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2001 Season. Whatcha think?

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  • 2001 Season. Whatcha think?

    Ok Ram fans. We got the season right around the corner and I dont know about you, but I am planning a trip to New Orleans. I have two questions for you...

    #1. Kurt Warner and the concussion.
    Is it going to be a lingering thing? I'm thinking if he makes it 3 or 4 games without showing any signs and taking any pops, then we are golden.

    Question #2...The Defense. I look over the changes that were made I am VERY impressed. Our free agents are very solid and cap friendly players. We have some depth now. I can almost guarantee if nothing else this defense will be faster and more aggressive and I dont know about you, but all I really want to see is effort out there. Lazy/frustration penalities and taking plays off just doesn't cut it.

    Ladies and gentlemen....Fasten your seat belts because the greatest show on earth is getting ready to fire it up in 2001!
    See ya in Philly!

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    there are some Clan Members going to the Eagles game .......

    But the rest of us are shooting at the following games.

    game 2 ---- falcons
    game 3 ---- at whiners
    game 4 ---- dolphins

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      And the others will be in front of the TV (if the game will be broadcasted here in Europe) or connected to KLOU
      :clanram: Visit RAMSITALIA The first Rams fanzine in Italy :clanram:


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        Rams will rule the season. No question.

        Warner says he is fine, I believe him. Will be looking for lingering effects in camp. Will let you know if I notice anything. If he's still sensitive to light, he can just wear a shaded visor on helmet. What bugs me, is that other teams will be aiming to make the condition worse on purpose. I can't stand teams that feel the only way they can win a game is by disabling the good players instead of just outplaying them. A sign of a weak team. Definitely not the case with the Rams.


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          Well said...


          It's unfortunate, yet it's almost an inherent part of the game. The line between a dirty, malicious play and a terrible, tough hit is often so thin --even considering all those NFL rules of today that are designed to protect the passer (remember Trent, 99 preseason).

          It is good and obvious then that our offensive linemen will be so zealously careful in guarding Kurt this year, for they too know, and all too well, what is at stake in our QB. That's why those scuffles take place sometimes; it's understandable. They can feel the careless dent, the dumb or late hit by a deffensive guy against one of the most valuable players of the entire league.

          Last year two, three, and at times four linemen played hurt. It was difficult to protect Kurt. Chances are beautiful that this new season will be Warnawesome! Yeaaaah! :mad:

          As always, health is the first wealth. GO RAMS!!!


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            I love your enthusiasm. It's infectious. Are you going to training camp be any chance?


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              "Have Rams, won't travel."

              No MsWistRAM, as far as any traveling is concerned, I won't be going anywhere this year. :o

              Last Xmas our son gave us and installed a DishNet satellite system that will hopefully keep us close to the Ramaction. ClanRam, on the other hand, is our real connection to the Ramrush! I feel very fortunate for having found this site and its true blooded fans like you and the others who in our own way support the 2001 Rams.

              Besides, having people from the USA and from Europe that actually see the Rams in l-i-v-e practice, games and/or events is quite an advantage --or I should say, a privilege!

              The other day I installed the Kurt Warner wallpaper on our PC system and, Ram!... it looks terrific!! Everyone, my wife, our two children, think it just looks awesome! But that is the extent of our going anywhere else to see "Los Carneros de San Luis." ;)

              I will try then to pay close attention to the news and comments shared here.

              Thanks No. 98! May you have many a clobbering CLANG on our rivals, many a forced fumble, a deffensive pressure, sacks, tackles AND those anticipated, heartfelt RAM VICTORIES!

              Go Grant! GO RAMS!! "D-E-F-E-N-S-E!, D-E-F-E-N-S-E!, D-E-F-E-N-S-E!


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                I think the concussion issue has been way overblown, sure it is a serious injury and takes time to heal, but isnt any QB out there at risk of this injury? Kurt is going to be fine, Defense will be solid, the Rams will be Contenders again.


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                  Positive thinking!

                  I am blown away by the positive energy surrounding Clanram.Its great to log on to this forum and get my spirits lifted by all you other fans.Regardless of what happens I really believe this is going to be a special season.Thank you all for Clanram!


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                    I am pumped up by the speed we got on defense. Williams is fast, and Fields is a burner. Watch Archuleta, guy on CBS Sportsline said he hits like Lynch. Little worried about the D line, Lewis has to earn his contract early.

                    Offense has that eye again, and lets hope Candidate is healthy this year. Watched him a lot on Fox during Pac-10 games, he's a burner. Could be an easy replacement for Horne on KOR. Help Marshall this year too. Has great hands out of the backfield.


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                      I may be new on this forum, and hi by the way...but this thing about KW's concussion has gone too far and everyone is making far too big a deal out of it. He will be just fine, in fact, I'm sure he's just fine. Do you all remember when he had his appendix out? Good god the press made it sound like he was going to die!

                      Let's all forget about it and move on. He has. It's not like he's had 6 or 7 of them in his career! He's going to come back like a tornado unseen, silent, swift and without any warning! And no one can defend against that!

                      I hear that his goal this year is to try and score 40 pts or more each game, and not because he HAS to do it, but because he WANTS to do it! And the way this man is and the way he believes and thinks...I don't doubt that he won't just try and make that happen!



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                        Even before I became a Rams fan recently I had predicted that the Rams would be in Super Bowl 36, and I still stand by that. I see the Rams finishing 13-3 and going all the way again in 2001! Lets hope I'm right. GO RAMS!


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                          Candidate is important to the Rams this year. He is slotted to take Horne's place on KOR. We need him to give the offense good field position to start drives. He is a burner, lets just hope he is healthy.


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                            First big game for the Rams will be at Detroit on MNF.