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    Re: Views from the Game

    I was disappointed in the crowd they also had a bad game. There it was sold out but had several empty seats. People started leaving with 7:00 left in the game unreal. For the price I paid for seat I stayed and watched the final hand gestures amongst the players. There was only one series were the crowd made a difference it got really loud and the Seachickens called a time out and then they whooped it up again after the timeout and they got a false start. I think the defense was not giving them a lot to cheer about.

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  • HornyRam
    Re: Views from the Game

    Originally posted by r8rh8rmike
    Where was the crowd noise today?
    St. Louis is a baseball town. They were all hung over from celebrating the Cards sweep of the Padres.

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  • r8rh8rmike
    Re: Views from the Game

    Where was the crowd noise today?

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    Guest started a topic Views from the Game

    Views from the Game

    I went to the game today and I am sure it was just as obvious on TV. Hargrove played better today then past weeks. The secondary was horrible the second touch down of the game by the Seachickens WR caught the ball on the left side of the field and we had no DBs on the entire left side he jogged it in 29 yards but he could have just walked it if he preferred. We had no one on that side of the field. I am thinking about working out and trying out for the Rams secondary however if I workout I am afraid I might be over qualified. Well maybe I wont work out maybe I will just try out for the Rams punting position because he sucked just as much. Horrible day punting his kicks had no hang time and no distance what a bad combo. Holt man he looked great as he always does he had an excellent one-handed catch. Tyoka had a good game with 2 sacks. Our offense had 0 points in the first quarter another bad start that helped put us in a hole. Their offense scored 14 points in the first quarter. Bulger had an okay game I still expect a little more. Jackson good game when he got square and ran still does not look like he has cutting ability. I also held my breath on the throws to him because he doesn’t make it look easy when he catches the ball. However he did good catching the ball though.

    All blame for this game falls on the D especially the secondary. The secondary could not stop their 3rd and 4th receivers who were starting in place of their number 1 and 2. That is pathetic when a team still throws for 316 yards with their number one and two WRs out. McDoanlds dropped punt did not help but our D gave up way to many points.

    Everyone at the game thought we were going to come back and beat them before the dropped punt.
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  • NJ Ramsfan1
    Game Observations
    by NJ Ramsfan1
    Watched the entire game today. I can't say that I'm particularly upset because I didn't expect much to be quite honest- I thought we were in a tough spot today going to SF and playing a team that A) hammered us the 1st time we played and B) still has work to do to secure a playoff spot. Of my many observations, three things stuck out:

    1) The NFL has turned the game into a complete joke in the name of "player safety". I am all for efforts to curb head injuries, eliminate cheap shots, leading with the head, etc. But it is apparent that the league doesn't want hard defense to be a part of the game anymore. You can't hit high, you can't go low, you can't have even light contact with a sliding QB, a defender is expected to adjust in mid-air on hits to an offensive player- just ridiculous. There are too many penalties called, and it sucks watching a game, getting excited after a good play and then see a flag. And it will only get worse.

    For the players part, the fundamentals are atrocious- and this is a big reason for over officious refs. The form tackle has all but disappeared from defensive play, players instead trying to blast a guy without wrapping him. Players routinely grab and hold on the line of scrimmage. Rare is the punt return where there isn't a hold or block in the back. Where are all the coaching geniuses in this sport? Does ANYONE emphasize the importance of fundamentally sound ball? How hard is it to not commit a dozen penalties a game?

    2) We are in dire need of another cornerback. Our guys hold, give too much cushion and generally play way beneath what is expected in a good defensive secondary. And given the fact we have an above average pass rush and linebacker play, it's all the more inexcusable because their job should be easier.

    3)After watching about 800 dropped passes, I really wonder if some of these guys are the answer. We talk about "better offensive talent", but games like this illustrate just how many question marks still exist with this group. Jared Cook remains an enigma- a guy whose physique, quickness and overall talent should translate into monstrous games on a consistent basis, but too often is a dog. He drops balls, commits stupid penalties and doesn't always appear focused. Givens all but disappeared again today and had a huge drop. Pettis was a non-factor. I understand they're working with a back-up QB. But this is the time to elevate your game and help the guy out. Run the right routes and catch the football.

