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  • Trung!!!!!

    Whats happened to Trung guys!!!! it's gone really quiet on his front, is he in Martz doghouse or what. I know he had a bit of a fumble problem but I thought I would of seen him in the Packers game somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S Okay I'm starting to feel anxious about the game coming up, anybody feel the same, it's churning!!, I know we are DAM GOOD but by sunday I will be collapsed on the floor!!!!!!!!

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    I have not slept well since the playoffs began. I will not sleep well until this all over. I fear I may be crying myself to sleep for a few days after Sunday.

    Wondering the same about Trung. Would have loved to have seen him during the fourth quarter against the Pack. It's not good enough for martz to admit that he was wrong for not pulling Faulk.



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      Definitely a candidate...

      This is a Trung Canidate - related piece; it reflects the comments from Coach Martz after packing Green Bay away this past Sunday.

      I too would like to see more, considerably more, of Trung Canidate in action -- and not only on ST's. It be nice to have him in a few formations while still winning games. He's too good to be kept as a spare tire.
      Yet I realize our head coach knows what he's doing (93% of the time). :o

      [The MMartz quote] ON SPECIAL TEAMS: “Special teams was much better. This is probably as good a day that we have had special teams wise, particularly on kick off coverage. I thought the coverage was very good. I will tell you about a guy that showed up real big on special teams... RB Trung Canidate. Particularly on the kick off team, he makes smart tackles. On the first kick-off he goes from the very far right side and he is the first guy to make the hit and then Willie ends up making the tackle. Trung has got such great speed and he is physical, you wouldn’t think so, but he is physical. We are going to continue to use him as a flyer as well on the punt team. He has such value because of speed and his toughness that we are going to use him as much as we can.” [end quote; bold mine]

      Come on 24! :ram:


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        Her's what Bernie Miklasz from the Post sez . . .

        Martz has hinted that Trung has not shown an "aggressiveness or toughness" either in practice or in game sittuations that he would like to see. Nonethelesss, he still likes rung very much.

        But folks, let's get real for a second . . .


        That's what I thought. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to see Trung get 5 - 10 touches in the fourth quarter last week.


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          Dont worry radjohns.After Sunday you will only be crying "tears of joy".The Rams are gonna win!I also would like to see Trung get more touches.I guess Martz has his reasons for not playing him more.I have been wanting to see Faulk and Canidate in the backfield at the sametime,but it hasnt come to pass.

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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            What in the hell was Martz thinking about

            .... there is ABSOLUTELY ... NO REASON for Warner/ Faulk to be in that game in the 4th quarter .... that was REALLY , REALLY STUPID . Jamie Martin and Trung should have been in the whole 4th quarter .... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
            "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave intending on arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, martini in hand, body thoroughly used up, worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"


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              I think it's the turnover factor that has caused Martz to cutback on Trung's playing time. Since he coughed up two fumbles in the 1st Saints game Trung has had very few carries from scrimmage. I thought at some point in the playoffs that Martz would at least "reintroduce" into the game plan at least in passing situations, since Marshall will draw extra attention. My only worry would be that this would invite even more blitzing and I'm not sure I want to have to trust Trung to pick up blitzing LB's or DB's.




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              • RamsFan16
                Martz defends special teams coach
                by RamsFan16
                Martz defends special teams coach
                Compiled by Jeff Gordon
                Rams Martz
                Rams coach Mike Martz watches Sunday's game at San Francisco.

                Rams coach Mike Martz rallied behind special teams coach Bob Ligashesky one day after colossal kicking-team blunders doomed the team to defeat in San Francisco.

                “Here is my frustration: I know, I sit here and listen to Bob coach these guys,” Martz said during his Monday news conference at Rams Park. “I know every little detail, from how guys line up on the kickoff teams to the footwork to where the kicker stands . . . every little detail gets covered and coached on that field. I know that.

                "I can’t tell you that’s always been the case here.”

                The burden, Martz suggested, falls on the players.

                “I can tell you they aren’t going to get better coaching,” he said. “At one point, it really becomes their responsibility, it really does. That’s my frustration. I didn’t do as good a job coaching that offense as I can, I know that, I’ll take that responsibility.

                “Bob has done a great job with that group on special teams. Now, perhaps we need to change some people and we probably will in certain situations. I’m disappointed that some of the younger players on special teams didn’t step up and play as well as they should, some key players for us.

                “We’ll have to fix that, unfortunately. But that’s very disheartening, particularly with the punt return, after going through practice and watching what your guys have done, and to have it come out like that was very disturbing.”

                Here are some other highlights of Martz’s brief confab:

                On his overall impression of the game: “We had a lot of opportunities there present themselves to make plays, particularly on offense. Defensively, I think we had a couple of bad plays in terms of the passing game.

                “But I was pleased with the defense overall, other than a couple of the breakdowns there, with the long ball, obviously. I thought the linebackers were outstanding, Leonard (Little) was outstanding.

