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Poetic Justice, Baby!

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  • Poetic Justice, Baby!

    Just watched the Niners lose in the waning seconds while driving for a tying fg BY THROWING AN INTERCEPTION THAT BOUNCED OFF THE RECEIVER.


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    Re: Poetic Justice, Baby!

    It is nice to see the ***** lose another one. They did put up a nice fight though and they are capable of getting the points on the board.

    haha...***** 1-2 ....too bad that 1 is against us.:mask:


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      Re: Poetic Justice, Baby!

      Yes it is nice, UtterBlitz! The Whinas did good today, they lost!

      I hope they keep up the "good work".


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        Re: Poetic Justice, Baby!

        This division isnt as bad as people think!................


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          Re: Poetic Justice, Baby!

          Worst team in the division is Arizona, and they were the media darlings prior to the season starting.


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            Re: Poetic Justice, Baby!

            Originally posted by txramsfan
            Worst team in the division is Arizona, and they were the media darlings prior to the season starting.
            Just goes to show that without an o-line, no passing combination is going to survive long in this league. It's a shame that KW is seeing deja vue all over again.

            I really wanted to see what kind of passing game was possible with that set of AZ WRs.


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            • RamDez
              Woooooooo Hooooooooooo
              by RamDez
              Rams Baby ......................
              -01-08-2005, 04:55 PM
            • LaRamsFanLongTime
              Dodger Breakdown after 1
              by LaRamsFanLongTime
              Well the boys lost a hard fought game today that they should have won.

              Jeff Kent slowing down on a ball that was obviously gonna drop stupid.

              Waving in J.D Drew right behind Kent even dumber.

              Getting two tagged at the plate on one hit???

              Leaving Lowe in to give up two more runs when it was obvious he was done incredibly stupid.

              Bringing in Penny to be our releiver?????????????????????? Not a good idea! Love the guy but if he is having back issues no way do you bring him in. Where was Sele or Tomko?? Let Braxton throw 2 innings and Dodgers would have had a much better chance.

              Boob of the game? Sorry but it was Kent, he had some nice hits but he made rookie mistakes out there today. The base running error, The fielding error and just slow to the ball today. I really do not think he should still be a second baseman anymore. It is a huge hole that will be taken advantage of time and time again.He is a great hitter and I like him in the lineup I just think maybe its time to play in the outfield. Ask me who I want in his place?? I dont know Im not a baseball expert maybe drew can provide more speed and close the hole quicker.

              Management I really feel lost us this game though. I think they handled the bullpen terribly today. When someone gives up 2 dingers in an inning it is time to at least get someone warming up. Lowe definatly should not have been pulled in the 4th/2 HR inning but they did not even make the call till right before he started the 6th.

              Tommorow is a must win vs Glavine. I think the boys have what it takes. I really like this squad and yes I know Im too hard on Kent. I guess maybe its because of his Giant days. Too see the boys only lose by one after all the mistakes management made I feel pretty good about this series.
              -10-04-2006, 11:54 PM
            • Bar-bq
              Ugly Baby Syndrome
              by Bar-bq
              I've worked out what it is.

              Thismorning I woke up and it was so very clear.

              I've finally worked out why it is many of us defended Scott Linehan and his injury plagued men last season. It appears right now that he's simply a dud, and the recent benching of Bulger reduces all but the tiniest shard of hope I hold in his ability to succeed as a coach.

              And so I ask:

              Have you ever seen an Ugly Baby?

              I'm talking about the kind of baby who, really, is completely hiddeous. Maybe disproportionate. Slightly blue in the face. Big ears and squinty eyes. Everyone who sees it wishes you'd put a paper bag over it's head and let it grow up in a dark dark room.

              But here's the catch: to its parents, that baby is the most beautiful thing in existence. They don't care about his pigface. They don't care that he's still bald at two years old and still breastfed at six. He's theirs- and he's beautiful.

              Scott Linehan was our ugly baby. Flinging poo all over the football field with poor game plans and poor team leadership. What it was, and what it remains to be, is plain Ugly.

              But the thing is... it's contagious. And I'd like to suggest that Linehan is not the only Ugly Baby on our team.

              Consider: Linehan is the ugly baby of Shawgmunt.

              Following the biological chain Shawgmunt themselves must be the Ugly Babies of miss Fontiere. Making poor personell decisions which have crippled the franchise. Jim Haslett, for instance,became the Ugly Baby of Scott Linehan.

              Claude Wroten became the Ugly Baby of the three combined.

              So please. Please. I beg you. Test yourselves and your children for UBS. Maybe we can nip this thing in the bud before Linehan's contract is extended.
              -09-24-2008, 12:31 AM
            • RamDez
              Oh Baby!
              by RamDez
              Go Dem Rams!
              -09-30-2012, 12:57 PM
            • RamsFanSam
              Yeah, Baby!
              by RamsFanSam
              Top of the division!!!!
              -10-18-2004, 09:40 PM