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Tony Dungy to replace Dennis Green?

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  • Tony Dungy to replace Dennis Green?

    On the ESPN show PTI, they reported that Dennis Green is going to be fired by the Vikings, and IF Dungy gets the axe in Tampa, he will take over the Vikes.

    Red McCombs is through.

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    2 things

    So that means 1 of 2 things. Either Moss will start playing every down and become really good. Or Moss will be more of a pain in the ass than he is now as the Vikes become a ball control team.


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      Its official

      Green is gone from Minnesota. Mike Tice will coach the Monday Night game against Baltimore.


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        Now everything is falling into place.

        1. Bucs can't win a road game to save their arse in the playoffs.
        2. Bucs fire Dungy the Monday after the playoff loss to Philly.
        3. Spurrier just resigned from Fla.
        4. Green just got bought out of the Vikings
        5. Spurrier takes over the Bucs job
        6. Dungy moves to Minnesota
        7. Saints still suck.


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          Originally posted by txramsfan
          7. Saints STIIILLLLLL suck.

          Greens buyout also states that he has to be away from the NFL for two years, but that just means he can go to some other team, but they may have to pay the Vikes back for part of his pay...
          This space for rent...


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            I heard the deal was that he gets the money left on his contract for two years. If he signs with a new team he still gets the money minus what the new team pays him...

            example...vikes owe him $5 M, signs a deal for $3 M - Vikes still have to pay $2M (figures are off the top of my head...)


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              Mike Tice

              Mike Tice will be good for Minnesota, if not the media. He is a quote machine.

              Hey, Green dosen't have a bad gig right now. He is a fishing commentator on the PAX Network.


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                Finshin' Green

                What a great idea for Denny Green to be a finshing announcer. No stress and he still gets paid. I should be so lucky. I think he is a pretty good coach for somebody.


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                  Well this thread has changed course because Minnesota is now all set with their coaching job. Rumor has it that Dungy is the top choice for the Indianapolis job but time will tell.