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    who do you think will return punts for the Rams this coming season?
    Francis St. Paul
    Wilton Wynn
    Devin Bush
    Az-Zahir Hakim
    Trung Canidate

    The poll is expired.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

  • #2
    I wanna stick with Az...If he can work on his fumbling in camp, i say stick with him, he's got the speed...if not, go to canidate and hopefully he's pretty well healed.


    • #3
      I say stick with AZ.


      • #4
        Az is our returner.
        He set up so many winning drives for us that we can't blame him for the playoffs fumble. I think he's the first one to work hard on his fumble problems during the offseason.
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          Az started to flinch after he got that separated shoulder early last season. But when he can get his hands firmly on the ball, he does amazing things. Hope he can address the problem and make returns for TDs once again.


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          • DJRamFan
            Chatman keeps punt return job
            by DJRamFan
            By Pete Dougherty

            Antonio Chatman has a big lead for the job as the Green Bay Packers’ punt returner, not only because the coaching staff has been lauding his play at receiver but because no other punt returners have emerged during training camp.

            The Packers were hoping that second-year pro Carl Ford, who landed on injured reserve in training camp last year with a knee injury, would prove to be a viable punt returner this year.

            But Ford never returned punts in high school or college, and has dropped at least one punt almost every day in the first two weeks of camp. Though he was still working with the punt returners Friday, those drops have all but eliminated him as a candidate for the job.

            Asked whether he could use Ford as a punt returner in a regular-season game, special teams coach John Bonamego said, “Not at this point, he’s still dropping too many balls.”

            Chatman, 25, probably will be the Packers’ No. 1 returner in the preseason opener against Seattle on Monday night, though Bonamego also wants to get a look at receiver Robert Ferguson in that role in a game.

            Chatman held the return job all last season because he had no drops, only one fumble and showed good range in catching bad punts that might have rolled if he hadn’t gotten to them.

            However, he averaged only 8.4 yards a return, which ranked 19th in the NFL, and his occasional indecisiveness left him dancing side to side rather than picking a seam and blasting toward it.

            Chatman signed with the Packers last year after playing in the Arena Football League.

            Coach Mike Sherman has said the 5-foot-9, 184-pounder looks quicker this year because he’s not worn down by having played in the winter and spring.

            Judging by the snaps he’s getting in practice, Chatman appears to be in the running with Ford and Scottie Vines for the No. 4 receiving job, but evidence that he’s more explosive this season probably will come when he returns punts in the preseason.

            “I told him in the offseason,” Sherman said, ‘I said. ‘Listen, you can’t make it as a specialist (only). You have to help us as a receiver if you want to be on the team. You have to be able to do both. I really need a guy that can do both.’ I’m not anointing him as the fourth receiver, but he’s certainly helped himself with the plays he’s made out here.”

            The Packers have used Ferguson as a punt returner in practice for the past three years even though he had no college experience. He’s returned punts in only one NFL game, at Jacksonville in 2001. He had two fair catches and one return for 4 yards.

            “He’s a little unorthodox, but he catches it,” Bonamego said of Ferguson. “He’ll catch it up over his head or off to the side, you don’t like to see that all the time, but he gets it done, he catches it.”
            -08-17-2004, 10:13 AM
          • DJRamFan
            Az 2
            by DJRamFan
            Ok, after hearing all the voices after sunday's game, i know a lot of people changed their votes so i'm gonna do it again for this week...Voice your opinions...
            Re-sign him, we still need him
            Re-sign, then trade
            Make offer, but don't persue too much
            Let him go in Free Agency
            -12-24-2001, 04:17 PM
          • RamFan_Til_I_Die
            J.R. Reed
            by RamFan_Til_I_Die
            I know he's new and may not know the ins and outs of the Rams gameplan yet, but JR Reed should be returning both kicks and punts. McDonald is not agressive enough for what a team needs in a punt returner. Reed gives 100% everytime, protects the ball, reads the defense well, hits hard, has explosive speed and is exciting to watch. If given the chance he'll have a few retuns for TDs before the year is over. I also wouldn't mind seeing him as a 3rd or 4th WR from time to time to see what he could do.

            He is a play maker. He just needs the ball.

            What do you all think?
            -09-26-2006, 01:43 PM
          • LA Rammer
            Kickoff and Punt Return
            by LA Rammer
            We used to have a dangerous kickoff and punt return threat in Joe Horne and Hakim. Looking at what we have done since doesn't really bode well. Dane Looker and Brad Pyatt? Are we really concerned about starting field position? Unless these guys have some background that makes them "special" I feel that this should be addressed with some real style and speed.

            I guess with an offense like ours this position might be overlooked. I hate to see us start every possession deep in their territory.
            -05-29-2006, 06:31 PM
          • tomahawk247
            is that the longest punt we have had in a long time?
            by tomahawk247
            74 yard punt there by Turk. He really was a great signing, i hope we keep him on. He was having nearly 5 seconds of hang time punting to Hester on monday night, we need to keep him around for sure.
            -12-17-2006, 02:26 PM