                “Offensively, we had a lot of opportunities, we really did, to make some plays and just didn’t make them, for whatever reason. They had a few opportunities to make plays and made them. You have to give them credit. We’re a little jittery, if you will, out of sync there for a half, trying to kind of figure out . . . when you don’t see a defense, you tend to prepare them for too much.”

                On problems caused by San Francisco’s 3-4 defense: “I think sometimes we over-coach them in some respects. If they do this, you’ve got to do that, look out for this, all that good stuff. We’re playing a team you don’t have too much history on, in terms of their defense. I’m sure that is some of it. By and large, we didn’t play very well offensively in...
                -09-12-2005, 03:57 PM
              • RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                by RamDez
                Thursday, August 12, 2004

                (On the weather conditions)
                “I love it, I think it’s great, it’s terrific. Football weather. It’s easier on the players. If we played in 90-degree heat with that kind of humidity, that would be a different thing, then we would have to condition for it. Obviously there’s a psychological toughness that goes with training in that kind of weather, but we can get that with the way we practice. All it does is wear your body down a little bit.”

                (On if he’s pleased with the way camp is going)
                “I am. I’m really concerned with our offensive line, we’re down to just a few bodies in there. We may only have six or seven available tomorrow. So that does concern me, we’ll just have to see.”

                (On G Adam Timmerman’s condition)
                “I don’t know, I don’t know if he’ll be up or not. (Chris) Dishman has got spasm’s in his back, so we’re down to the last few standing.”

                (On DT Damione Lewis’s performance in camp)
                “Good. Obviously when he’s healthy, and not having problems with his ankle, he does pretty good. He’s had a real good camp, and a good practice with the Bears. That inside pass rush is so hard to find, he looks like he’s got some of that going for him.”

                (On what he expects to get out of the first pre season game)
                “The execution part of it. These games are usually so full of errors, we spend so much time with those things. I would like to see one step further then we were a week ago, in terms of the crispness of it. Eliminate the mistakes, and be sharp. I would like to see them play fast.”

                (On how important it is to win the pre season games)
                “I like to win everyone of them, I think every coach does with the guys you are playing. Obviously you can choreograph it to keep your ones in for the whole game, and win if you feel like you have to win all of them. We still need to look at some players, but it is still very competitive.”

                (On if the play calling will change due to the offensive line injuries)
                “We’ll just kind of have to get a feel for how they’re doing when we’re in there, you just have to adapt to it. I feel good that the guys, knock on wood, if we can stay healthy, will be alright. Scott Tercero and Grant Williams are doing terrific jobs. We’re getting down to the Red Cross time.”

                (On if RB Marshall Faulk will play on Thursday)
                “No, Marshall will not play. He’s not physically ready to play yet and that’s the reason he won’t play.”

                (On if practicing the Bears will have a bearing on the outcome Thursday)
                “I think you just do what you do in (the preseason). There is very little game-planning going on. You just try to get your protection and running game squared away, they types of blocking, the defense, getting guys lined up, and going to the ball, the coverages. As always, it’s about us, that’s the way we look at it. But especially in...
                -08-12-2004, 01:27 PM
              • RamWraith
                Rams Q-and-A: Martz on Monday
                by RamWraith
                Compiled by Jeff Gordon
                Monday, Nov. 15 2004

                Rams coach Mike Martz was in a predictably good mood the day after his team
                handled the Seattle Seahawks 23-12.

                “We’re very pleased with the effort of this football team, the intensity we
                were able to keep throughout the game,” Martz said. “It didn’t wane at any
                time. Even with some of the big plays they were able to hit on our defense, we
                were able to run to the ball.

                “We had some mistakes in the running game. We had some guys out of place and
                make a mental error, which resulted in some big plays. They made some plays,
                obviously, they are a good football team. They are going to do that.

                “A couple of real big indications would be the red zone stops, to get down in
                that situation and not let them in and hold them out from scoring touchdowns
                speaks volumes about the resolve and the tenacity.

                “We didn’t do everything right, there is no question about that. There is a lot
                to fix and continue to get better that. As long as you play with that type of
                attitude and enthusiasm, you can accomplish an awful lot.”

                Here were some other highlights of the news conference:

                On the play of the offensive line:

                “We had to shake things up there in the fourth quarter. For Grant (Williams) to
                go to left tackle, (Chris Dishman) has got a knee situation and Tommy (Nutten)
                goes in and plays very well. It has taken him some time to get his weight and
                his strength back up, but at this point he’s back up to where he was when he
                left, weight-wise and strength-wise. I’m very confident about his ability to
                start at left guard.

                “Blaine Saipaia came in and did a terrific job. There is a lot to like about
                (Saipaia). Coming out of college, we had such a high grade on him. We kind of
                tracked him a little bit. We were able to get ahold of him, bring him in here.
                As we went through practice, it became very evident he has excellent feet. He
                has got terrific punch. He’s a strong guy, learns quickly, is a quick study on
                a lot of the stuff. Very physical player. When we moved him to right tackle, he
                was a fish out of water. He didn’t take to the pass rush very well. But over
                time, he’s done a great job on that.

