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    Lovie Smith turned the worst defense in the NFL to [in my opinion] the best defense in the recent history of the NFL... We Love U Lovie

    Lets hope he stays with us for a long time.

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    At least one more season...

    Faulk_28, from what I understand, Coach Lovie Smith will "have to" remain a Ram one more season. This is due to the fact that, by NFL rules, other teams must wait until the end of the current season before they can begin bidding. By that time the Rams will have consolidated his contract for 2002-03, at least.
    Not sure how this makes sense but I'm glad he won't be leaving us after creating such an extraordinary turnaround for Rams Dee.

    :evilram: Go Rams! Stay Lovie! :nerd:


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      I agree but..

      ... Lovie said his dream was to become a head coach. I hope he decides to stay, but every team will want him. If we are lucky he will stay until Martz get tired of coach'n or offered higher pay somewhere, then Lovie can takeover.
      Lets Hope:upset:


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        He's only been the coordinator for one year, he realizes he needs to punch his clock like the rest of them, look for him to have a new team after next season.

        The rule is actually a smart one. Would you want lovie concerned about which Chargers (or any other team) he would like to leave unprotected in the Expansion Draft while the Rams prepare for the Super Bowl??? I sure as hell wouldn't, he'll get his, he's being realistic about it.


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          one of the best defenses in recent NFL history?!?!?!? MY GOD!!!! I know you folks all cant agree w/ this kid, so plz understand where im coming from when i criticize- I am not disrespecting all Rams fans here but :

          :rolleyes: ARE YOU SERIOUS!!??? They are not in the top 20 from the last decade! And I would LOOOOVE for someone to actually try to show me how they are becuz as your boy K- Flatulence has mentioned here, in Philly we talk FOOT-BALL and have no time for theme songs or rap, so I am absolutely prepared for a good verbal spar----about, omigod, FOOTBALL!


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            From what i heard, in Philly, ur poor sports. Fans fight, because they know its an easy way to get on camera, cuz no one pays attention to the game, or whatever u call the game the eagles play. Philly also fights because they envy citys with good sports team... Also was Philly voted the Sports City of the Year anytime lately???


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              Seth,look at the stats.I dont think Faulk28_ was saying that this Rams defense was the best in recent history,but one of the best turn arounds in recent history.Look at the stats and look at the rankings.Last year,our defense sucked.This year we are ranked no.2 in the NFC.I would say that that is quite an improvement.Dont ya think?

              :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
              Last edited by Aries51; -01-24-2002, 08:29 PM.


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                aries, you cant protect that dolt. What you said, I agree with. In fact, I like the rams D and you could see the turnaround coming with the additions they made in the offseason and that includes Lovie. (How could the stinkin Cards let Aneas go?) BUT WHAT Faulk28 said was as clear as day. He feels that this yrs rams d is one of the best in recent NFL history- he wasnt refering to the turnaround. This guys brings your (not you personally but the fanbases') credibilty down. He knows nothing, not even the fact that he cant "freestyle".


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                  Don't make me move this thread Seth....Keep the Smack in the appropriate forum, remember, you're a guest in all other forums but Smack....


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                    with all due respect, what did i type that could have this moved? I spoke about football and talked about how I acjknowledge and predicted the Rams D turnaround. Am I not allowed to comment about another poster here directly? If so, then I will not single anyone else out anymore. But my point I still think has merit- there are knowledgeable rams fans (and yeah, you can be knowledgeable and think the rams will win) and then there are others who really are more in this for attention.
                    I still rate Phillys D considerabley higher than the Ram D, but I can also see how last weeks performance gives yuor guys a huge boost in confidence- to do what you did to a QB of that ilk.
                    I really think that we are in for a game for the ages. Truely.


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                      aries, you cant protect that dolt.
                      Clearly a violation of the rules - personal attacks.

