New York Giants (4)
        -Tough loss to a division rival that has been on the ropes in recent weeks.

        9. Chicago Bears (11)
        -The Bears are definitely for real this season. Just ask Tony Romo.

        10. Philadelphia Eagles (12)
        -This was a nice one to put in the win column, but the Eagles didn’t look good doing it.

        11. San Diego Chargers (13)
        -Philip Rivers is getting it done without the help of free agent acquisition Robert Meachem.

        12. Dallas Cowboys (6)
        -What a stinker.

        13. Cincinnati Bengals (15)
        -Combine Pittsburgh’s bye with Cincy’s win, and there’s a new #2 team in the AFC North.

        14. Pittsburgh Steelers (14)
        -Bye week.

        15. Denver Broncos (19)
        -Peyton Manning was nearly flawless against the Raiders, putting up 338...
        -10-05-2012, 05:34 AM
      • laram0
        NFL Pre-Draft Rankings
        by laram0
        by Charles Robinson, Yahoo Sports(3/24 5:58pm edt)

        1. Colts
        2. Patriots
        3. Cowboys
        4. Chargers
        5. Jaguars
        6. Browns
        7. Giants
        8. Steelers
        9. Seahawks
        10. Packers
        11. Titans
        12. Saints
        13. Texans
        14. Redskins
        15. Buccaneers
        16. Eagles
        17. Vikings
        18. Cardinals
        19. Bills
        20. Broncos
        21. ST. LOUIS RAMS
        22. Jets
        23. Bears
        24. Raiders
        25. Bengals
        26. Panthers
        27. Lions
        28. Whiners
        29. Ravens
        30. Chiefs
        31. Dolphins
        32. Falcons

        For what it's worth.
        -03-26-2008, 08:39 AM