                "He has enough confidence to play and not be stressed out. He is very poised. I
                wasn’t sure he would play as well as he did. People say he’s too short at I
                guess 6-3 or whatever, I don’t understand that. I don’t know. If you block
                them, that’s good enough.

                “I felt like the New England game was an exception to what this group really
                is. I thought they responded very well. Anytime you rush for 200 yards against
                anybody, that...
                -11-16-2004, 06:40 AM
              • djccon
                Now That I've Cooled Off...
                by djccon
                The results of the game with the 'Aints are inexcusable and unacceptable. That means I am inconsolable. There cannot be any consolation from this game, nor do I see any positives coming from it. However, here are some observations that I have come away with now that I've had some time to cool off and think objectively:

                1) I am FED UP with hearing regularly about the "ball maintenance" drills these guys run every DAY in practice, only to watch them cough it up week after week. Obviously it isn't working - so, Mr. Martz, FIND SOMETHING THAT DOES!

                2) I never cared for Bobby April when he was in Pittsburgh. I liked him less in Atlanta, even less in New Orleans, and I am convinced he must have pictures of someone naked with a hooker to be able to stay in the NFL. Who deemed this guy a guru? Every week we can count on opponents starting at least 2 possessions outside their own 35 after kickoffs. You can look it up.

                3) Was it just me, or did Canidate seem totally exhausted by half time? I thought Martz said he planned to rotate backs a little more. I think being tired contributed greatly to his struggles. As tired as he looked, I just KNEW it was only a matter of time before he put it on the carpet.

                4) The dropped passes are unforgiveable. When you get that much $, catch the dang ball, ESPECIALLY when you're trying to keep control and move the chains.

                5) 1st and 10 near midfield, up 24-6, and a fumble. The defense holds on 4 straight downs, again near midfield, and an INT. Control the @#$% ball, and put the game away ASAP! Blowing a 24 point lead at HOME is unforgiveable.

                6) I don't care what those two-toothed, cousin-marrying morons in Louisiana say, all the 'aints proved Sunday is they need 8 turnovers to beat us. Had they gotten only 7, they'd STILL have lost. How does that sit with you 'aint fans - knowing you only got 1 or 2 "takeaways" - you know @#$% well those were "giveaways" (i.e., you didn't TAKE, we GAVE)?

                7) This game convinced me of one thing - the only team good enough to beat the Rams, is the Rams. There is no consolation in this, neither do I consider it a positive since they were SO @#$% willing to do just that.

                Out for now. Peace!
                -10-30-2001, 06:43 PM
              • Nick
                Burwell - Martz finally understands need for special teams
                by Nick
                Martz finally understands need for special teams
                By Bryan Burwell
                Of the Post-Dispatch
                Saturday, Apr. 30 2005

                So here we are at the start of May, deeply immersed in the flow of a bustling
                sports menu full of meaningful early-season baseball showdowns and riveting pro
                hoop playoffs. Yet somehow, your friendly neighborhood sports columnist found
                himself drawn to the friendly surroundings of Rams Park, where Mike Martz's
                newest flock of football disciples were gathered for a three-day indoctrination
                of their one-week-old professional football lives known as rookie mini-camp.

                Who knew that one of the most startling news events of the millennium would
                occur on a windy Saturday afternoon at a Rams mini-camp? In case you missed all
                the subtle signs that have transpired over the past few months leading us to
                this astonishing event, let me be the first to start spreading the
                earth-shattering news:

                In a remarkable turn of events, the Post-Dispatch has learned . . . (dramatic
                pause for gasping and swooning) . . . the Rams suddenly really care about
                special teams.


                Ah yes, that peculiar loud noise would be the sound of all you devoted Mike
                Martz bashers falling off your couches this early Sunday morning.

                But I was there on the edge of the outdoor practice field Saturday when I not
                only heard Martz admit that one of his biggest past failings was ignoring
                special teams, but then produced tangible evidence that he has changed his evil

                It began after the morning session of two-a-day workouts, when Martz began
                talking about the new collection of fast and aggressive young defenders and
                free agent pickups who have joined the Rams in recent weeks. From the veteran
                free agents to the most inexperienced rookie draftee, they all share one common
                trait - an ability to make plays on punt and kickoff teams.

                "That's a mistake I've made in the past when we've gone after defensive
                players," Martz said. "We've spent so much time looking for ability only on
                defense, but really didn't go into the next phase of that (special teams). You
                have to be equally significant on special teams. We made an issue of it this
                year both in free agency and the draft. So hopefully, we'll make a quantum

                The Rams have nowhere to go but up. They ranked last in the NFC in punt
                returns, last in the conference in kickoff returns, last in the NFL in kick
                return defense and next-to-last in the league in punt return defense. Of
                course, Martz fired his third special teams coordinator (Mike Stock), and hired
                his fourth in six years (Bob Ligashesky). The funny thing is, the two things...
                -05-01-2005, 12:19 AM