    I can't fault the overall effort. And I think it is clear just how important the quarterback is in today's NFL.
    -12-01-2013, 04:44 PM
  • Nick
    Thoughts from Section 113
    by Nick
    So I'm back from the Ed, flew back home this afternoon. Talk about an amazing game! Kind of strange that the last game I attended was Martz's final game coaching the Rams against Seattle, and here I am back to see his return. Anyways, some thought from Section 113...

    -Got to the Dome around 1pm CST. Stood along the gated walkway at the Drury to see if anyone would come out. Sure enough, just like my first visit to St. Louis, Torry Holt comes strolling out to loud cheers from the fans. He waves to the fans and has his normal big grin. As he approaches the Dome he spots a woman with a poster board sign with Big Game comments on it. Torry takes a moment to take a photo with her, and signs for a few kids before heading in. Great guy, really upbeat and fan friendly, and what a great way to start off the day.

    -That's it. I don't want to hear about it any more. Marc Bulger came through for the second week in a row with an excellent outting and shows he has what it takes to excel without Martz pulling the strings. Neither Detroit nor Arizona are powerhouse defenses, but you'd expect good quarterbacks to have great days against these kind of units, and he did. I hope the people calling for the Rams to move him or bench him step up to the table and eat their plate of humble pie. Like any other QB, Marc will have his bad days. But he's shown he can play. The least he deserves now is our support.

    -Steven Jackson had a solid game, especially as a receiver. I can't tell you how pumped his hurdle over one of the Lions defenders got the crowd, which for the Dome I thought was fairly spirited. However, earlier in the game, Jackson had me pretty disappointed. First and goal from the one, and the Rams can't punch it in. Same on second down. Jackson seemed more interested in walking into the endzone than lowering his shoulder and powering it in. It's nice to be able to get those walk-ins like the one he had later in the game, but sometimes you've just got to get low and pound someone.

    -The receivers were for the large part on the money this game. I think I saw maybe one or two passes that Bulger threw where either Holt or Bruce didn't realize the ball was coming. But for the vast majority of the game, these guys were on top of things. Holt made an amazing catch and run across the middle of the field, dodging and weaving between defenders. So much for catching it and just going down, eh? These guys are still one of the best duos in the league, and Curtis was spot on when his number was called as well.

    -How pumped am I that I got to see my boy Joe Klopfenstein's first career touchdown pass? What a great play. The middle of the field was wide open for a perfect strike from Marc to Joe. That's the kind of play we need to see more of in the red zone, especially from 10-20 yards out where there's still room to kind of stretch the field and find some solid holes.

    -Even without Pace,...
    -10-02-2006, 06:13 PM
  • r8rh8rmike
    This Game Showed Me.....
    by r8rh8rmike
    ......that Sam Bradford is the real deal and the Rams are set at quarterback for some time to come. He still has a lot to learn, but under the circumstances, I thought he was very impressive, despite numerous drops by his receivers, spotty protection, and questionable play calling. With little help from the running game and asked to throw the ball over 50 times, he continued to keep his cool and execute. He did throw 3 interceptions but IMO, 2 of those were more a factor of the situation than of bad execution. No deer in the headlights moments, no running scared, no panic. He took the team, put it on his shoulders and nearly got a win. I'm a believer and very encouraged by what I saw today. I see good things coming.
    -09-12-2010, 06:15 PM
  • HornIt
    HornItís Rams vs. Raiders review Ė The Revenge of Chris Johnson
    by HornIt
    Yes folks itís true. The thing you never, ever, thought could possibly happen, happened.

    Rams castoff Chris Johnson, the guy who stepped out of bounds on the Rams own 1 yard line on a kickoff return the first time he ever touched the ball as a Ram, made the Rams pay dearly Saturday night for their decision to set him adrift in the NFL sea of uncertainty. Well, he hooked on with the Raiders and haunted the Rams much of the night, be it with his excellent coverage or his TD saving big plays such as knocking the ball out of Fitzharvardís hands as he was driving for the goal line and through the back of the end zone.

