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What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

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  • What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

    Depsite the gloom and doom and the appearance that the defense cant stop anyone, lets assume for a second that we can find a way to beat both the saints and jacksonville and get healthy in the bye week.

    Think about how excited and geared up we will all be to head to seattle for a little payback. A healthy bulger and bruce. A jelling offensive line. Little back at full strength, a little momentum. Who knows, maybe an injury or two for seattle to some key guys (and i am not talking about receivers that while talented cant hold onto the ball anyway, i am talking about guys like haselback, alexander, jones etc), maybe a game where the refs dont shaft us and best of all, maybe a game where for one time we play to our potential for a full 60 minutes rather than digging a hole early or playing great early and then collapsing either on defense or via turnovers.

    Guys, if we win the next two, rest up, then beat seattle on the road, we will feel night and day different than we do right now. I dont think this falls into the category of believing that the earth is flat or the easter bunny is real, merely a matter of getting healthy and getting break here or there. I honestly feel we are not as bad as we look and a play here or there (especially at the end of both the seattle and san fran games) and our record would be a lot different. They say that the breaks even out over the course of a season. IF that is true, we have some breaks coming to us and it all starts this week by beating the saints at home. If we cant win this game, i think it could be an incredibly long year and time to get serious both about playing the kids and doing our draft prep work.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

    I would feel a lot better with everything if Bulger was playing.

    P.S.--So would my fantasy team


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      Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

      And that is what is getting lost on this board regarding the colts game. We lost on the road to a good team, a playoff and maybe a championship caliber team. So what? I knew we werent going to win that game and it didnt worry me in the big picture of the season.

      However, an injury to bulger. That is the real problem. Does the defense have issues. Of course it does. But i can guarantee you this. Without a healthy marc bulger we are not a threat to win anything and we would be among the worst teams in the nfl if he was out for a long period of time in my view.

      These two games are winnable without him, but with him i would have felt like we would absolutely win them both. Now, anything can happen with a shaky defense and a backup qb. At least they are both at home. Here is to hoping that we can run the ball, because if we cant, we are in deep deep trouble.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        But the Trends are....

        People where all jumping up and down about a win is a win, when the Rams were 2-2 but winning close to bad teams (even at home) and losing. Sometimes it is not whether you win or lose but how you are playing when thinking about hope for the rest of the season.

        The trend has been downward fast for the D, slightly upward for the offense - but that was with Bulger.

        So with Bulger out, as with any teams starting offense, you have to depend more on your defense to keep you in the game.. and the Rams D has given no indication it can do that.

        So sure, if the Rams win the next two they'd be in good shape (but also if they win the next 8 they'd be in good shape also)... the better question is whether they are likely to do so... and with the current D the answer is no unfortunately.


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          Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

          As easy as the schedule shapes up, if we win these next two we have a very good shot of losing only one more game the entire season. This would put us at 11-5. An 11-5 team in the NFC has a very good shot of going to the playoffs. Seattle still has to travel to Arizona and they have to play Dallas this Sunday. The season is far from over.


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            Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

            Depsite the gloom and doom and the appearance that the defense cant stop anyone, lets assume for a second that we can find a way to beat both the saints and jacksonville and get healthy in the bye week.
            Definitely, and I had already used the assumption that we would likely lose to the Colts, and hopefully win the next 2 to get to 4-4 at the bye before heading into Seattle.

            A bit different now, though. 2 reasons.

            1. Jacksonville is better than anticipated.
            2. Jamie Martin.


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              Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

              if we win the next two, rest up, then beat seattle on the road
              I like it,can we do it?


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                Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

                Personally I am preparing for a 2-14 season, because I can't take any more shattered expectations.

                My fantasy team will be just fine, because they have a kick arse coach, yes that would be me, and we have Carson Palmer warming the bench. I've been playing favorites and sitting him, but his numbers are better than Bulgers. The Hammerheads should be fine.


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                  Re: What a difference a couple of games can make...looking ahead

                  Let's remove the rose tinted specs and realise that we got hammered by the Colts in the second half, just like we did against the Giants in the whole game.

                  We played well for the first two quarters against the Colts, and then it was back to normal. I know Bulger was out - I'm talking about the Defense.

                  We may or may not beat the Saints. We won't beat the Jaguars unless we play well for 60 minutes, not just 30.


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                  • general counsel
                    This is an UPSIDE game
                    by general counsel
                    Injuries aside, this game really has only upside. Its a very tough road game against a team we dont match up well against, even with their injuries. We are healthy, coming off a bye and hopefully rejuvinated for the rest of the season, but we have been unable to consistently stop the run all year and this is one of the best running teams in the nfl with what is maybe the best back in LT and a solid young improving qb. They have a stout defensive line and a monster nose tackle.

                    If we can find a way to stay in this game, we have a legit shot to win at the end of course. If we can protect bulger, we can score on them, but of course, merriman is a part of that and his status remains up in the air at this point. I hope we have a plan to control that nose tackle, but i suspect this is one of those cases where a plan is great but execution is very very tough. If jackson cant run at all and we spend the day in long yardage situations, its going to be even tougher.

                    We are 9 point underdogs which is a very big spread and tells you that the oddsmakers, who know more than any of us, think that bye or no bye, injuries or no injuries, we are in big trouble.

                    To me, our shot at this game is simple. We have to win the turnover battle convincingly and score tds in the red zone. In short, we will need to play our best game of the year and hope that they make some mistakes. If we can do that, we have a shot in this game. If we only play a half or maybe even three quarters of football, it wont be enough on the road against sandiego.