                      And I would LOOOOVE for someone to actually try to show me how they are becuz as your boy K- Flatulence has mentioned here, in Philly we talk FOOT-BALL and have no time for theme songs or rap, so I am absolutely prepared for a good verbal spar----about, omigod, FOOTBALL!
                      Not as bad, but still could have been worded better.

                      Yeah you are trying to give some props too, but clean up the language a little....


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                        gotchya. no offense meant.


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                          thanks :o


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                          • nuclearman
                            by nuclearman
                            Would things have been better if we'd gone for Lovie Smith instead of Mike Martz after Vermeil??

                            Hypothetical .. I know but I am a big Lovie Smith fan and would love to see him still in St.Louis
                            -12-11-2006, 08:52 PM
                          • romo
                            Oh,What could have been.............
                            by romo
                            Just think if we still had Lovie Smith.
                            Why did we let him get away.
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                            Lovie Smith
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                            Am I the only one to be pissed about the success that the Bears are enjoying, thanks to the Rams losing Lovie Smith from the coaching staff?
                            -12-16-2005, 06:49 AM
                          • RamWraith
                            Credit Mad Mike with a big assist in Lovie's development
                            by RamWraith
                            By Jeff Gordon
                            STLTODAY.COM SPORTS COLUMNIST

                            The National Football League has made historic progress.

                            Not only are two African-American coaches squaring off in the Super Bowl for the first time, but another fresh face like Mike Tomlin is getting his head coaching opportunity.

                            This should have a domino effect in the coaching ranks, creating more opportunities for African-American coaching prospects at every level. This progress will make the leadership of this sport far more diversified.

                            The NFL’s “Rooney Rule” forces teams to interview minority candidates. But this directive doesn’t force team executives to operate with an open mind.

                            Individuals like Mike Martz further this cause while giving capable coaching candidates their break.

                            Mad Mike wasn’t a crusader. He didn’t follow a social agenda while assembling his coaching staff. He was just an offensively oriented head coach who needed a strong defensive coordinator.

                            He looked across the NFL for the best man for the job. He hired Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebackers coach Lovie Smith, a former colleague at Arizona State, and trusted him with a big assignment.

                            He knew Smith had tremendous leadership potential. He knew that Smith had paid his dues, perfecting his craft in a number of successful programs. He admired the Buccaneers defense and, therefore, the work of Tony Dungy and his coaching staff.

                            Lovie appeared ready to make the jump.

                            “He’s a good friend, but really and truly I have a lot of friends out there who I may or may not hire,” Martz said during his first training camp with Lovie aboard. “Smith is a guy who I have always admired as one of the best coaches I’ve been around for lots of reasons — his character, his ability to communicate with players, his work ethic . . . in my opinion, he’s going to be a head coach.”

                            Martz allowed Smith to coordinate. He gave him coaching freedom and allowed him to guide the team’s personnel decisions on the defensive side of the ball.

                            When Smith managed to shore up a feckless Rams defense, Martz praised him effusively. Lovie isn’t much of a self-promoter, so Martz took care of that for him.

                            Some coaches hide their assistant coaches, even their coordinators, from the media. Some head coaches want all the news and analysis to come from them. Some head coaches are paranoid control freaks.

                            Martz allowed Smith to build rapport with reporters, to explain his philosophies and his decision-making process. Mad Mike's ego is quite healthy, even by NFL standards, but he didn’t allow it to eclipse Smith’s professional development during his three seasons in St. Louis.

                            Mad Mike didn’t want to lose Smith as defensive coordinator, given the huge role he played in the Rams’ success. But he talked him up as a candidate...
                            -01-24-2007, 01:35 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            by RamWraith
                            Whats the poop with Lovie???

                            Can we loose this guy after this year?? I do believe he is going to be a hot ticket after this year to be a head coach. Is there anything holding him back??

                            God I hope not we are moving the right direction defensivly and it would suck to have the rug pulled out.
                            -12-05-2001, 09:05 AM