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    Who will be the first player to gain the starting job among our three first round picks?
    Damione Lewis
    Adam Archuleta
    Ryan Pickett
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    So, no one thinking Pickett will be the first to start?
    Lewis will be a starter almost for sure, but between Archuleta and Pickett i think the last has more opportunities to start.
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      Yeah, your right. Alot easier to plug a fat guy in the middle than to start at safety.


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      • RamWraith
        Pickett: " I wasn't treated right"
        by RamWraith
        Pickett, Packers prove a good fit

        By Dylan B. Tomlinson

        For some free agents, the Green Bay Packers can be a tough sell.

        Many players take one look at the NFL’s smallest market and decide to look elsewhere.

        But as soon as Ryan Pickett had a chance to see Green Bay, he saw it as home.

        “As soon as my wife, Jennifer, got here, she just fell in love with it,” Pickett said. “She loved the fact that it was a small town. She liked that our kids will be in good schools. She liked the people here. That’s what was most important to me, that my wife was happy.”

        The last five seasons with the St. Louis Rams weren’t always happy for Pickett and his family. Despite putting up good statistics, Pickett was labeled a bit of a disappointment after being selected in the first round of the 2001 draft. Last season, Pickett led the St. Louis defensive linemen with 65 tackles, including 12 for a loss, but said he never felt wanted in St. Louis.

        “I really feel like I wasn’t treated right,” Pickett said. “It’s always frustrating when people are saying things about you and bad things about the defense. It hurts when your family hears negative things about you, especially when it’s not true.”

        The Rams, however, did everything they could to keep him in St. Louis.

        “They tried to match what Green Bay was offering me,” Pickett said. “But it was time for me to move on. It’s a fresh start here, and that’s a good thing.”

        By giving Pickett a four-year, $14 million contract with $5 million in bonuses, the Packers paid a hefty price to lure Pickett to Green Bay. The Packers had done pretty well the last 2½ seasons with Grady Jackson at defensive tackle, but General Manager Ted Thompson couldn’t resist making what he believes is an upgrade with Pickett, who is seven years younger than Jackson and doesn’t have the weight or injury problems that plagued Jackson the last two seasons.

        “He’s big enough to provide the anchor in the middle that every defense needs,” Packers defensive coordinator Bob Sanders said.

        “We really wanted a player who we thought would be a force in the middle against the run. It’s the main reason we pursued him.”

        Pickett had only six sacks during his five seasons with the Rams, but said he believes he can be an effective pass rusher.

        “I think a lot of people didn’t see that because I didn’t do that in St. Louis because of the role that they gave me,” Pickett said. “I’m going to prove it here that I can rush the passer, and I think Coach Sanders is going to give me a chance to do that here, and I’m really happy about having the opportunity to finally do that.”

        Sanders said he thinks Pickett will surprise people with his pass-rushing abilities.

        “We definitely think he’s capable...
        -05-22-2006, 09:37 AM
      • CanadianRam!
        We've already offered Pickett and Archulata an offer?
        by CanadianRam!
        according to this CBS article (near the bottom of the isaac bruce signing article), we've aready offered contracts to pickett and archuleta.

        "The team has 11 unrestricted free agents, including safety Adam Archuleta and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett. The Rams have made offers to both players."

        so does this mean that pickett and arch are trying to see if they should accept the deal or not?
        -03-10-2006, 06:11 PM
      • tomahawk247
        Pickett could come back after all
        by tomahawk247
        Of the teams interested in him, Cleveland has spent money on Kevin Shaffer and LeCharles Bentley, and they are supposed to be front runners to sign Ma'ake Kemoeatu. The Cardinals have just signed Kendrick Clancy, and they already have a few interior DL so i doubt Pickett will go there to be a backup.

        That leaves the Packers and Bills as far as i know, so it is possible Pickett returns. Obviously that does depend on how much they are willing to pay of course
        -03-11-2006, 11:05 AM
      • RamWraith
        Pickett Proves Stout in the Middle
        by RamWraith
        Saturday, November 5, 2005

        By Nick Wagoner
        Senior Writer

        By the time Ryan Pickett was in middle school, he was already bigger than the rest of the kids. Because of his considerable size – he weighed 300 pounds in high school – and his eerie resemblance to his father Rubin, everyone called him “Big Grease.”

        Rubin was the original Big Grease, given to him by his brother-in-law apparently because he was a smooth operator. As Ryan grew older and larger, though, he eventually claimed the name of Big Grease.

        “I’m pretty smooth, but I just look like my old man,” Pickett said. “If you ever see him, you’d be like wow. I’ll look just like him in about 27 years.”

        Now, Ryan maintains that nickname and Rubin is just Grease, minus the Big. The evolution of Pickett’s nicknames might seem minute in the big picture, but in reality Pickett has had a couple of monikers that let you get a read on how he went from the youngest member of the Pickett clan to the stout, run stuffing defensive tackle of the St. Louis Rams.

        Toughening Up

        Growing up as the youngest in a family with two brothers and a sister can be tough on any child and Pickett was no exception. Almost every day, his brothers, Rubin Jr. and Booker would pound on him, telling him it would only make him tougher.

        But it wasn’t the older men in his family that gave Pickett the most problems. His sister Suphia was the biggest culprit.

        “She was the main one,” Pickett said. “She was the ringleader. My older brother made my middle brother and me fight all the time and wrestle. They would just beat me up. They tried to make me tough and that’s what they did.”

        Little did Pickett’s siblings know that they were preparing him for a career in the NFL. When Pickett was young he quickly fell in love with football, unfortunately his size prevented him from participating as much as he would have liked. He played pee wee ball until he was about 8, but he grew too big to make weight to play with kids his age.

        “It was real frustrating,” Pickett said. “I think after I stopped playing football I got even bigger. I was just like a little, round kid with nothing to do.”

        His mother Mae refused to let Pickett play up in age, worried that he would get seriously hurt. In the meantime, Pickett became one of the biggest, most intimidating pitchers and catchers to grace Little League.

        But that time away from football was essentially torture for Pickett. He watched his brother playing and excelling on the gridiron and he wanted that for himself. Booker was so good he earned a spot on the Miami Hurricanes, one of the premiere college programs in the nation.

        Instead of football, the poundings from his siblings had to suffice as Pickett’s method of toughening up.

        “My older brothers beat me up when my mom wasn’t...
        -11-07-2005, 09:26 AM
      • Rambos
        Right now on a scale of 1-10…
        by Rambos
        How much would you say we have improved our Defense?
        -03-15-2006, 07:51 AM