                    At the end of the day, this is NOT a game we have to win. Thats what i mean when i say it really has only upside as long as we dont get hurt. The game we will have to win is the following week at home vs kc.

                    Ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -10-24-2006, 08:24 AM
                  • LA Rammer
                    This Will NOT be a close one!
                    by LA Rammer
                    Rams will win handily!!! No Hass, No Alexander, you kiddin' me!!! Seattle is not taking this game too seriously. I don't see the squawks winning. The two are a very integral part of this team. The excuses are laid up and piled up high. The only ones who can lose this game are the Rams, defense not even an issue. Mark my words Bulger will have another great game and Jackson will do damage receiving out of the backfield. Holt is also due. As for our defense Pisa is back and Little will get his share of sacks (2-3)

                    I feel good about this game, as it is more important for us. Look at the Rams having, not a great defensive showing, but a decent one enough to hold them off.

                    If it rains Bulger can play in the rain! (vs. Steelers)
                    -11-10-2006, 09:54 PM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    Dr. Freud's pregame analysis-which rams team will show up?
                    by Guest
                    Since the season started, the rams have been afflicted with repeated bouts of schizophrenia. We have shown the capacity to play as well as anyone in the nfl (see the fourth quarter of the seattle game) and we have shown the capacity to play like an expansion team at times (see the stupid turnovers in the new orleans game, the collapse by the defense at the end of the saints game, the failure to make plays on defense, the capacity to give up endless big plays on defense and the worst kickoff coverage in the nfl).

                    We are showing every sign of an above average but certainly not championship caliber team, specifically, that we are playing not to our ability, but to the level of our opponent. When you play like that, you put yourself in a position where a big play or two at a critical time can easily cost you a game against an inferior opponent. The great teams win when they are not at their best, the above average teams seem to find ways to have either the breaks or big plays go against them with games on the line (ie the non-int by butler in the atlanta game).

                    Make no mistake about it, this team has a pulse, but it is marginal at this point. We were incredibly lucky to beat seattle. Notwithstanding the great comeback, better clock management and a couple of catches by receivers that got hit directly in the hands would have ended that game. Think about how different it would look at 3-4 right now without the tiebreaker advantage vs. seattle and the tough teams coming up.

                    This is the time to step up following the bye and play with consistency if we want a chance to contend. We need to play to our potential and we need to make more big plays than we give up. The defense is never going to be the 1985 bears, but when it has chances to take advantage of mistakes, it HAS to capitalize. Dropped INT's are killing us and note that when we dont create turnovers we lose. A dropped INT is really the same as an offensive turnover in the sense that we lose the chance to have possession of the ball.

                    The team at this point is too reminiscent of 2000, with the exception of the fact that the offense, while good, is no where near as dominant and we cant outscore people.

                    Here is what i think we need over the second half.

                    1) We have to give grant williams more help. He is playing as well as can be expected, but its not good enough.
                    2) We have to capitalize on defense, catch the balls when they hit us in the hands, even aeneas.
                    3) We have to stop giving up so many big plays on defense
                    4) leonard little needs to play better to cause more disruption (ie at a pro bowl level)
                    5) obviously, we need to stay as healthy as possible (we need travis fisher up to speed).
                    6) We have to be able to cover kickoffs better, we are giving up way, way too much field position for a defense that is already shaky
                    7) Consistency is crucial. We...
                    -11-04-2004, 04:14 AM
                  • Rambos
                    We all knew this was coming.
                    by Rambos
                    We are now in the stretch of games that will make us or break us. We already lost to SD can we now win two of three?

                    Nov 5 Kansas City Home
                    Nov 12 Seattle Road
                    Nov 19 Carolina Road
                    -10-30-2006, 08:50 AM
                  • general counsel
                    rams challenge to win the west
                    by general counsel
                    Even with the hass injury, we face a tough road to win the west. Not impossible, but tough. For a second lets assume that we beat seattle on the road, with or without hass. Seattle has two other probable losses: at kc this week (without hass) and at denver later. Other than those two games, they play a series of crappy teams, including oakland, sf twice, tampa, greenbay, arizona. THey have a tough game vs. san diego in the next to last week, but its at home. Given that other than kc and the rams, their games without hass are likely to be oakland, sf and greenbay, i think they will win all of those without him.

                    Remember that since we lost to sf, if we split with seattle and wind up tied, they will win the division by virtue of a better division record (please correct me if i am wrong on this). Thus, unless they really screwup somewhere, we need to go 11-5 to have a shot at them and that might only get us a tie for the division, which would be a loss of the division if i am correct on the tiebreakers.

                    Bottom line, we caught a break with the hass injury, but we are still going to have to play GREAT football for the rest of the way to have a chance to win the division, barring a real collapse by seattle or at least one real mulligan of a loss.

                    From my perspective, my three losses left on the sked were at sandiego, at seattle and at carolina, with the bears game and vikings game hanging out there as could go either way. Now, if we play seattle without hass, i think we have to like our chances, not that its an easy game, but if you cant beat them without their starting qb, you really need to throw up your hands and just say that they are flat out the better team and just think about a wild card at best.

                    It is unclear how long he will be out of course, teams are NEVER really honest about those injury reports. Hass is a very tough guy, if he can be out there for the rams game, he will be ready.

                    ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -10-23-2006, 01:07 PM