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    When I say relax, I mean, don't get all bunched up about Warner's Ribs. Yesterday (Wed.) he practiced the full day and had no problems and Wednesday is the biggest workout of the week. Thursday, Warner practiced most of the day, through all of the Blitz packages they went over and then needed to rest due to some spasms from electric stim. (normal)

    If Warner sneezed three times in a row, the reporters would be talking about it and we'd all be worried.

    Here's my bet, let's see if I have any takers. Warner practices tomorrow with no problems and we all sigh a big sigh.

    It's crunch time, it's all up to us. Win the battle of the turnovers and win the game, it's that simple.

    GO RAMS !!!:ram:

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    The O-Line does need to be on thir toes more than ever to protect Kurt from those cheap shot Iggles more than ever.


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      Looks like you were right mx. The press loves to blow things up. I wasn't worried. Nope, not at all...................:rolleyes:


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      • AvengerRam_old
        I hope Kurt Warner falls flat on his face this week!
        by AvengerRam_old
        I hope that Kurt Warner gets sacked 8 times, throws 4 interceptions, loses 3 fumbles and has a QB rating below 50 this week. I hope he plays so badly that Cardinal fans will start crying for Matt Leinart to start the next week.


        Because I'm a Warner hater?


        Because I'm a Rams fan, and I want the Rams to win this week. I want them to win big!

        Of course, if I were to express similar hopes with regard to any other opposing QB, nobody would say anything in response other than "I agree" or perhaps "duh!!!"

        But with Warner, there are some with mixed feelings. I know it, and you know it too. There are some who will probably say that they hope Kurt has a good game, but that the Rams win anyway. Not me. I want the Rams to play well in all phases of the game, including pass defense.

        Some out there might even want Kurt to win this week. Not sure how they can call themselves Rams fans at the same time.

        So, to Kurt Warner I say.... "HOPE YOU PLAY LIKE CRAP!!!"

        "Oh, and thanks again for 1999-2001."
        -10-29-2008, 11:40 AM
      • RamWraith
        Warner comes so very close to magical win
        by RamWraith
        By Bernie Miklasz
        St. Louis Post-Dispatch

        TEMPE, ARIZ. For a few precious moments you could close your eyes, let your imagination and sentiment lift you up and take you on a return trip to another place in another time. Back in the day, nothing seemed impossible for Kurt Warner. He'd take the Rams on these magical journeys to the end zone, and NFL defenses were helpless to stop him.

        So on Sunday at Sun Devil Stadium, with Arizona trailing Warner's former team 17-12, Warner got the ball and a last chance with just under 2 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. It was hot as a barbecue pit down on the field, but Warner calmly completed all six of his passing attempts, picking up key parcels of real estate totaling 76 yards. And suddenly the Cardinals were 5 yards from the end zone and a winning touchdown.

        Old No. 13 was on the brink of recapturing his brilliant past. He was about to take down Mike Martz, he was about to upstage Marc Bulger, he was about to give his fiercely loyal fans a reason to clear their throats for delirious I-told-you-so calls to the Monday sports-radio talk shows.

        "That's what you're thinking - 'Here we go.' All we need is one. One play, one shot, one touchdown," Warner said. "And we win the game. Perfect scenario, perfect place to be in."

        But this is 2005, not 1999, and Warner plays for the Arizona Cardinals now. They've been a work in progress since 1947, when the franchise last captured an NFL championship. So the ending was almost predictable: Safety Adam Archuleta swooped in on a rare and belated Rams blitz and sacked Warner. With the final seconds ticking away, Cardinals coach Dennis Green wasted time getting new personnel onto the field. Next, an Arizona lineman moved prematurely; a penalty flag went up, and time expired. Just like that: comeback over, game over, and a flat tire for the populous St. Louis chapter of the Warner bandwagon.

        "It's always more disappointing," Warner said, "when you're in a situation like that and don't get it done."

        As he dressed in the spartan home locker room, Warner couldn't shake a look of disgust and dejection. Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill quietly moved in to offer Warner some encouraging words.

        "We were right there," Warner told Bidwill. "Right there."

        In his first game against the team that gave him his first chance in 1999 and his release in 2004, Warner started slowly. With three fumbles (one lost) and an interception in the first half, Warner looked like he'd fulfill the doom-and-gloom prophecies of his critics. He looked like another relic, left in the desert. Not so fast ...

        Warner feels he has something to prove, but for unselfish reasons. He claims he's never lost confidence in his ability. And in the second half, Warner just...
        -09-19-2005, 05:23 AM
      • talkstoangels61
        Warner lighting it up!
        by talkstoangels61
        For everyone who thought Warner was washed up needs to watch KW just having a hay day against the ****** He looks great! can't help it I have always believed that MM should have been canned instead of KW! I love MB but, he is NO KW!
        -09-10-2006, 02:05 PM
      • RamWraith
        Someone see's it as Kurt struggling
        by RamWraith
        TRANSITION NOT EASY FOR KURT By PAUL SCHWARTZ New York Post June 8, 2004 -- (edited)

        The first grumbles came a few days ago, when Kurt Warner shook his head and began beating himself up over a bad throw here, a poor read there. Last Thursday, Warner was on the field for the first time with the Giants and he came away unimpressed with his showing.

        "I went home this weekend and a couple of incomplete passes last week in practice and my wife heard about it all weekend," Warner said. "You build that mentality where you want to be perfect, you want to complete every pass.

        "When it doesn't happen, it is frustrating. I expect myself to make the passes I should make and make the decisions I should make, whether it's my second day or I'm here for four years."

        Yesterday marked another baby step for Warner and ... it was rookie Eli Manning during minicamp who appeared far more self-assured. Warner was more tentative, mixing in some well-thrown balls with some wobblers that made it clear he was thinking more than reacting.

        "I need to get better," Warner said. "Little by little, I'm feeling more comfortable. I'm seeing the field a little bit but it's early on, with things like the cadence, it's hard, it's a transition. I'm thinking about the cadence actually rather than thinking about what's going on downfield."

        ... The terminology Warner knew as second-nature in his six years with the Rams is now totally new, as are the reads and keys in Tom Coughlin's offense compared with the Greatest Show on Turf attack schemed by Mike Martz.

        "Something I would have read a certain way in St. Louis we may read exactly the opposite here; you just have to get a feel and understanding of why the coaches want to do it that way," Warner said. "That's an adjustment, too."

        Coughlin described Warner as "tireless in his efforts to learn the system."

        As Warner looks to claim the starting job, Manning has settled in, offering glimpses of why the Giants were obsessed with making him their franchise quarterback of the future.

        "Every day I feel more comfortable calling the plays and visualizing everything and just knowing what everybody's doing, not thinking about everything," Manning said.

        "Every day (Eli's) gotten better," added running back Tiki Barber. "The first day he looked like he couldn't play high school, the second day he started to figure it out, he was more comfortable calling the plays and as the weeks have gone on you can see he's confident, and when he's confident he throws a great ball, he knows exactly what he's doing."
        -06-08-2004, 09:10 AM
      • ramsanddodgers
        Warner To See Action?
        by ramsanddodgers
        Lienart thrown to ground on left shoulder and in visible pain... Warner warming up... Leinart headed to locker room for x-rays


        GO RAMS!!:l
        -12-24-2006, 02:19 PM