    This was just sort of the way the entire night went. Nothing much went right. What could go wrong did go wrong. Even what we thought couldnít go wrong, such as Johnson getting his revenge, went wrong.

    Funny thing though is, after digesting my first viewing of the game and then watching it again on NFLN this afternoon, maybe not as much actually went wrong as I thought it did initially, and as a lot of people thought it did initially. At least, not as many fundamentally bad things came out of the game as it first appeared.

    This would seem to give credence to the age old adage, never do game analysis after only one emotionally invested viewing of the game. You may just see things much differently after youíve had a chance to get over the original disappointment of the results not being exactly what you were hoping for. Thatís what happened to me this time anyway.

    Watching it all again, really only two things stuck out in my mind as being responsible for how bad things appeared on first viewing last night. Those two things were penalties and Bulger, in that order.

    The key play in every Raiders scoring drive was some kind of key penalty, and not just any old penalty, but big, huge, game changing penalties. 10 penalties for 157 yards, and the worst thing about that is, several of them truly were completely bogus calls. But even if they werenít, itís better news than the initial news that they simply got their butts whooped. That actually didnít happen.

    Additionally, contrary to the popular narrative thus far, they were not conservative on offense and they did actually show quite a bit of their passing game, and they were making a concerted effort to go vertical and get the ball downfield. The thing is, they (mostly Bulger in this case) just didnít execute.

    Think of 44 passes and 17 rushes, averaged 13 yards per completion and does that sound conservative to you? Does that sound like they didnít open up at least a little? The problem on offense last night was not a lack of imagination, it was a lack of execution.

    So, letís take a look at it.


    Initially I thought the O-line played fairly poorly, but on second...
    -08-25-2007, 07:25 PM
  • general counsel
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of our Xmas win
    by general counsel
    Merry New Year everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting my post game analysis up on the board, but i had to leave after the game for a xmas eve dinner at a close friend's house. I have virtually no voice left from screaming all game, but it sure was worth it.

    What a fantastic football game to watch. The quality of the product the nfl puts on the field is really amazing. If you look at the records, neither of these two teams is very good. However, today was a very well played evenly matched game with only two turnovers and limited penalties. Some special teams excitement on both sides provided crucial turning points and ultimately affected the outcome. Can you imagine getting eliminated in a game where a no name kicker drills a 52 yarded with 3 minutes left while Money misses a virtual chip shot with the game on the line.

    Our playoff prospects our still very tough. We need to beat minny and i believe we need three additional things to happen (unless there are additional tiebreakers i dont know about). We need to saints to beat carolina (good shot), the eagles to beat the falcons (good shot) and the redskins to beat the giants (decent shot). Having all three break our way is going to be tough, but looking at all of the games individually, i think we have a legitimate chance if we can win on our own.

    The Rams showed heart today and the kind of offensive firepower that we have been waiting for all year. Against a redskins defense that had given up LESS THAN 300 YARDS each of the last two weeks against the saints and the eagles, we tallied 579 yards of total offense and 37 points with only one turnover. WE did it with a balanced attack and absolute superstar performances from both Bulger and The Big Boy. WE also did it with timely play from the defense and a very solid performance from a very young o line that played their hearts out without The Big Man.

    One thing i think we can all agree on. If we win our last game and dont make it at 8-8 due to the tiebreakers, we can look back at the loss to arizona at home and clearly say that game cost us the playoffs. By far our worst loss of the season in my view, especially since we barely showed up at home against a lousy team. That is NOT the kind of loss a playoff caliber team can afford.

    For this week, i am really going to enjoy being alive for another week. If we win that last game, i will be thrilled with the strong finish and the play of our young guys, especially on the o line as we look ahead to next year.

    The Good

    The Big Boy. LT is the best back in the NFL and an all time great. Right now, stephen jackson is the #2 overall all around back in the nfl and thats that. Gore and larry johnson are having great years, but all around, jackson has them both beat. The Big Boy is truly a manchild. The pick at #20 was a steal when we made it and Jackson can have no doubters left...
    -12-24-2006, 07:30 PM