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    Lots of coaching changes happening now. If only the NFL could spread its soap opera self for all 12 months of the year! I mean, how exciting is Major League Baseball in the month of June or July anyway? I would rather watch the local weather radar access channel.

    Anyway, so far, here are the heads:

    1. Mike Riley - Chargers
    2. George Seifert - Panthers
    3. Jim Mora - Colts
    4. Dennis Green - Vikings

    Green actually does surprise me, I mean 2001 was the FIRST year under Green that the Vikings had a losing record.

    Solid Potential heads:

    1. Tony Dungy - Buccaneers
    2. Marty Schottenheimer - Redskins

    What's up with Dungy? He could screw up the Rams offense.

    Should be heads:

    1. Jim Haslett - Saints
    2. Dan Reeves - Falcons

    Haslett had his Saints ready to play one game this year, one. The only game the Saints showed up this year is the one at The Dome at America Center. Reeves has had his shot at Atlanta, could you imagine Spurrier with Vick?

    One thing for us Rams fans to enjoy but in reality is not a good thing; no mention of Lovie Smith going somewhere as the head coach.
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    Schottenheimer is I guess being talked to with Snyder about the possibility of buying out the remaining 4 years of his contract. I don't think Dungy will get the can, i just got a gut feeling, he has led them to the playoffs...

    I don't think Reeves will/should be fired, it will depend on the new ownership, but i think he gets the job done, he just needs some better players, but he's still up in the air.

    Haslett has already been discussed in a previous thread. He should stay and maybe losing the Rams in the division will allow him to refocus and getting the royal snot knocked out them the past few games might be a wake up call.


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      Man,could you imagine Spurrier getting ahold of the Colts offense?I dont know if that is a possibility,but it would be interesting to see.

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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        Aries, I believe the question is can you imagine what would happen when spurrier hits the colts' defense. Spurrier is a big Defense guy and he seems to be having this tunnel vision of what he wants to do and what he doesn't want to do. He wants to run the offense, but doesn't want to get too involved in the draft, etc.

        Spurrier should be a good coach, but i don't think he'll be in the NFL long with such a picky formula for himself. The real good coaches get themselves involved in ALL aspects of the game and team. Spurrier is a smart guy, but his team's will fail if he doesn't get his priorities straight. I do like spurrier, but he's got a big wake up call.


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          Good points DJ.The jump from College coaching to the NFL is huge and the business and management aspects are much different.This off-season is going to be quite interesting.Hopefully,there will be plenty of news to keep this forum jumping during the off-season.Like txramsfan said,hopefully the soap operas wont end too quickly.

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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            The Chargers have been pursuing Parcells, but The Tuna will wind up in Tampa. Why would it be a good fit? San Diego will not have an NFL team in 2 years, they are going to move to L.A. Tuna's ego can fit in L.A. Heck, Madonna's did.

            Dungy will either be in Indy or S.D., look for Charlotte to hire D Coordinator Cottrell of the Jets, Washington gets Spurrier, and if the Redskins go with Spittier (not a typo), then Marty (hey, I may not have spelled pursuing right, you expect me to spell Schottenheimer? lol) could end up in San Diego.

            Coaching changes may be just as fun as FA this year. And the Rams have stability. WOW, how refreshing!!!!


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              Change in the air

              This is what I see happening. I think the Bucs are going to let Dungy go. The ownership feels they need a change and when that happens they usually start with the head coach. It's a shame to, cause I thought Dungy did an excellent job. With all that said; like everybody else I expect to see Parcells in Tampa. As for Dungy, I see him with the Colts a couple of days after he is let go. He is a defense type of coach and that is what the Colts need. He will already have the offense that he needs; he'll just have to put together a defense. As for Marty, I don't know; but Spurrier will probably be there. San Diego, I have no idea; does anybody want to go there anyways.