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  • No worry about crowd noise!!

    Watching the GB game on the tube, I was impressed by the loudness of the fans & the timeliness of their cheering.

    Talking with a few of the regular attendees, they stated that they had never heard it so loud!

    A huge tip 'o the RAMS cap to all those Fans who deafened the Dome! You all came through with flying colors!

    I just hope you have not lost your voices for this week!

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    I did lose my voice at the game
    But have no fear, just like Kurt,
    I have not been talking as much this week and therefore will be ready to strain the vocal cords once again this Sunday.

    The dome was very loud.
    I bring my radio to the game so I can follow what is going on. The P.A. system there stinks, and I can never hear the calls.

    Anyway, good thing I had the head phones on otherwise my ears my have been damaged also.

    It was awesome!!!

    Go Rams

    It's hunting season and Eagles are now in season.


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      It sounded like the DOME was rocking on the radio GREAT ATMOSPHERE wish I could of been there!!!!

      My voice has not reappeared fully yet from sunday and I have a SNEAKY feeling I might be squeaking at the game on the radio, O well I'll DAMN TRY AND MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

      :angryram: RAMS FOREVER!!!!!
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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        ya know, i love loud stadiums, but i think there are some serious problems with the dome formerly known as TWA...The biggest of which is the music sucks, period. The songs are old, cheesy, and don't pump anybody up. Get more lively music and i bet the crowd will respond.


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          I agree.

          The best thing thing they have done recently is, since the media calls the rams the "Greatest Show on Earth" when they are announcing the Rams

          They play the song...."The Show That Never Ends" by Emerson Lake and Palmer

          "Welcome Back My Friends, to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside come inside. (dome)

          "Come and see the show, its a dynamo, you've got to see the show."

          It's awesome


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          • bruce4life
            no more dome field advantage???
            by bruce4life
            First of all, whats up with all those empty seats yesterday??? They need to change the color of them from red to blue, so at least it looks like they are getting some support on TV...all that red is embarassing..Secondly, the fans that actually did show up, sat on their collective ass for the first half of the game, poor dude with the big D in one hand and the fence in his other couldn't get any of the lower deck to stand up and make noise in the first half at all...It looks like that a bunch of people there just go to have something to do, rather then get excited about football...It's pretty sad, bad it seems like the dome hasn't been the same since the "Greatest Show" days...It turns out STL is just like any other city with the "what have you done for me lately" crowds...For those of you who went and actually stood up to make noise, you rock...
            Come on STL, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!

            Let's get back to having a "Dome Field Advantage"!!!

            sorry for the rant, but it just makes me mad to see all those empty seats and the ones that weren't empty were filled with stiffs...
            -10-02-2006, 12:31 PM
          • RamDez
            The Dome
            by RamDez
            Here are my reason I like the St Louis and fans who do turn up.

            They can be VERY loud.
            They get game crazy and I love that.
            The food at the dome is great

            Here are my reasons I don't like the dome

            RED seats ............ are you kidding me! (I understand the initial reason for getting them but why have they not changed them?)

            Being told to sit down and keep quiet! W H A T ! Every game I have been to I have had this problem, EVEN the Championship games.
            -11-24-2014, 01:10 PM
          • Molotov
            So what's the problem with the Dome?
            by Molotov
            My son and I made our first trip to St Louis for the game Sunday. I'll be posting various observations from our trip over the next few days. Here's my first one. I've heard many complain about the Dome. I've read reviews that rate it as the worst stadium in the NFL. WTF? We thought it was awesome. Comfortable seats, ample room, clean and well kept, friendly and helpful staff. What gives?

            My son made one astute observation. Any indoor stadium is by default better than an outdoor stadium. We went to a Ram-Charger game four years ago, and this experience was 10 times better in all regards. Of course, we didn't have to deal with parking. We have absolutely no interest in watching a game outdoors in Buffalo, Green Bay, New York, Chicago, etc.
            -11-02-2010, 09:33 PM
          • RamWraith
            Dockett disses The Ed!
            by RamWraith
            Wow this is dis hearting to say the least....
            -10-14-2007, 09:01 AM
          • majorram
            The Dome atmosphere
            by majorram
            The Rams are saying that they are going to upgrade the Dome but what would you guys like to see in the Dome that other Staduims have around the leaque???

            I have been to the Dome a few times and the PA needs up dating.. man you really can't hear it or its muffeled.........maybe I'm just talking all the time

            The Dome needs Music SOMETHING to pump the crowd up between plays!!! Jackson hit the right cord on that

            New TV screens, I remember seeing in Pitsburgh in the playoffs I huge screen saying "Bens gotto go to work" so lets have quiet....when he was shouting out his plays.... Yes corny perhaps BUT HEY!!!

            Not sure on mascots!!!

            When the Rams say the want to lighten up the Dome... never really noticed...
            would be nice to have some natural light....

            anyway has anybody got any ideas of what they would like to see...

            -02-16-2008, 04:38 AM